Why is this treatment being suppressed? (Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein)

Why is this COVID treatment being suppressed?
Clip from Bret Weinstein and Pierre Kory on DarkHorse – CENSORED on YouTube – available on Spotify or here:

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On this very special live broadcast of the DarkHorse podcast, Dr. Bret Weinstein (Ph.D) and Dr. Pierre Kory (M.D.) will discuss the ongoing pandemic, the care of COVID-19 patients, and the incredible story of Ivermectin.

Mentioned in the full episode:

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Executive Summary:

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  1. The pharmaceutical companies can’t make any money. They can’t allow a simple drug like ivermectin to become well-known among common people.

  2. Have you ever heard of Andrew Saul he was telling people about the benefits of vitamin C and he was censored for 30 days. What the hell is going on?

  3. This info is being suppressed because of money and power. The exact same reason most information is suppressed. What's significant this time is that its now OBLIVIOUS that this s BS of "Its a conspiracy Theory" is being used to dismiss each and every abusive act by those in power and its damn time to stop pretending that its conspiracy theory and start calling out these powerful elite a-holes.

  4. One thing I have not heard anyone talk about all this time is why there are actually three different approved v'cine$ for USA. I thought there was One patent on the v' itself? USA gets Pfzr , Mdrn, an JJ. Other countries get A-Znca. China I heard had their own? They all seem to have diff side effects? Israel got all Pfzr and hearing several instances of mycrditis in young men 16-19? Everyone whos been getting jab says they got some reaction like feeling real sick after but everyones been told reported symptoms normal so they just shrug it off.

  5. OMG finally someone who has said people who have antibodies don't need vaccine. Uk need to do antibodie test on all remaining unvaccinated to see who needs it. I have antibodies and won't get vaccination and am getting people b 3rd negative towards me.

  6. Why is ivermectin being suppressed? The leaders on the left want to milk SARS-CoV-2 as LONG AS POSSIBLE to rationalize expanded mail-in mid-term voting without ID verification. It's that Machiavellian.

  7. I am thankful for your advice to take early. I was negative for C0v1d but had another virus and was better after two days…my kids are worse off than I was with same thing.

  8. On 03 Nov 20 (technically the wee hours of 04 Nov), we went over the cliff of ORWELL (1984) meets ALINSKY (Rules for Radicals) meets MARX (Das Kapital) meets MAO (On State Capitalism). Treacherous waters & the end of the beginning of the end of our Constitutional republic – at least unless & until we take majorities in both House & Senate next year & elect President Trump for the 3rd time in 2024. Just sayin'

  9. Politicians & legacy/digital media malpractitioners are practicing medicine without a license when they bully, shame, bribe, coerce, require (to travel/keep a job) people into getting the jab, ESPECIALLY if they already have antibodies.

  10. What do you think about Dr Sam Bailey’s (Odysee) terrain theory vs germ theory of disease? I’d be interested in hearing you discuss with her. Would you consider doing a show with her?

  11. The neuroticism and dishonesty is exactly what turned two of this country’s most sacred and noble endeavors, higher education and medicine, into disgraceful rackets.

  12. And another consequence : The thousands or millions of us who are informed on Ivermectin and how this whole pandemic has been handled will never again trust NIH, CDC, FDA, Pharma. And rightfully so.

  13. 96
    Your silence allows thousands of needless deaths. Your silence is the executioner to those with no access to vaccines. My conscious won’t abate. I’ve read the studies, I’ve followed the science. I’m just one voice but together how many could we save? You deny its true, but won’t take the time to see the evidence. To think a small thing could end such suffering and loss. 96 studies but you won’t read one. It’s just human life not my own. It’s someone else’s grief I won’t feel. 96 studies you won’t read. An unbearable loss deep unthinkable grief. It’s someone else’s loss not my own. A Consultant to the WHO speaks out in anguish. But you won’t hear. All the lives we could save the pandemic over. But you don’t know. I’m telling you now. But your silent. I can’t feel their pain, it's not my own. I don’t see their suffering it’s too far away. A lawsuit against the injustice is initiated. Your unaware. Judges order hospitals to use it. You never knew. I’m telling you now but you just won’t hear. How many lives will be lost by your silence this year? I’m begging you please save them the tears.
    Your words can save their lives.
    Your silence seals their fate.

    Here they are, all 96. It's your choice to make.

  14. Thanks dark horse! Even if Y T removes your video I have all the info I need to be able to share with others. They can cancel you but they can't cancel what I already know. Thanks for sharing.

