Why I Might Have To Leave Canada…

Not even joking here, pretty serious stuff.


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  1. Democracy does not work. Kind of like communism. 👍 politics are a joke, we are just slaves to our government. When something like UBI could easily be implemented but never is you have to wonder why. The why is because the slaves are needed to run the wheel. Once ai and robots start taking over more jobs watch how fucking fast UBI is implemented.

  2. As much as people talk about it most people actually hate politics. And while politicians are all mostly sh*tbags. They are not all bad. And while I'm personally not a conservative I live in the US It's neoliberals try to silence people and ban speech. Just move to Florida or Texas. Things are on fire in the US to but at least they are less bad than countries who will nuke you from orbit for protesting. "IE draining your bank account because you dare to stand against Castro Jr.

  3. Come to Melbourne bro, I know you're a gun guy but it's probably still better here now at this point, you can still technically buy handguns. Plus you can go to hospital without getting euthanised.

  4. You’re not going anywhere so just stop with the dramatic anti liberal bullshit. Stick to video games and saying “ladies and gentlemen” every other paragraph. You’re good at that.

  5. It's a shame everything is getting so political. There is no escape though when people come for our basic freedoms. Thankfully the american constitution does a lot to protect from the radicals but unfortunately Canada doesn't have the same clarity when it comes to freedoms and negative rights. Which is why Canada is so quickly becoming more and more tyrannical. That being said though, Come on down Muta! We'll be glad to have you! Greatly enjoy your content and how you give your honest opinions on whatever you feel like making a video about! Keep at it!

  6. Mudah can u make a video of instagram vs fishnets it’s getting a lot of traction and it’s annoying nobody wants to get on Instagram and immediately see a naked women like fully naked with a fishnet how is it even getting by

  7. It's just unbelievable how the world has changed in the past 20 years. Honestly, it's like 9/11 was literally the catalyst for governments all over the world to really start to crack down on peoples' rights. Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative, it doesn't matter anymore. And although I might personally PREFER one side if I'm forced to choose, I absolutely despise both sides in the end and am so, so sick of what politics have turned in to. Anyone who claims it was the fault of one specific side is an absolute smooth brain retard who thinks the side they support somehow cares for them when if given a choice, a politician would gladly press a button that kills you if it gave them even $1. Both sides have become radicalized and I actually would not be surprised if another Civil War was to start in my lifetime.

    As an American, it's been very sad to see what's been happening in Canada these past few years, and to also see what's been happening to my own government for the past 20+. I've also been forced to see my beloved city deteriorate and stagnate as businesses pack up and leave from all the horrible shit our local government has done. I'm just so far checked out with modern politics as the way I see it, when I vote for a candidate, I'm not voting on how much better that candidate is than the other, but which candidate I feel will do slightly LESS damage than the other to my country or local government; ie whichever one will delay the death of my country over the other, because at this point stopping it is impossible. That's how little faith I have in the politicians on both sides of the spectrum.

  8. Can this even be implemented, especially since YouTube will need to make a local instance for Canada with the algorithmic changes to meet what's in the bill? Wouldn't this set a precedent for other countries to make similar bills; with YT having to change their algorithms for each region? Maybe they already do in some way, but I don't know man, sounds ludicrous to me. To me, all this seems like the start of a strategy by political establishments to capture communications on the internet.

  9. Idk if I want to agree with that Justin said go back to work Inflation of Canada will even put because of war etc exports etc and it has we work hard here if we work a stable job… pensions etc we will be the best country in the next few years look at global warming at war I’m glad I’m not in Ukrainian and can enjoy fall season without school shootings… idk love ur work man but Canada is the best country to live

  10. "It all sounds really nice" no it doesn't, even on its surface.
    I'm sorry, this is what happens when you avoid politics, especially these past few years when it's been trying to change the internet as much as possible.

  11. It's sad seeing so many people in the comments talking about how terrible a place Canada is, and even saying that America will annex it to help us. Respectfully, most Canadians do not need or want help from America, and most would much rather live where we already are. The misinformation about my country is sad, Canada is not communist or Authoritarian, we do have rights, and I even saw one person saying that we are slaves under Trudeau, which is really terrible to say. Politicians are bad no matter where you live, and seeing many people talk bad about Canada despite not knowing anything about the country is terrible. I agree with your take on C-11 though, thank you for bringing some light to it.

  12. Whenever something goes wrong in another western country, well off people always talk about moving to the US like it's their birth right. FUCK YOU. My home isn't your 'safety school.'

  13. As a Canadian, the bill is annoying. I'm getting legacy media clips shoehorned into the YouTube home page all the time that I have no interest in.
    But legacy media is buddy buddy with our government, so there you go: they pass favorable laws for them and now we citizens bear the brunt of this crap.

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