Why Jimmy Fights For #ForceTheVote #MyStory

Force The Vote! We demand that every progressive in Congress refuse to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House until she publicly pledges to bring Medicare for all to the floor of the House for a vote in January:

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. I can't find the right words to describe how much I hope you guys win this battle and get the healthcare you deserve. But one thing i am sertain about. You guys are doing everything humanly possible to get this done. Immense respect for your courage and perseverance.

  2. God bless you Jimmy ?? I am praying for you! Lord please give all people health care. Force the vote!! Dang right I’m with you, every living person should have health care. ?? all parties should agree to that.

  3. Basically I said universal health care in Canada is great! And if more people actually looked after their own health it would be Stellar! Also something about the U.S. beating Cuba to death with embargos because they wouldn't allow the mafia and robber barons take over their Country.

  4. Lost my father to cancer because he didn’t have insurance or money to be seen early and now my sister has cancer as well but put off care because her insurance didn’t cover much and everything has a co-pay and it adds up to fast…

  5. Buen día, my grandson (26) after his car accident owes more to the hospital than
    he can pay in 20 years at his $11 an hour job. He should have been born in Canada !!

  6. We love you Jimmy keep fighting these corporate whores, I had friends have to come to work to pay for there medical expenses while they were dying and now there gonna, unnecessary suffering.
    Do what you do Jimmy this is the people's fight.

  7. Damn YouTube! One minute, the comment section is up top. The next, it's back down at the bottom like it was originally. Make up your damn minds, people!

    Anyway, what Jimmy doesn't understand is that his story is what goes on every single f-ing day for people ALREADY ON MEDICARE. And I don't even have to point to statistics or make up some nonexistent poll of people on Medicare & what they think about Medicare-4-All. I've got two anecdotes right here, between Me & My father. To whit: My father was supposed to get a hip replacement February of 2020 – & that was after 6 months of going through the glacial system known as Medicare just to get a day for the operation set up. Then, COVID happened & nobody in medicine was allowed to work on anything but COVID cases so his operation got postponed. It is now January 1st, 2021, over 18 months since he was first diagnosed, & today he STILL doesn't have a set date for the operation, & he has to work as often as he can to pay his bills when he can barely walk.
    And then there's Me. I have Degenerative Disc Disease, Osteoarthritis, an enlarged heart, Sciatica, & several other things wrong with Me physically. I have been on Medicare AND Medicaid since 2010, at the ripe old age of 29, & until I tried going to college the largest part of My debt was medical expenses incurred WHILE I WAS ON MEDICARE AND MEDICAID!!! It wasn't like I filled the paperwork incorrectly or didn't follow the directions given to Me. Medicare just flat out refused to pay for any procedures I needed to have done. They kept sending Me letters saying to walk the bills to the Medicaid office Myself because Medicare wasn't going to pay for whatever the procedure was I had gotten.
    And then, in 2013 I had surgery done on a semi-herniated disc here in North Carolina. A couple years later, I go back with more back pain to find out I needed 4 vertebrae fused together. The doctor – the only one of his kind in the area I live in who even TAKES Medicare, let alone is willing to take on NEW Medicare patients – said the only way he knew to do the fusion was to go through the front & I had "too much frontl" to go through. Thus denying Me medical service altogether. This is something I STILL need done, but will be lucky if My skeletal remains manage to have it done then the way things are going.

    So no. Medicare is NOT about love. It's about letting the poor & the old die off while the rich get the only healthcare around because they're the only ones who can pay cash for the service. Because that's all that's going to happen if you make Medicare the only healthcare provider – & Medicare is run by private health insurance companies, by the way, with UnitedHealthcare chief among them – but do NOT nationalize the healthcare industry as a whole. If you leave the medical practitioners & the hospitals private, for-profit institutions, all you're going to do is make them go cash-only – or, as we've already started seeing because of the pandemic, closing their doors outright because they can't operate SOLELY on what Medicare is willing to pay – which is usually less then 40% of the total bill.

  8. Jimmy is exposing the fraud and grift. He’s a wrecking crew. AOC is a fake , the whole progressive caucus is a sham. They gotta do this or it proves their ideological enemies are right.

  9. Some ACTUAL hard to swallow Facts;

    A degenerative disease is not a death sentence. You were NOT "dying"……you were ill.
    America is NOT the richest country in the world! You ARE the most indebted though!
    C19 did not cause all this suffering…The STUPID RIDICULOUS UNCONSTITUTIONAL LOCKDOWNS IN mainly DEM STATES & cities have caused way more suffering & harm than the virus
    Socialised Medicine just means someone else will be FORCED to pay for YOUR medical attention via THEIR taxes!

