Why New York’s Billionaires’ Row Is Half Empty

Manhattan’s skyscrapers aren’t really built for people anymore.
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Presenter – Fred Mills
Producer – Jaden Urbi
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Executive Producers – Fred Mills and James Durkin
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Special thanks to Ryan Serhant, Matthew Soules, Samuel Stein and The Dronalist.

Additional footage from SERHANT., louisatalksbuildings, cody.boone, matalynnthayer, thevictoriashtainerteam, nilelundgren, nyconstructionphoto, Hey, it’s Kimberlee!, Periscope Film, Andrew M Cuomo, ABC News, CNBC, Municipal Art Society of New York, Streeteasy, Bloomberg, Euronews, Disney and OpenStreetMap contributors.

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Just wow! They did it guys. They kept their promise. The half an hour video from the best channel for construction in the world just gave us the best treat of the year. I love you B1M. Your videos are spectacular. I can write almost an entire book about how much y’all have helped me in learning about construction projects around the world right here from the comfort of my home 📱 🛋 . You guys are the absolute best of the best . I’m sooooo grateful for rocking with y’all for over a year now I believe. Keep up the spectacular work mate 👏🏾🤍 🚧 And Sending loads of love right here from The Bronx NewYork City 😊

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  3. No one is buying these 1 million dollar apartments. Trust me I went in one, and vacancy count was ridiculous. Millionaires don’t need a 1 million dollar apartments. They’re millionaires so they’re smart with their money.

  4. I don't even want to be close to a neighboring town to NY when one (or more) of those falls. Of course, NY will need to basically become a ghost town and be forgotten by the billionaires for maintenance to stop and those towers begin to fall.

  5. Roathschild think they own the entire world.
    So they go around the world, and blackmail every nation to mass extortion and stealing wealth from other nations to hoard on wealth for their own family tree.
    If you think this is a lie, go read what their bill in the 1800ds documentation says. it's somewhere in youtube or google…

  6. Fred, sometimes condo developers once they've achieved a sufficient IRR in the first batch of sales might increase the prices to maintain the high IRR for as longer as possible. It makes financial sense sometimes to maintain some units in the market as they have already recouped the original investment. Which might explain why so many units remain unsold. It could very well be due to commercial success, not failure.

  7. Good video but real estate was NEVER equal in America. Next time do your homework before making such an egregiously incorrect statement because it feeds into the continuing miseducation of Occidentals.

  8. I agree with Ryan saying that the middle-class is and will be taxed the most, as per usual. That sucks, because it is we that does the work. Not the unemployed nor the CEOs.
    I hate that unemployment benefits sometimes can be better than actual salary.

  9. Call me paranoid but I wouldn't want to stay in the building even for free because it looks like it'd be the first thing to topple over in the event of a quake. Yeah, they're rare, but I'd question the structural integrity after a brief 5-pointer. It's the same attitude I have toward fair/carnival rides. Yeah, I'm sure they've been tested so nobody's sued for injury or wrongful death, but there's a chance something might happen. This thing is a smidge too narrow in contrast to a standard building.

  10. Yes, its amazing. How common people spend their time working their asses off to generate billions of dollars for the private wealthy class sector of our society. Building their Empires for them to look down on us, while the rest of us living in poverty, running around like little ants. working hard trying to make enough for ourselves to survive in a demanding economy made for and by the filthy rich exploiting our lives for their own personal gain of power and control. creating technology that helps them become more like the definition of God. All knowing, all seeing, all hearing. With the power to create or destroy life as they see it fit to Just think if all that money was used to build a society that benefits everyone. we could free us from our debts to a ruling class, who have divided us into social classifications.

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