Why mainstream media’s slander of wallstreetbets pisses me off regarding GME.

To be clear, I disagree with a lot of the people posting there and some of the investing decisions I see made there are insane. They have actually deleted posts I’ve made with suggestions that would’ve helped people not FOMO & make more money. This is not an endorsement of WSB, but an explanation of why the people criticizing them in bad faith are full of shit, in my opinion.

This video references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. I am not a licensed professional for investments, or any kind of financial services.

Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. Bulls gotta love it when companies are doing well and are undervalued, but the price keeps going down lol. Yah, those manipulators can eat sh*t. Now, "Robinhood" investors usually aren't the people that know what they're doing and are more so gambling, but you're right that a few shares from average Americans would never move the stock like that. It's definitely large covers making that happen, and that makes me happy 🙂 Now though, Gamestop can come back to earth, but I'm sure those same institutions are going to try to get their money back by shorting again at these levels. But they also manipulate everything from metals to cryptos to stocks. For the average investor, if you're looking to avoid that stick to investing or trading in stocks with massive volume.

  2. Markets are awesome.
    Buyers and Sellers. People spend less than they earn and invest, people borrow more than they should and lose their shirts.
    Benoit Mandelbrot proved Mathematically that Governments Intervening in markets doesn't change the LONG TERM total volatility. Suppressing Volatility leads to Hypervolatility.

  3. Louis, my man, just start a podcast already.

    No ideological bent, no politics (not in general at least), just real talk about whatever.

    Real Talk With Rossmann.

  4. "a bunch of kids saw a guy stealing from a house.
    and we were like no fuck that, we're reporting you"
    plus i just happen to like the stock lol

  5. I dont understand who is giving loan terms where they pay back the loan based off the stock price, which fluctuates, instead of the cash you actually borrowed. At the end of the days either creditor or the debtor is going to be screwed regardless what happens, its a one sided deal both are just waiting to see which side they are on. I really dont understand. where is that even offered what do they call it on their website?

  6. This has been a game of hedge funds and venture (vulture?) capital groups for a lot of years – look at how Cabela's got stolen from it's original owners and Bass Pro ended up with them. Or how Cerberus effed up Chrysler to the point Fiat bought them out…

    Over and over again those hedge fund and institutional investor types have gotten filthy rich by ripping off everyone else – it's disgusting. But, since these big investment firms roll people in and out of the SEC – the wolves are guarding the henhouse – and have for years… when the actual crash does come, it isn't going to be pretty.

  7. CNBC role is to create false narratives so the wealthy can dump their shares on the plebs. Financial news is inverted from the truth.. could political news be also?

  8. It would be almost satisfying to see these investors that routinely fuck other to get fucked and how they don't like it. But they only did not make profit for them selves. Losses will be eaten by those who invested in retirement or other funds management by these investors.

  9. I love WSB
    its like having the insider info to an approx 4b$ hedgefund that only has 10 or less holding at a time


  10. I didn't think they had been shorting it for that long, I thought they had taken a recent short position, because their price target for the short was $20?

  11. This is the only person so far that has pointed out that the system built by the institutional investors to benefit the institutional investors is broken to such an extent that it came tumbling down based on internet hype and public sentiment.