  10. the medical profession is the only one i can think of that don't refund u money when they stuff up i.e. get your diagnosis wrong, so what reason do they have to get it right the first time? u are very luck y if u can find an honest, good doctor.

  11. The only way Medicare for All would be helpful is if medicine was liberated from under the boot of Big Pharma. Pharma funds medical education programs, captures regulatory agencies, buys politicians, controls media content through advertising. If nothing changes, Medicare for all will just be a pipeline for further economic redistribution and exploitation by Pharma. Read about the Rockefeller – Carnegie Flexner Report of 1910 & learn how medicine in America was captured by Oil company industrialists.

  12. Sounds like all the more reason for Rich liberals to shit on Jimmy. Can't even afford his own medical needs, how unseemly! Bet he swore several times also!! bet he got angry a bunch!! If only these poor folk would just wait while we enjoy our time in the post Trump sun.

  13. Can you guys explain to me, why it is that you want Medicare? You do realize that is literally the worst insurance program ever conceived right? You literally have to have supplemental insurance, on top of your Medicare. If you want more than the minimum basic program. In a capitalist Society, we have so many more options available in healthcare, then Medicare. Good programs. Great programs. Programs designed to help you, keep your money, if you go to the doctor. We already have a form of government-run Healthcare in this country. It's called the VA. And under the Obama Administration, it worked so well… The veterans wouldn't even use it. And the ones who were using it… Took months and months and months, to even be seen. Canada socialized medicine program works so well, Canadians come to America to get treatment. So let me ask you again… Why are you all fighting to get the worst insurance program ever? If you take a look at the numbers. There is literally, no other country in the world, that does health insurance, better than America. If your doctor sucks. That's not the government's fault. if your hospital sucks… That's not the government's fault. you literally have the option, to go to a different doctor. To go to a different hospital. Perhaps shop around for one that you can afford. And I mean… If you don't want to see your doctor often, or have to go to the shity hospital in your community… Then quit shoveling McDonald's down your neck. leave the fire sauce and Baja Blast alone. if you have a problem with the way your insurance company handles things… Get a new insurance company. Quit giving the government, more power then it needs or deserves. And if you're going to demand, that the government take more power, then it deserves. Then you're going to have a real problem with those of us who don't want the government in our lives. And by the way.

  14. Well, I have more respect for Jimmy Dore now.
    Like it or not, I now identify with him.
    But I still think he's woefully naïve.
    He fails to see the innate competition for American dollars from government, between corporate interest and the American People.
    As long as the Democrat party is the Corporate party, they will make promises and never deliver.
    How many decades do you fall for the same promises?

    If He truly wanted to fix the situation, he might take a look at some of the election fraud evidence and judge for himself.
    The evidence is clear. The Mainstream media is literally engaged in a cover up.
    It's wrong to look at fellow Americans and think they somehow want this situation to exist.
    It's wrong to think people voted for this.
    Americans elections have been compromised, and it is within our power to do something about it right now. But if we wait, there will never be another fair election again. Our ability to fix things might be gone.

    It is telling that all the election fraud claimants want is for the evidence to be seen and judged honestly.
    They do not ask for anything outside of the established ruleset for Presidential elections.
    But for some reason, it is "Treasonous" to even question the election, after four years of that very same party denying the validity of the 2016 election.

    Maybe it's time to put the partisan games to the side and look at government honestly and deal with the widespread corruption.
    We are lucky enough to have a President hated enough by the establishment to be able to fix a few things.
    Like him or hate him, he's in the right place at the right time for the American People.

    Just nose around a bit, and look at the mass of evidence accumulated with a neutral, honest eye, and judge for yourself if the election was fair…
    We get once chance at this…

  15. Jimmy, we get who we vote for, they are our "representatives". The duopoly is telling both sides the same message …. HATE/FEAR the opposition and their candidate is above the law and godly. OMG WAKE UP AMERICA. Jesse Ventura was willing to serve WE THE PEOPLE and support the issues that we want (M4A, NO MORE WAR, Protect SSI, end the IRS, etc). Instead, THE PARTIES chose BIDEN and TRUMP and the SHEEPLE went along with it. Our problems go FAR BEYOND M4A! Under this administration, even if we get M4A …. I assure you, we will get ripped off AGAIN, just like we did with the ACA (O-Care). The drug companies will probably write this bill, too.