Why Has Victoria, Australia Become a Totalitarian Basket Case?

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Written by Computing Forever


  1. Dave, interview funeral directors. If you want to know what is going on with deaths, and get the true numbers and facts, then you need to talk to the one group that all dead people will encounter and that is undertakers.

  2. I'm embarrassed to say that I live in Melbourne Victoria the woke capital of Australia. We currently have the strongest stage 4 lockdown in the world and we have been locked down for longer than any other city in the world. Last night we had 22 new confirmed cases. Over the past 14 days we have had 40 or less new cases per day. Our premier has told us that we will not get out of lockdown until early Nov at the earliest and we must have 14 days straight with less than 5 cases per day. Numerous BLM protests have been given unofficial green light with no police presence but anti lockdown protests have had very heavy police presence with many arrests and heavy fines. The level of authoritarianism is really quite staggering and the destruction to the economy, peoples livelihoods and mental health is very heavy. Added to this, the government has mismanaged the virus response at every step of the way, but that's a whole different story. Essentially the government has not done a cost benefit analysis on the course of action it is taking and future generations will be paying the cost this totalitarianism has on the economy.

  3. Victoria police look like star wars death star officers…..which inspiration were taken from the names. Sigh……victoria police…….check yourselves before you wreck….western civilization

  4. All police around the world are employees of Washington DC. There's not much difference between soldiers in Iraq and police in Victoria Australia.

  5. Legally they’re not supposed to demand to be let in a residence without some kind of a warrant. Didn’t Victoria also make an illegal trade agreement with China?

  6. This is what you get when you continually elect leftist politicians. Lefties are authoritarians through and through. Disarm the citizens and threaten them into submission.

  7. Are those thousands of accounts incessantly tweeting one thing and then another all necessarily bots or in on the operation? OR isn't that exactly what sheep do; repeating ad nauseum whatever the media is on about at the time?

  8. Acts should acknowledge and accomodate rights first and foremost. They aren't privelages. If they don't it is our duty ignoring them and instead excerciseing our rights. History is full of examples of what happens with tyrants in the end. Might be a good idea they review them. Less their heads be separated from the rest of them.

  9. It concerns me that popular people in our movement, like Kieth Woods for instance, also sing the praises of China and advocate for a future government that has oppressive control over what the populace can do and think.