Why Haven’t Democrats EVEN TRIED To Codify Roe?: Ryan Grim

Ryan Grim makes the case that Democrats’ calls for their voters to show up to the ballot box are empty without giving them legislation to vote for.

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  1. As more and more people lose their jobs, their homes and their rights they will learn who to vote far. It just hasn't been enough people impacted yet. Soon pollings will show that there will be no percentage of people that are undecided.

  2. Let's be honest, The roe decision was the best thing that could have happened to Biden and the Democrats. They are not interested or even slightly care about the health of women or anyone for that matter. The only concern they have something to scare the base into voting for them despite their overwhelming corruption. The real question is how long will they be able to hold a gun to our heads before we decide to tell them to pull the trigger if we just don't give a s*** anymore?

  3. The dems want minorities and women to feel vulnerable, disempowered and dependent on them for protection. Thats why they deliberately perpetuate bad circumstances for them

  4. The simple truth is that democrats have never had the mandate of the american people to have willy nilly abortions on demand for whatever reason at any time. The positions and position polling is pretty nuanced across the spectrum which makes it a complicated thing to legislate. The supreme court just bounced it back to the states to decide and gives the power to a much wider and diverse crowd than just 9 people whose one and only simple job is to check if a law adheres to the constitution and nothing else.

  5. They can’t. Period. It would require a constitutional amendment. I’m not clear why so many people can’t understand that. If it’s not in the bill of rights, it’s a states issue. Period.

  6. I have another question. Why aren't preterm fetal transfers a normal operation? IF nearly half the country thinks abortion is abhorrent, why aren't there systems in place, provided with private capital, that will take those preterm 'births' for care? The number of woman that want children but aren't able to conceive or safely carry to term is huge. The science being touted is that fetal survival is inherently possible, and it would only get better with experience and training.

  7. This is why, when I was in J school at college, we referred to RG as the Grim Reaper. This is the journalistic version of "killing them softly". He just demolished the DNC without raised voice, change in inflection, etc…
    Smartest dude in that room. He's perfect with Em. This is the "Adult Swim" episode of the week. For grown folks only.

  8. Ryan knows he is stating incorrect information. Sadly this is because he is very much a political operative. This is how he covers every issue , he did is with the virus and he will continue to do so here.

  9. Ectopic pregnancy surgery treatment is not abortion. DnC is not an abortion. Ectopic pregnancy/ tubal pregnancy is not a viable pregnancy. Stop scarring people with lies and misinformation.

  10. I’m never voting Democrat again. Senate majority leader Harry Reid had the opportunity to codify this in 2010. 58 Democratic senators and two independents who caucused with the Democrats and it never came up for a vote. So the Democrats had enough to beat the filibuster, as well as having Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House and it was not put to a vote.

  11. Ummm… because Roe v Wade is unconstitutional. 'Codifying it' will not make it any less unconstitutional. It just goes to show how completely oblivious everyone is to what the Roe v Wade decision was, that everyone keeps babbling about 'codifying it'. Its gone. Aborted and roundfiled. You're going to have to craft new, self-supporting legislation, that dies not stand on Roe v Wade.

  12. Honest question: Has any state tried to ban treatment for ectopic pregnancies? Because I hear people say this, but they never give an example, and that wouldn't make sense.

  13. Dems will never make abortion federally legal because they don't want it legal – they need it as a voting issue. They've had many chances to make it legal and they never do.

  14. Democrats are suckers, dumb suckers, simple as that. They should win every election if they kept their word to their supposed constituents ( working class, minorities, the middle class ), instead their real constituents are the donor / corporate class. Time for a third party that will represent the majority of working class people,.

  15. The Democrats said numerous times to codify Roe versus Wade yet they decided not to. Pretty much the same thing on gun control they had the presidency and both houses any number of times and did nothing.

  16. Maybe because such a law would not have any constitutional support and they know it. Since Roe was initially a d wrongfully decided, there have been a few more contraceptive devices and methods introduced.

  17. why does everyone seem to think that the codification of Roe is constitutional? What jurisdiction do the feds have over the states on this issue?

  18. I hope SCOTUS will use the same principles that it used in Roe v. Wade and overthrow Citizens United. Let's see how many Congresspeople will vote for legislation making unlimited corporate campaign contribution legal, especially when it is a roll call vote..

  19. Stop lying to the public!!! Ectopic pregnancies are not treated with abortions you lying filth! The procedure used is not the same procedure used for an abortion and you're deliberately taking advantage of the fact most people don't know that just to get them to fear not having abortions available. These types of falsehoods are beneath the people and disgusting.

  20. Cause like the Depp vs Amber the publicizing Jan 6 and now Roe is a simple distraction to take away from the level of corruption that plagues our system. Funny how this all started when Medical documents started to surface. People are easily distracted from the larger picture

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