Why Is No One Talking About This?

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Proven true, outside of the laptop from hell, the diary that was real, the biolabs being real, the lab lead being real, pizzagate being real, the vaccine not working…honestly I'm a little burnt out.

  2. Does Canada sell blood? I know Canadian citizens can't profit from thier blood, but i also remember "blood drives" coming to our schools back in the 90s and the massive pressure for everyone (every school child) to donate and how those of us who didn't want to were shamed for it…..

  3. Actually corn IS a conspiracy. An industry so heavily subsidized, that its cheaper to buy Pepsi than water in most of the world. Mountain Dew is West Virginian Baby formula. Corn syrup is in everything now, even pharmaceuticals. Not even starvation wage sugar cane plantations in Cuba can keep up with American corn. There are aboriginal tribes in the Amazon who find it easier to buy Coca Cola than fresh water.

  4. No one's talking about it because it is incredulous. As you dig deeper to hear that the blood of babies is used by the elite. Then you hear of adrenochrome 🤪,. Then you hear that rich billionaires use a cream on their face (as advertised by Oprah) made from the penis of aborted baby boys. Then you check out and realise these people are beyond evil , you refuse to delve anyfuther because it's absolutely disgusting and obhorrant to what being a human is about😩

  5. Once DNA is changed, are we still going to be considered humans? And please start talking about/sharing videos of super simple home gardening stuff. Learn how to(and share) grow tomatoes, potatoes, greens etc.. we need more home/community gardens, but people just do not know where to start. Love you Russ&Co! Keep it up!

  6. Here's another conspiracy theory, while we've been distracted the EU approved mandatory vaccinations starting from the end of june that's not all you will be given a QR code for identification guess what that's still not all of it no in order to purchase items ie good etc your required to produce your QR code yes it gets better cash machines being installed what are remaining of course because at the end of 2022its fazing out cash but until then your only means of withdrawing cash are to enter your QR code from the vaccine status can you believe that 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Hey Russell, what about the "talks" of Satanist cults embedded everywhere. YA I SAID IT. I have to investigate it much more. And who is running this "Weather" machine?? Bless you and yours Russell.

  8. All of the conspiracy theories make sense when you come to realise that everything that happens is part of the biggest conspiracy of all …the formation of athe One People, One Government, One Leader , One World ..the New World Order.

  9. And seriously, the moon landing. moon landing will leave your head straight up fucked and your eyes open forever. We did not go….or we found something odd when we got there.

  10. Remember when everything was Kosher? Everyday the word "Kosher" was expressed. And then along came racism. Then it was no longer considered cool to express any sentence without the word called, "racism" interjected into it. It is like l kids selling baseball cards and 'pet rocks" Now it is "let there be no conversation go to waste without a thought on conspiracy"

  11. You nailed it, RB, when you said language. When the language is changed or modified the substance can become acceptable or vilified. So simple are we listeners. I’m going to live with the wolves. Their society is much more honest. Blessings, Russel 🙏

  12. The super rich and a lot of famous celebrities really do have like this smart pills and forever young pills made from human placentas or something called adrenochrome, or whatever it is , Like in this Limitless film. "Oh we are just researching how to make our defense force more alert and energetic". Oh ok ?!

  13. Remember when Epstein totally killed himself? Well maybe jet fuel can melt steel beams too. Remember the day after the 10th of September 2001 that set off several wars and domestic spying? I encourage you to interview James Corbett about it!

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