Why is China Building a Massive Army? Dr John Lee

Dr John Lee is a political scientist, specialising in Chinese political economy, at the Hudson Institute. Dr Lee has authored several books about international security including ‘Will China Fail?’ and ‘The Free and Open Indo-Pacific Beyond 2020’ as well as writing for some of the world’s most popular publications including The New York Times, The Australian, and Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Sounds like the Western Strategy toward China has had the intellectual firepower of a very formidable hamster! Speaking as a member of the American Middle Class, I'm proud to have shed so many jobs, and wealth, to enable our Billionaire Elites to engage China with this Grand Plan!

  2. Smart guy. Communist systems around the World have similar modus operandi. You experienced it once, you know how it works elsewhere. Justin Trudeau (?) more like Castro publicly admitted he admires Chinese system, because in China they don't have to worry about electorate.

  3. I had Vietnamese neighbours when I lived in London, they were refugees. They did not like the Chinese at all. I also had a work colleague who was a Vietnamese refugee and her family also disliked the Chinese. It was very interesting listening to them explaining why. Her story of her and her families escape was amazing. I said to her she should write a book about their experiences.

  4. It’s all very interesting I’m sure. But, what have we got now in the West now ? There are more than 300 million guns on the streets in the USA, 20 children killed in shooting alone. Children in the UK going to school hungry, hard line region ruining countries, War in Europe, enough drugs to sink the continent, politicians who lie, cheat and self serve, pharmaceutical firms that feed the population drugs that kill them. The list goes on. I’m not sure now that ‘free speech’ that we hail so much is really that ‘free’ anymore. Maybe some control of ideas and action might be a good idea, China style ?

  5. LOLs, Government (China) is constantly trying to pick winners (businesses) and are constantly throwing money at them, and when the companies get it wrong, they are not allowed to fail, they (the Party) simply throw more money at them. Sounds glaringly like the shit show of the Banking Crisis in 2007/2008 in much of the West including, to our shame, the UK…… Excellent interview lads, and what a good guest.

  6. Could we create a special tax on imports from China directly related to the cost of increasing our defense spending as a result of their military build up?
    Could we have a new tax on investment in China?
    Could we ditch the "green scene"?

  7. Because they've been watching what America has been doing for the last 50 years to every country they dont have defacto control over.

    If 5% of a population want something but 85% dont,if we amplify the 5% to sound like its 85% does that mean that 85% want it?

  8. While the West is busy tearing itself apart with LGBT stuff, f3minism and race wars, China is building an empire that will take over the world. They have my full respect

  9. At this point the west is just China lite with the Silicone Valley giants monitoring and cleansing opposing views to their woke agenda. They’re not quite as bad as the CCP, but that’s only because we still live in a democracy and they haven’t got full political power. At present they only have the ear of the Democrats in the US and Labour in the UK.

  10. Before WWII, the American is just one of the Western imperialists ravaged and wreaked havoc of Asia with barbaric wars, illicit drugs like Opium, slavery, stealing, robbing, looting, plundering, murdering, torturing, exploiting, polluting, culture genocide, ‘pious’ fanaticism, unmatchable greed and extreme brutality. In fact it is hard to tell the difference between the American and the unrepentant war criminal Japanese who is more lethal and barbaric to Asians until the Pearl Harbour incident.

    For over seventy years the US has dominated Asia, ravaging the continent with two major wars in Korea and Indo-China with millions of casualties, and multiple counter-insurgency interventions in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Timor, Myanmar, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The strategic goal has been to expand its military and political power, exploit the economies and resources and encircle China.

    USA is 10,000 miles away on the other side of the Pacific. USA is not an Asian nation, and American is an alien to Asia, American became rich and powerful through imperialism, colonialism, selling opium, religious indoctrination of the conquered, ethnic cleansing, genocide, slavery, racial discrimination, regime change, weapons trade, shock and awe, skillful propaganda, etc.

    American is a toxin and a plague to Asian, They have done enough damage to Asian already, they are not wanted, not invited and not loved in Asia, go home Yankee.

    Dr. John Lee and Gorden Chang are the same mentally colonized whiteman wannabes, they hate their parents who gave them a skin they can't wash it away, so the have to be more anti-China than the whiteman in order to prove they are one of them, the whiteman.

  11. China cannot afford a war. They are about to crash themselves. Their currency is in worse shape than ours. Having a "bigger" army doesnt mean shit if you cannot move that army or feed that army. They want to be replace us and take over dominance of the world, but they grew to fast. They have destroyed their own land, their natural resources are destroyed. They may fire first, but, they will not be able to sustain anything. The lockdowns happening have nothing to do with C, but everything to do with hurting the global supply chain even more, thereby hurting the US more. Read between the lines. Great interview, but, missing alot of context and what is actually happening in china today.

  12. The entire interview was very valuable, but particularly precious was Dr Lee's last advice: let us disband identity politics and its divisive toxicity, let us be united in our objective to save our future here in the west. Our civilisation and society is well worth fighting for and preserving. Our online platforms should truly show more conversations like this one.

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