Why is PM Anthony Albanese not sticking to his word to free Julian Assange

When Anthony Albanese was on the campaign trail for the May 2022 election, Albanese campaigned and declared Assange’s incarceration in the UK, pending his extradition to the US, where he faces spying charges

“had gone on long enough”

and stated he wanted Julian Assange freed.

Since becoming Prime Minister – Anthony Albanese has failed to stick to his word where he has had opportunity to engage directly with President Biden, at the G20 summit and call for the US to drop its extradition of Assange.

Julian Assange is an Australian citizen and therefore he deserves the accountability of Albanese’s election campaign statements.

Julian Assange has suffered enough, with the Australian Government saying, ‘enough is enough’, now it’s time for Prime Minister Albanese to make good his convictions about true and proper justice for one of his Australian Citizens.

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, Julian Assange’s Father, Mr John Shipton, addressed a large crowd at a Worldwide Freedom Rally in Perth, Western Australia.

Watch now to hear what Julian’s Dad has to say about his son’s 3796 day and counting, incarceration.


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  1. I dont understand why Julian hasnt got more support . Wikki has generous wonderful support from the Washington Post , New York Times and Sydney morning Herald surely they can help . You would be surprised who Times Magazine person of the year gets support and is sponsored by .

  2. Albo never keeps his word, he’s a compulsive liar like the rest of his gang, shameless and corrupt, while Julian is truthful and honourable ❤

  3. what an amazing speech. It's a crime against an Australian citizen, one whom which has been used as a pawn to show morality of which our leaders have none. They are liars and its about time our citizens realize it could be any of us that stand up to tell the truth that could be abandoned by our government with no help in a jail on foreign soil. Shame on us all for not protesting this with fury.

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