Why Hasn’t the Rochdale Grooming Gang Been Deported?

In 2018 the Home Office made a statement that said the three dual-national British-Pakistani citizens conviced in the Rochdale grooming gangs would be stripped of their citizenship and deported. They have had their citizenship stripped, but why, two years later, are they still here?

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  1. I wouldn't waste time and money deporting them I'd just give them an injection saved us a fortune.
    That would show these people and any others liked them I'd they are caught doing this in our country the outcome would be death

  2. I was reading in a British newspaper that a Hungarian got sentenced 15 years for robbery. On the hand, one of the six filth was released after 2.5 years. That is England for you where punishment depends on ethnicity.

  3. Bring back hanging. Or ship them off to the land where their own religeon has their head quarters. I belive they behead rapeists there for fun. The uk should take a leaf out of their book.

  4. I am stunned that all 9 of the rapists were not deported.
    Maybe grooming should be a capital offense.
    Sexual abuse of children is a heinous crime & deserves severe punishment.
    The lives of the children violated are affected forever.

  5. This is what is wrong with western democracies. Takes too long to meter out Justice. Ppl from certain places take extreme advantage. Anyone convicted of a violent offence … deport immediately with no chance to even visit.

  6. It is a fucking race issue they were not abusing Asian girls were they ? And neither were any of the other grooming gangs recently , they were all abusing young white girls , children , they should all be skinned alive publically .

  7. I am ashamed to be british the way we act with criminals we have no back bone what so ever we are the laughing country of the world get rochdale rappists deported its discusting these mp,s should start earning there wages instead of just sitting on there backsides doing notging makes my blood boil if we keep letting these criminals stay in this country our country is getting so rough its awfull .

  8. If they would have done this in a Latin American country, I can assure you they would have been lynched long before they even made it to trial, it would have been done on the spot. I can almost hear others calling it barbaric, but who is actually the barbarian? Its sad that the "rule of law" has failed these girls and the wider populace. Its not hard to see a general uprising coming in the future.

  9. Once again borris has failed the children of the uk when is this government going to do the will of the people I think the conservatives are on their out lots of people I know have said they won’t vote for borris again he’s let the voters down at every turn these people lent their votes to him and have gotten nothing in return he will never be trusted again it’s out of conrol he’s no better than labour at least they tell you what they will do on immigration borris is just a complete liar we backed him to the hilt and he’s shit all over the voters weve had enough ????????????????

  10. Until we the BRITISH people take back our country from the apresers who also follow a illegal act against the people for our lock down . It's TREASON OF THE HIGHEST ORDER .. that goes for the Royals to . People like Prince Andrew for one who is wanted bye the FBI. Stop moaning and make a stand . All of the UK then we can make the people laws . Start with loss injury harm ??????.and if Utub tell me one more time to watch my community guidelines??. I'll asum you support this heaness crime . And I am the community