Why Online Dems Hate Jimmy Dore! w/ Glenn Greenwald

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. I’m not a dem, and hate is a strong word, but I realize that jimmy dore is a irresponsible muckraker. Btw I quite like glen greenwald bc he practices his craft with integrity, something that can’t be said about dore. Greenwald does journalism, dore does garbage propaganda. Reading propaganda is difficult when it often shares your view. But garbage propaganda is garbage propaganda.

  2. No hate but it is so funny to see older genuine lefties not understand Reddit and 4chan and discord. All of the lefties I know are younger so it is just like oh yeah people don't know discord.

  3. Actually, re:Julian, he actually does mostly seem like a nice, gentle, retiring, soft-spoken, shy person. Tough and determined, obv, but not abrasive nor mean, etc. They've even suckered you, Glenn, into mis-characterizing him as some kind of "asshole". But, re: the bigger issue, you're still right . It's irrelevant.

  4. Every day is an IQ test for lefties that are in favor censorship. The Dems are fascists, so the left should love them, and have been since the 1930's and FDR. FDR loved Mussolini and actually sent his brain trust to Italy to find out how Mussolini was installing socialism in Italy because FDR wanted socialism here and did install it.

  5. what's stunning is you guys didn't twig the game earlier & didn't just leave the bull in the china shop sit back & watch the fallout instead you said orange man bad , racist liar war mongering criminal 2.0 good

  6. AOC was a bartender making maybe 30k a year 2 years ago. She now makes 180k plus perks plus insurance plus housing allowance plus insider trading info so she can become a millionaire like Pelotzi-Schumer – and Bernie Sanders. You think she is going to give that up?

  7. Trump really broke the brains of a lot of ppl on the left..the hate for him became so irrational that they had to make huge leaps of logic to excuse or ignire failures on the left because they were afraid acknowledging and addressing these failures would help Trump… Trump is gone now but the damage is already done..cuz now to protect their egos and justify past actions they can't concede they were wrong and instead are doubling down on democratic party cheerleading…it's pathetic and so very dissapointing

  8. You seem don't understand that be listening to the people doesn't help theirs re-elections which give them a juicy salary for useless drama .think about the workers??? A joke, and come back to work on a bar??? You silly people.. idealistic b.s….only innocent needs heroes!!! Ridicule.they just passed through the gates of aren't necessary..they have Dominion support, yours it's not needed

  9. Tbf AOC said in the intercept video that democratic leadership needs to change. The reason she opposed Ted Cruz is that she was literally in danger. But I agree on the overall point that she should fight against Dems at least half as much as she does for republicans

  10. You're no different than a Jen KK k. You found a niche and found wealth taking about it. You're the same thing dore. You may entertain more brainier minds but your model is still the same.

  11. The left openly talks about conservatives as if they're all fascists. They will not work with them on issues because the left wants the holy war their egos desire.

  12. The emperor has no clothes, but rather than hold the emperor accountable for a poor decision, the strategy is to discredit the guys with eyes.

  13. The trouble is guys, the elite have everybody who are weak enough in their pocket ! They're on the payroll ! Wether left or right they got dollar signs in their eyes. Come on
    ☆ rep v dem ☆
    You can't have a democratic system if you are two party's
    There can be only biased opinions, bribery and corruption ! And lets face it guys the shit hit the fan !
    Its a done deal ! We are a primitive life form still emotionally undeveloped and willing to kill others to take their shit ! Or lie and cheat instead of globally dealing with others problems as if they were our own ! That's responsibility !
    And every one of us should support their neighbour in fulfilling that role rather than
    having some sort of fight over hierarchy or self worth issues !? The issue….the big issue. The fact that USA is a country to be reckoned with has never been an issue !
    But !? Someone who knows they're good does'nt have to prove it. They show their humble side so as not to intimidate their less talented compatriots ! This works to create harmony and trust.
    "Are you following me ?"
    It is our own inner maturity, our conscious decision to overcome our ego when its necessary, which, if it means, saving lives is a damn good characteristic to use and i know we all have an emotional side which influences our actions. Yes you as well !

  14. If the left and the right are being shut down, then it must be evident that there must be something unique to each that this monster doesn't want the world to hear. What is it? Are they hiding the Devil or are they hiding themselves? Or are you all hiding shit and realize not that they exist 'cause of thee?

  15. Why so surprised left wingers are advocating censorship? Authoritarianism exists on both sides of the left-right political spectrum.

  16. There is a certain progressive clique of very rich nutters who don’t want any other views spoken at all, very stasi like ⚠️