Why Has Rachel Maddow Stopped Crying For Immigrants?

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  1. This is a reprehensible Eurasian settler colonialism social domination hierarchy since Christopher Columbus and Rachel Maddow is an obvious beneficiary of it. All settler colonialist states are themselves evidence of crimes against humanity. This is the most racist eliminationist place in the entire world and it is an absolutely disgusting racist unnecessary racialist & racialized Eurasian settler colony that’s undeniably an absolutely unnecessary eurasian racist racialist racialized social dominance hierarchy where colonizers invented the elastic pseudoscience of “white” as a racist legal construct in order to structurally dispossess everyone they other in order to extract centuries of inter-generational wealth and luxury from, so it is without a doubt the MOST genocidal, disgusting parasitic & racist/bigoted “identity” in the history of mankind, but is also the most genocidal, eliminationist and racist bigoted state in the history of mankind… and the beneficiaries of its unnecessary racialized hierarchy couldn’t care less about that, but rather are addicted to pathetic tropes that validate their disgusting bourgeois colonialist false consciousness. It is pure unadulterated soul and hope emetic. And they identify as the racist legal construct of colonialism😒🙄 and it’s been codified as a “legal” identity in this Eurasian colony multiple times, the pseudoscientific racist legal construct of “whiteness”— the identity of commodified global genocide, commodifed colonialism, commodified slavery, vampiric extraction, commodifed fascism and global warming… and since its genocidal beginnings, they have commodified their incredibly despicable cottage industry of “blame the victim” agitprop propaganda that is so SO racist, that it is entirely dependent on blaming the victims of its ongoing genocidal US hegemony that they are beneficiaries of. And they, through centuries of brutal genocide, expropriated the land which they still commodify for giant profits to this day, to pay for their structurally racist and structurally corrupt coercive monopoly of the state a.k.a. police, to enforce their unnecessary racialized Eurasian settler colonialist social domination hierarchy since Columbus.

    This has always been Proto Rhodesia and it is exponentially worse than the aggregate of Rhodesia and South Africa ever were, and they were actually the sequelae of this (their) “god”-awful unnecessary fascist racialist Eurasian settler colonialist social domination hierarchy since at least the 1600s.

  2. 3:43. I agree with the judge, the problem is, the judge has no authority to make those kind of rulings. The judge is not being asked if he thinks remain in Mexico is a good or bad idea or if he agrees with it. Only being asked if Biden has the authority to set immigration policy, and of course he does.

    Remain in Mexico does not deny people assylum. There is a long standing rule in assylum seeking that you need to serk assylum in the first safe place you reach, and not "shop" for a country.

  3. I can't ever recall seeing a News commentator cry on air. Of all the horrific stories I have seen them report on; I have never seen this before. I truly believe she is acting here.

  4. AOC didn't cry about kids in cages put there by Obama she cried at a car park fence with the car park attendant standing on the other side of the fence wondering what the hell she was dpoing and what she was doing was play acting as they all do. None of these people give a damn about anyone except themselves and they will do and say anything their bosses tell them to.

  5. mexico is one of the more wealthy countries in the world. mexico is also a land of immigrants like america. why should we take all the immigrants when mexico is lacking racial diversity? we need to share racial diversity with poor, poor mexico, that has none

  6. Under international law, an asylum seeker is required to apply for asylum in the first country he/she enters. This means all immigrants from Central America request protection from Mexico unless they enter the US by sea travel. If you bypass Mexico for protection, it is evident that you are an economic migrant, not someone seeking protection from imminent danger.

  7. While the point of this commentary is about Madcow and how the mainstream media is so biased, I still don't understand how the left continues to abuse the meaning of words. My understanding of Asylum is someone fleeing a home country into another country for protection? Great….But if that is true, that means that only people from Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and any other islands should be able to flee to our country for asylum. Why should we allow people to flee their country and skip other countries just to get to our border?

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