Why NEWS companies are failing and it’s all nonsense

podcast #1929 with Louis CK

Written by JRE All Day


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  1. These two idiots still badmouth Republicans and conservatives whenever they get the chance, but it’s always the liberals that want to cancel these two.

  2. People ignore the news now because there is no journalistic integrity. The sponsors effectively censor content, so that content is necessarily biased and is a barrier to forming an informed opinion.

  3. Anti-wokeness is the main talking point of Joe Rogan, in the hope that his listeners don't care for critical thinking or his 100 million dollar check from Spotify. Meet the new media. Same as the old media.

  4. A trick to get you to watch a commercial for Colgate lol. The news is broken and corrupt. All of them need too be torn down and rebuilt. It no longer serves as a buffer between people and government. They all push their Agendas and thsts not how this works. Its dangerous really. Its borderline treason. Msnbc is definitely a treasonous organization against the Republic.

  5. What gets me is all the morons who assume you listen to one of the mainstream news stations based on what you say WHILE ADMITTING THEY WATCH THE OTHER WITHOUT ANY IRONY.


  6. I despise mainstream media! I can't stand the spin and the stupid opinions of entertainers! I wish all mainstream media was banned for a month and see if people wake up.

  7. There should be nothing surprising about the growing failure of news companies. As technology expands and regulation decreases, the sheer quantity of news outlets increases. Even though most are rinky-dink and many are ultra-fringe, together they erode the market for larger, more established outlets. This applies to both right and left-wing outlets. Sadly, this quasi-democritization of the news removes the gatekeeper function and allows anyone to say anything, regardless of its accuracy. So, get ready folks. When Fox News becomes threatened by cheeseball outfits like OAN, you're approaching the bottom of the barrel. It's only going to get worse.

  8. The insanity over the “ventilator shortage” during the pandemic was just the MSM blowing smoke and causing a panic. There was never any shortage of equipment- NYC had over 30k mechanical ventilators on hand but only 3000 were used at any one time. The Society for Critical Care put out a press release indicating the US had 186,000 top of the line units available. The MSM knows nothing.

  9. People start to shutdown with a constant doom drum being beat…even though much of it is true,but no one knows what to do to fix anything.We all get one f-ing vote which is looking less and less like it really has any impact on how things are or to be.However voting for Biden is going to kill our country and it is more evident every freaking day.

  10. In the Cronkite days the 3 networks (NBC, ABC and CBS) thought the delivery of news was a civic duty and they were ok with making their money off their other programming and were happy to break even with their news department. THIS is the difference. Now it needs to be a big money making machine.

  11. I feel these mainstream news networks will never die because politicians won't let them. They'll be willing to orchestrate some catastrophe or bad situation hurting people just to get those coverage/viewers numbers up and to have ppl still watch them.

    Maybe Im too cynical but they are politicians main direct communication channels to the masses

  12. I knew it was bad once actual newscasters started doing cameos in movies, like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in Mission Impossible. He deserved the fallout he got but it wasn’t enough to draw real attention as to why this is a serious problem and helps create cynicism about Journalism. “It’s all a show now.”. No shit.

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