  15. It's being suppressed for the same reasons the Zelenko-Raoult protocols were suppressed. It would kneecap the vaccine industry. They sure didn't have any problem getting out that useless Remdesivir, but they forbid anything else that's used. It's insane. Remdesivir doesn't work. My experience with two "Vir" drugs for cold sores is they do nothing but make migraines worse. They didn't shorten the duration of the cold sore; they didn't stop the frequency – zip. I won't take any more "vir" drugs. Had enough of the headaches they cause. What DID cut down on my cold sores? D3. 15,000 IU. I can count the number of cold sores I've had since I started taking D3 on one hand and it's been YEARS when before I was getting them monthly. Not sure they would prescribe Ivermectin for COVID here. IT WORKS. I've been paying close attention, and the evidence is that Ivermectin works. God bless you both for continuing to keep attention on this medication.

  16. I walk away from so many of your podcasts traumatized. I’m stressed out after a video. How do you keep at this day after day?! Thanks though.

  17. be very careful of taking about sending people home. there has been talks of removing people … taking even kids from their homes to prevent spread.

  18. Its all about the cash . Not about the people . Medicine is a business now for ripping people off for cash . Morrals and standards are now gone . Propaganda and money is the new norm . Here take this new first of its kind rushed jab and dont question anything or any other treatments or we will call you a conspiricy nut and slander you .

  19. A KEY QUESTION: How do we bridge the gap to our clueless surroundings????
    I think we all want to broadcast this, but I'm missing a "way in" to pierce the bubble to make the clueless entertain the notion, despite it not being covered in legacy media.

  20. Didnt the boss of pfizer even say that the jabs might only make your immune system only look for covid and let your body let anything else right in because your immune system is now reprogrammed to look for covid spike potein . Thats why he left the company . Just like the ferrets they injected with the jab then introduced them to a virus and all of them died because their body didnt know what to do with the virus because its now reprogrammed to only look for covid spike proteins now .

  21. Bret and Pierre, I would like to know your position on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine+zinc, partly because, like ivermectin, its trials and supporting studies have been vigorously suppressed and trashed (I think unfairly), and also because combination therapies are often either more effective or may avoid drug side effects (lower doses and/or synergies via different but complementary mechanism of action). I would love to see a separate video on this topic. Even if hydroxychloroquine+zinc is simply not as good as ivermectin, and doesn't have any synergy with ivermectin, it is still troubling how it was treated by the "authorities", including outright lies such as "there won't be enough hydroxychloroquine to treat people with lupus, if we used it for COVID-19". Chloroquine is so easy (and cheap) to synthesize, we could ramp up production to treat the entire world population in a matter of weeks, even before we finished the studies that would tell us whether or not we should USE it. Efficacious or not, it received the same FUD treatment as ivermectin. Because its possible value was reported BEFORE ivermectin's, the public execution of hydroxychloroquine was, if nothing else, a dress rehearsal of the ivermectin smear campaign.

  22. love you channel thank you from South Africa I have had China flue 3 times and my natropatic doctor had me on ivermectin have it in the home. it works the strain here easily transmitted my dad had it 2 times. zinc vit C vit D gluthion. antibiotics ivermectin upon sustepecting you having China flue……..

  23. Well I think you can all Agree this went bonkers. Well YouTube I hope your listening? Can you hear them? Can you hear them sing? Yes there is a pattern here and millions have spotted it! When did we get drawn into a massive genentic modification experiment? I’m reminded of the human genome project. Open up humanity to even more view opinions and exploitation. I’m also reminded of a tale from old Norse sagas where the disir were wiped out by a pathogen released by a jealous Odin. Sisters of fate stuff. The disir we extremely intellectual advanced and Odin got jealous he didn’t know what they know. hence superior scrying ability with the runes and the power to perceive. So whatever sense you could draw from this, is there a similar mechanism here. The big tech like to see themselves as all seeing and all knowing however the only know what hey have been told. Freaking out when someone says something they don’t know. All because of thier limited horizons. I’m sorry to have to bring this up.but at the end of the day the narcissistic treatment of the general population is tantamount to cruelty! Often coveting what they don’t have or would like to have! We have these kind of tales and stories for a reason. Long after we move away, move on, get distracted or forget. theres alway a story to help us remember and recognise what’s going on as it happened before and could always happen again. I may be referring ragnarok. Because it could still ,so very easily happen. It Schrodingers cat, Pandora’s box and ultimately ragnarok. For some it’s already happened and it too late. But if you boys can keep it up you might be able to reach a turning tide! And like the hero’s tale bring into the world a new a brighter age! Which I might add YouTube can be part of if it realises the error of its ways! Not bad for me on a Sunday morning. A full blown sermon. Praise the lord and all that! No matter your faith, creed or colour. Even I realise YouTube has the potential to be a force for good providing it can let people speak. It takes a lot of courage to speak up so please respect people right in doing so! We are so fundamentally vulnerable! to not to speak up would put us at risk and further imperil humanity!

  24. The boosters are coming down the pike. I got the J&J… does anyone know if ivermectin could be taken next year when the boosters appear if we’ve already been vaxxed?

  25. There's a lot to be said for educated people being the most easily duped. They spent their entire early life sitting and listening, and learning that they don't know how to think independently. Education seems to actually destroy critical thinking.