Why Hollywood Cancelled @Andrew Klavan — And Why He’s Grateful It Happened

Screenwriter and author @Andrew Klavan reveals why he was “cancelled” by Hollywood — and why he doesn’t regret standing up for his beliefs despite the consequences.

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Written by The Daily Wire

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  1. I am a conservative person in my own right but I'm not American. I will never understand how Americans justify going into Iraq and Afghanistan and blowing up their countries, killing their men, raping their women and creating a hotbed of terrorist takeover to steal all the oil and petrol. Its probably one of the worst things USA has ever done and they have done plenty. American conservatives make a lot of sense but then they justify colonization of other countries and military takeovers and they lose me all over again.

  2. happened to me, as a police officer in a small town…I moved there, wasn't part of the history of the town, wasn't born there or whatever – and got canned because I spoke up about the people running the town stealing taxes from the residents. Never got hired by another department because I was "blackballed"…yes, it sucks, being honest cost me my career

  3. This was very moving, inspirational and correct. It’s amazing that when someone comes up clearly and with good use of the language, reminds us of what we used to know. That you for posting. ?

  4. This guy is full of shit. 6 minutes in he says tv hosts and pundits start complaining how horrible we are for being prejudiced against Muslims.
    We occupied a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 pretending it was about self defense. Our president lied. We know this. We know he knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and said there were so he could secure an oil pipeline.
    This man is lying.
    The reason people pushed back was because 9/11 got people so riled up that they were complicit with us attacking a country that had nothing to do with it.
    It'd be like if mexico attacked us as we went to war with Canada and Americans are so oblivious to the world that they never noticed it wasn't the same people.

    THAT was the issue.
    Him portraying it differently makes him sound extremely shady
    But I'll keep listening.
    I had an open mind when this started but his repeated insistence that he didn't want a Hollywood career made me roll my eyes several times.
    Plus his mannerisms and way of speaking tells me he's not a good person.
    He's a giant ego that thinks he deserves more than other people.
    I'd hoped to hear a story from a good person who defeated cancel culture but I've lost hope.
    This sounds like a horrible bottom feeder that sabotaged himself and is still not taking responsibility but ok let's hear the rest

  5. He literally said that "Muslims" blew us up. As if the millions of Muslims around the world are all responsible for Bin Laden and his small fringe radical group. Wow. This is insane. He should be ashamed to demonize an entire religion that way. And clearly he is making things up since he won't name names.

  6. I loved the Simon Brett shout-out. I would love to see a Charles Paris TV series. Ian McKellan would crush it. Or, if he is too old for it, then Richard E. Grant would be great. Although I don't imagine he'd want to play another alcoholic out-of-work actor after his iconic role in WITHNAIL AND I.

  7. I find it "interesting" to say the least that you think all American soldiers were the "good guys" fighting "these really bad guys".
    I wish life & reality were that simple.

  8. This was a wonderful and reassuring video.
    I'd love to hear more success-from-bravery stories about people who, like Drew, took a stand and eventually saw success return.
    Meanwhile the broke woke Leftists are re-writing historic characters for pennies and chasing away all their customers for their efforts.

  9. This is how true evil operates in the world. Sure evil is in the big things like wars, genocide, murder, rape………but its the everyday evil that people seem to not notice. I remember when I gave up alcohol, very soon the phone stopped ringing, the invites stopped coming. And I know there was no organised conspiracy to exclude me, it just happened. If you dont conform, things will "Just happen", this is the work of evil in the world, its a mindset. No matter what happens, stand up and dont go along with the crowd. The greatest oppression in this world is the needing to be approved of and validated by others. SO long as you need this, you'll go along with anything just so you're not thrown out of the "Club". I've noticed that women are particularly guilty of this. They are absolutely terrified of abandonment and will do almost anything not to be without friends or a boyfriend. But even if everyone abandons you and everything is taken from you, do not conform. Do not go along with the mob.

  10. While I appreciate this man's integrity in what he believes to be right and true, I think the argument of not portraying the bad side of American military interventions in the middle East doesn't hold up since it was never about freedom and peace but solely for money and power. Classic geopolitics of the current empire.

  11. The Hollywood today is a piece of shift. Almost all movies that came out are just garbage. It is obvious that movie industry do not need art anymore, it is just pity propaganda if ideas that are so far away from me, that better I stop watching movies at all

  12. There are very few videos that reached my heart like this one. I'm also glad that I kept true to myself and didn't live the lie so many collegues chose to live. It made them into very bitter, toxic people. No fun to be around and the exact opposite of happy. They thought that selling their soul will pay off in the end. But there's never any worthy payoff if your life is an empty lie.

    greetings from europe! 🙂

  13. Courage is contagious!! I absolutely love his message. It’s up to all of us to stand up for what is right and not to give ground to political hacks

  14. You had to sell your house but you kept something the Hollywood crazy crowd will never have. Sense of integrity, feeling that you KNOW you did the right thing. My best to you and your family. Greetings from Mexico.

  15. He's only got 4 writing credits on IMDB up to the end of 2001. He talks that early success up, but for all these scripts he says he was selling, it looks like only a few ever got made into movies before he was supposedly cancelled.