Why is Omicron becoming more infectious in highly vaccinated regions?

This is related to a follow up discussion with Geert Vanden Bossche regarding the current status of the pandemic.

– Where are we today?
– Why is Omicron more infectious?
– What will happen next?
– Do you still disagree with mass vaccination?

If you wish to see the full interview, please go to my Substack and click on the link.

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  1. 1. The current population of the U.S. is 329.5 million. According to the website Worldometer, the current number of deaths is 1,013,044. The U.S.’ current full vaccination rate is 66.3%.

  2. Make a shitty vaccine in a rush and be amazed that it makes viruses better….as if you gave a 10% sldose of antibiotics and wonder why bacteria become resistant.
    People with half a brain knew this was coming why did the science people not see it coming?

  3. Very good… education is definitely coming along. These were not vaccines, they were an introduction for those who missed the introduction. And now, it can grow as intended, whereas the problem was too complex at first… PROTECT THE BABIES AND KIDS

    WE NEED TO CREATE A REPELLENT NOT A VACCINE. Scientifically, a vaccine does not make since and the people that made all of this, know that. WE NEED A REPELLENT



  4. The virus and variants are not making people ill with adverse effects, its the vaccine! A Dr Ardis has recently revealed on the "Stew Peters Show" that the vaccine contains snake venom!!!!

  5. Maybe the changes of the cell membranes from Bio pokes is causing this. How can an abnormal immune cell adjust properly to such a virus? If the immune cells have been compromised from its origanal balance to one which we fully have not concluded in this era of medicine, then something needs to be stopped until we have answers.

  6. This 👏 is 👏what 👏 happens 👏 when 👏 you 👏 don't 👏 study 👏 vaccines 👏 properly 👏 in 👏the 👏first place 👏

  7. One should not jump to the conclusion that there is something about vaccination that makes it more likely one will become infected. This may simply be about waning vaccine immunity, which will be more of a problem in higher vaccinated areas. As vaccine immunity wanes, large numbers of people will, relatively suddenly, find themselves unprotected against infection and will then likely become infected.

    IMO this should not be seen as a bad thing. Omicron is relatively mild. Unless you are in poor health for other reasons you won't suffer unduly from symptoms and you won't die. Upon recovery you will receive natural immunity, which is 100% efficacious and is most likely robust for decades. Bottom line, once recovered, covid is over for you. And no, you cannot be reinfected in spite of fierce efforts by Big Pharma and associated super wealthy interests to convince you otherwise.

  8. Has something like this which mutates so fast ever been seen before in nature? Would such rapid adaptation indicate an engineered type or perhaps multiple different engineered types?

  9. Your laws of man and of your science will always play second fiddle to the laws of nature. You can’t fool Mother Nature. The longer and harder you try to avoid the virus, any virus, the longer and harder it will hit you, sooner or later. You can run but you can’t hide.

  10. The mechanism you are talking about at the end of your video could be the lack of a natural immunity, supplanted by way of the imposition of an artificial immunity by way of multinational chemical injections, aka; vaccines.

  11. So the Kool aid strategy has failed miserably and has caused ADE which has inflamed and degraded the natural immune system. ..and each exposure to a pathogen has a more negative and devastating impact on the recipient . The net result is that we likely are becoming a much more sickly generation.
    So based on the latest government data including including the recent FDA drug migr.. 10000 page data drop..a God given "natural" immunity was by far the safest and most effective strategy against this suspicious virus??? And this is not even the huge elephant remaining in the room and that is the millions of unreported serious and permanent adverse effects

  12. The concept of mRNA is not new in that it has been studied for a while as a use of sending medication to the cells. However tthe application is new in that it is actualoh in usage now in mass humane trial.

    The concept of the vaccines however is not the actual application of it, or method of delivery is a cell but the vaccines are the REVERSED CONSCRIPT of the actual gain of function research in making the viruse more infectious. The spike protein in gain of function was manipulated to make them more infectious to humans then they turned around and usrd this same spike protein to make the viruse so the vaccine and to send it into the body using the new or never before used mRNA technology which use nano particles this is knaffect letting the already inhanced spike protein replicate. So in fact the vaccines can continue to cause the spread and reinfection because it in itselfnis or maybe the causation.

  13. Is this why the Chinese are in a panic over shanghai? I suppose the vaccination rates in the cities are probably extremely high. If they have concluded that a substantial proportion of the their urban population has just been primed for this very thing to happen, then their seeming paranoia can perhaps be justified. I know that they were supposed to be using attenuated virus in their vaccines, but it would not surprise me if planeloads of western vaccines were shipped in for use by the elites.
    Even in my own country where vaccines shipments took a long time to arrive, there were a number of people who flew out to the US so they could get themselves injected/infected with pfizer since for some reason it soon became considered as "best in class" among all the other vaccines even though I personally thought it was the most doofus risk prone technology that anybody could have thought of for use as a vaccine!

  14. Enough with the worthless and sometimes dngerous vaccines. I've had the initial two and have no plans or desire to get any boosters. It's ridiculous at this point. If a vaccine doesn't prevent contraction or spreading, it's not worth getting. I'm not even sure I buy the story that vaccines at least reduce the severity. At this point, you do what you want since there are so many contradictory claims out there that you can't know what's true and what's not. With our government unabashedly lying to our faces about everything, you'd be stupid to blindly follow their advice on pretty much anything. Wise up and stop peddling bullshit.

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