Why Google rewrote its algorithms for news searches? | CLIP | Crossroads

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Google rewrote its algorithms for news searches in order to target Donald Trump, according to Zach Vorhies, #Google whistleblower and author of the new book, “Google Leaks: An Expose of Big Tech Censorship.” To learn more about this, and the other programs that Google has been running behind the scenes, we sat down for an interview with Vorhies.

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  1. This coincides with the Nudge, where Governments and Media and Corporations use a Nudge approach to get you to react and how many will go with the bait and who won't and this was built around it, but you don't know what is false and maybe an ounce of truth, so proving it will be difficult so prove what you are announcing and it harming someone, that is the question and perhaps what you are doing can harm someone, keep this in mind when you want to have free speech!

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    Be an advocate, get the word out! We're down to the wire… the election is in less than a month, sept 14th! (Ballots available now)

    This election is all about turnout and a victory could be the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche!

    For freedom.
    Lets gooo!!!!

    "You can lose a fight, but you can't win a surrender." – Andrew Klavan

  3. Concerning the bs fake news msm and big tech companies who think they can control the thoughts of the masses and make them believe their bs communist ideology narratives … well they (commie media and big tech) are delusional , mentally sick , I mean that seriously , everybody thinks (knows) they are 24/7/365 liars and deceivers … just to quote a sentence I remember from the Holy Bible , "fools need no introduction" , it fits them perfectly !!! …

  4. We have got tons of comments autodeleted by Big Gee although I am writing in a cordial manner, it's usually sensitive topics and if the comment doesn't go along with the narrative, also ones leave a non-wanted com then I am a few days on some kind of soft punish list which means I can't leave comments even on cat videos due to the auto-delete or often gets hold on the YT channels "Comments for review" folder but many channel owner never check out if some comments get stuck, so in effect it's just another way of canceling peoples activity which is quite nice isn't it? 🙂

  5. This country is under Devine judgment and is seen clearly as evil rulers and people if power take control
    REPENT OF SIN, acknowledging we’re sinners and turn to the eternal and holy begotten Son of God, The Savior and Lord Christ Jesus, promote faith and morality which comes from God , given in his holy scriptures, defend truth, and plead with God for mercy.
    Let’s turn to Him walking by the help of his holy spirit in righteousness, growing in faith.
    He justifies, sanctifies and glorifies
    I’d recommend Wonderful and truthful preachers like Dr John McArthur,
    Dr Voddie Baucham, Dr James White from alpha and omega ministries , Richard caldwell, Steven Lawson and all the reformed brothers and may The Spirit lead you

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