Why Polio Is Making A Comeback Will BLOW Your Mind!!

New York has declared a state of emergency over an outbreak of polio that many fear is going to get much worse in the near future. That’s right, polio. And the reason, if you can believe it, has to do with the fact that there are two different types of polio vaccines, one that employs a dead strain of the virus and another that employs a weakened version. The latter vaccine is delivered orally, and is widely distributed in poorer, third world countries. But somehow a “vaccine-derived” form of the disease has made its way to New York and, well, all bets are off about where it goes next.

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  1. People are also getting Guillian Barre from the Jab, as the spike protein is attacking motor nerves, and the med guys are calling it polio. Even if it’s diagnosed as Guillian Barre, patients are still being told causation is a “mystery.
    Warnings were given months ago saying they were expecting to see polio return.
    Bill Gates used the same kind of vaccine in India, leaving 1/2 million children paralyzed, which was why he was temporarily kicked out of India.

  2. Well look no further than what Bill Gates did to Africa. He once again pushed the cheaper versions of the vaccine throughout Africa. Cases of polio is through the roof. It was a big story earlier this year and documented.

  3. Please have dr Andrew Wakefield or dr suzzanne Humphries on to discuss this issue with authority. Suzanne humogries wrote a thorough and authoritative book on vaccines. I urge you to interview her

  4. Its not eradicated here they just changed the name of it, its called Guillain Barre syndrome and there is on average 6000 cases a year in the usa every year. Look it up, the description is exactly the same pretty well

  5. Our endless pursuit of profit above all other considerations will be humanity's darkest hour. Keep going the way we are, and 99% of us will suffer and be destroyed. Our systems of capital and the ones leading it are causing WAY more harm than good.

  6. India has seen epidemic levels of vaks derived polio for decades, but thank god that “wild” polio is gone. Pop control. The hubris from these scientists. “The vaks cause widespread disease, especially in the unvaksed.” Cant make that kind of retarded up. This cult like worship and unwavering allegiance to the tenuous and highly debatable effect and safety of vaks is so transparent now. Simple questions like, what about refrigeration, Microwaves, improved sanitation, education, the banning of certain neurotoxins as pesticides, the fact that polio was highly over diagnosed in the past ect? Perhaps these play a role in our health and the absence of certain diseases? But no, it’s 100% vaks, no questions, no need to study or look into it, if you suggest such a thing ur a moron, if you ask for studies to substantiate our own claims here is a handful of critically flawed studies done by the same corporate entities who manufacture the product. O you have 100’s of peer reviewed studies linking shots to a myriad of different diseases? You must be a right wing extremist

  7. Most of the polio in the world right now is not wild polio, it's the vaccine strain, caused by the live oral polio vaccine still used in poorer nations. Thier solution? They made a vaccine to fight the vaccine strain, no joke.

  8. Do you think if the scientists left the viruses alone, they would die away naturally? Ask yourself, why do these scientists collect viruses from all around the world and keep playing with them?

  9. There's two possibilities. 1) Weird advertisements by NY politicians telling people that the water is perfectly safe to drink. 2) People using hand sanitizer instead of washing their fucking hands.

  10. This is actually rather concerning!!! How many people know about the race for a polio vaccine, immunization?? Ironically money, pharma and medical regulators used peer reviews and selective data research , prevented, defunded and silenced many with apposing theories, preventing almost all field studies and evidence . The real origin of Aids virus not to mention live disection of chimpanzees in order to harvest kidney's to cultivate a vaccine. At least that is the 'consiracy' theory. Amazing how science is used and or abused depending the narrative.

  11. keep going down the rabbit hole of vaccines Jimmy… it's almost all BS… 90% of the drop in infectious diseases is due to A/C, chlorinated water, water treatment facilities, refrigeration, penicillin, indoor plumbing, etc.

  12. They are doing it because they want to maim us so we are dependent on the health "care" and pharmaceutical industries. Go natural, herbs as much as you can.

  13. Covid in wastewater? Wait a minute….wasn't there a report that said covid hasNEVER been ISOLATED – (found)… how could it then be found in wastewater? Maybe it breeds in filthy water? Something stinks.

  14. Live attenuated vaccines are the closest to getting the virus and provide the best immunity. Inactivated virus requires more boosters and reduces symptoms but doesn’t prevent getting it and spreading it. Like the chicken pox vaccine. There is a slightly higher risk of getting the virus from the live vaccine in immunocompromised people so American docs prefer the inactivated even though you need to get more doses and doesn’t prevent the spread as much. There are always trade-offs and stupid to think they are the same for every individual.

  15. That's not the worst part, Jimmy. Studies show that the active virus tends to strengthen immune systems, so on average, those that get that style of vaccine live longer. I don't know about the Polio vaccine in particular, but the dead variants of vaccine have been known to take years off of your life expectancy.

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