Why is CASA changing the cardiac health guidelines for pilots?

In my questioning of CASA they have always denied that jab mandates introduced any kind of risks to pilots in the cockpit. Mysteriously however, changes have been made to cardiac ranges, we’re waiting for more information on exactly what those changes were.

I’m not satisfied CASA is doing it’s due diligence, that it’s Medical Officers are properly dedicated to the job or that they are actually looking after pilots. I’ll share more of the details on my website when my questions on notice are answered.

Written by Malcolm Roberts


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  1. Yes. Hon Malcolm Roberts, Please, please keep pushing this absoloute horror of what pharmacitical companies have done to people FOR profit. Please stay strong and find out the truth.

  2. That disgusting female saying 'no evidence of adverse effects' is deceptive. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. You can claim anything doesn’t exist using this illogical rationale by simply closing your eyes.

    There is evidence of adverse effects from COVID vaccinations in Australia, even reported by the TGA – 140,000 to date (
    but she uses deceptive exclusion ‘in pilots’ since the reporting doesn’t have this information.

  3. In fairness to CASA though, I do have to agree with them about being so incredibly stringent regarding kidney stones so I am on their side in that case. The pain onset is quite fast (usually within two minutes) and is completely debilitating – likened to giving birth by females who have (obviously) both given birth and had stones in order to make that comparison. I have had them too and my most vivid memory was wondering if it were actually possible to die from the pain!! But I also think the truth of the matter is that if you did a kidney scan of every pilot up there today, quite a lot of them would have kidney stones – they just haven't made their presence known to their potential victim yet (and may never actually be a problem – you just can't know for sure). I feel very sorry for that pilot because they absolutely did the right thing. Sometimes life is very unfair and in the case of flying an aircraft and kidney stones, if ever there was a case of bad luck, that is it since they absolutely must disqualify you from flying solo. It is not like a car where the onset of an attack will give you time to pull over or at worst you are just going to sit there going nowhere. No attack is so fast that you cannot "save" yourself in a car. In an aircraft though it is a completely different story. That said, to be fair, I reckon hundreds if not thousands of Aussie pilots would have stones without even realising it – they are actually very common especially here in Australia with the climate as it is. Perhaps a compromise rather than forcing them to hang up their stripes is to allow them to fly with a medical restriction such that they must fly accompanied by another pilot of equal or higher qualification that has been tested as having no stones. If every pilot were honest about stones (or got tested) we would have a significant pilot shortage I believe. Of the people I have known well, about half of them have had stones and / or still have them.

  4. Those committee people don't know anything. How can they even be in the positions they hold? Their answers were for the purpose of evasion and swatting off questions.
    What salaries are they on?

  5. Still they ignore the dramatic increase in deaths , excess deaths are currently up by around 15% , which is significant.
    Still they pretend that healthy people dying suddenly is either normal , or a result of catching the virus,,,,which conveniently for the excusers ,
    has by now infected almost everyone in the country .
    Did hundreds of thousands die ? Not even close.

  6. Want to know if your government is corrupt with their vaccine mandates? Find out if the people that pilot key political figures, Biden (Air Force One), Trudeau, etc. are themselves vaccinated. Here in the US we still were never given the statistics of how many are vaccinated versus unvaccinated in the CDC. Seems they can't figure it out. The CDC can not do the math on a simple count? How should we trust them with anything?

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