Why I Left The Left | #WalkAway

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  1. Let me know what you think!

    My editing messed up during export… all my gifs ended up small, sorry!!

    Here's my personal #WalkAway story….

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  2. I’m a centrist, I see the good on both sides, and just wish they could see what I saw. They can help each other they just don’t see it.

  3. What are you talking about? The majority of the Democrats are rightwingers. Democrats like Biden, Obama, Hillary and Pelosi are all rightwing. You're just far right to see that. The left doesn't have party in America. It never has.

  4. Thank you for doing more political videos. It's important no matter what your main content is that this stuff gets talked about especially with everything going on right now. I also walked away from the left because I couldn't stand the hypocrisy anymore.

  5. I Support you abundantly. I pray your channel GROWS AND GROWS!!! I just SHARED on Facebook in a RIGHT group this video. Too bad I can't share a screenshot.

  6. 1:57 Just because she didn’t see any planes, doesn’t mean no planes crashed into the towers. I don’t know the details or the circumstances of your sister at that time (since you didn’t say), but she could’ve been inside when the planes hit and only saw them on fire. And the fact she called you at night after it happened and not when it was unfolding is a bit suspect, no offense.

  7. Trump is neither Democrat nor Republican. He's something else.
    When he's announced pulling troops out of Afghanistan. BOTH parties are against him. So yeah… the old Republican party is as swampy as the Democrat.

  8. In a away I never really left anything. I was in the beginning a lot more libertarian but as I got more towards my adulthood I started to have more conservative values and beliefs. Ted Nugent in concert had very huge impact on me as well as political figures such as Pat Buchanan. I was also very odd to most people cause of the fact I was and still am a Christian Conservative metal head.

  9. I stumbled across your channel accidentally but as soon as as I saw the subject matter of your videos I immediately subscribed. This is the first video I had the pleasure of watching and look forward to watching more.

  10. I was a Republican because my parents were. Then as I grew older, my old pastor said, you sound like a Libertarian. I had no idea what that was. So I did some research, and sure enough, I'm a Libertarian! I get a lot of crap for it but at the end of the day, it just makes sense to me. The entire system of our government was never meant to rest on 2 political parties. But here we are. And now we have a radical leftist party and Republicans who also rarely bend. I'm shocked that people refuse to take into account that Biden's crime bill put thousands upon thousands of black and Brown people in prison and they are still there today. Kamala Harris' time as A.G. in California kept the people in prison for decades for minor drug offenses. She was even sued to get information in a death row case. But no one cares. Even the guy at the center of the death row case is willing to overlook it, because, you know….trump. even though, he passed the first step act and criminal justice reform. Obama/biden had 8 years to do something and they did NOTHING!!! they also built the cages at the border! Fact check that if you dont believe me.

  11. i like to think im on the right and i can only speak for my self but i have never judged any one on superficial aspects such race or gender

    and thank you for putting your story out there for others that want to see the truth

  12. I really don't have a problem with your or anybody else's political leanings. I'm sure we would have a good talk though I am from the left. I hate silencing facts, I do hate racism but I don't understand why they are now burning your cities, changing history. That's pretty fucking far from ok. Like haven't enough people died over there this year already. All the best, Petri

  13. I definitely think we could talk for hours… Comic geek and political junkie…

    Im a Fallujah veteran from 2004. USMC Infantryman. I was a 19 year old door kicker on those streets. I just knew these people wearing Code Pink shirts back then were nasty to me and my friends one day. Didnt know who they were or what the hell their problem was… then I heard John Kerry voted against our bulletproof plate inseets for our vests. Then of course dissing military as a whole. I could never vote Democrat afterward. It was the Beau Bergdahl deal that sent me on a political entrenchment because I became so enraged.. corruption was more than obvious