Why Progressive Prosecutors Are Terrible – Part Of The Problem 880

Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Robbie take a look at the people and policies that made recent crime stats explode in progressive areas.
This Episode Was Recorded On 7.11.22

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Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in Politics three times a week, with the promise of bonus episodes! Libertarian Philosophy mixed with a sense of humor, POTP is one of the leading voices in libertarianism.

Dave Smith is a New York based stand-up comedian, radio personality, and political commentator. Dave can be seen regularly on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “Red Eye” on Fox News, as well as “Kennedy” on Fox Business Network. In 2013 Dave was featured as one of the New Faces at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He was also a featured performer on the New York Comedy Festival’s “New York’s Funniest” showcase in 2014 and 2015. Dave’s outlet for his social commentary is his podcast, “Part of the Problem,” which is available on iTunes. Dave is also co-host of “The Legion of Skanks” podcast, available on the GaS Digital Network.

Written by Dave Smith


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  1. ZERO discussion on self-defense law here which is what all murders and homicides are applied against. No one is arguing Alba’s basic right to defend himself, the question is to what degree and in what state’s jurisdiction. In NYC you cannot use deadly force to defend a business, you can only use deadly force if an attacker created a substantial risk of death upon you. Also, Alba made no attempt to flee.

  2. It's not directly from defind the police but it's the message they sent from Saint George floyd and the democrats. It's also the Soros backed DA's that aren't enforcing the laws. It's a perfect storm

  3. You know for the most part, you get a pretty speedy trial. Most defendants waive their right to a speedy trial to give them and their attorneys time to prepare their defense. However, you can get a trial in less than 90-120 days if you demand one. Chances are you will have almost no defense prepared, but neither will the prosecutor have much more than what the police gave them to try you with. I just wanted to point out that the seeming lack of speedy trials is not caused by the court.

    On a separate note, I totally agree with you about jail/prison. If you’re a threat, you shouldn’t be released. If you’re not a threat, you shouldn’t be incarcerated until you’re found guilty. Makes perfect sense to me.

  4. Episode 880; time 57:57; with Robbie. 114 uses of the word "like" by Dave (that were NOT in the form "A is like B" or "I like C"). This works out to 1.96 "likes" per minute. I fantasize about kicking "like" right in the nads and having a libertarian jury nullify my NAP violation. Dave, please eliminate "like" from your vocabulary and your perceived IQ (at least among boomers) will rise by 20 points. Sincerely, a boomer fan.

  5. cops are still arresting white people for shoplifting though so its not just about the monetary amount they are literally using a separate set of rules depending on color

  6. We need to vote against anyone who takes $ money from these PAC's who are funding not only the DA's but the senators and congressmen and locally elected officials. Once they lost the big elections in 2016, they looked to the smaller campaigns. They are changing the culture in our country, and none of it has had positive outcomes. They talk about themselves as "local, grassroots, progressive, etc." but they are national organizations enacting sweeping change. They are destroying cities and somehow gaining votes in the process. A rudimentary Google search on this topic may red pill you, so enter at your own risk.

  7. I’m still confused what the bodega owner did wrong, dude was clearly in danger and defended himself. If he’s really convicted of murder that is so sad, I guess your just supposed to surrender yourself and if the attacker wants to kill you, well you have to let it happen. Unbelievable.

  8. The whole progressive prosecutor thing is garbage because it’s not equal, anarcho tyranny is the outcome of allowing the looter to go off scott free for his crimes but the store owner who defends his store with lethal force gets the full extent of the law. This doesn’t work. If you want the drug addict to not be jailed for drugs I agree with you. But when that drug addict robs a store the store owner must be allowed to kill him without consequence otherwise the system breaks and crime runs rampant. This is what is happening in Los Angeles and many liberal cities.

  9. I love Dave Smith, but what's the point of having Rob on, when he mostly talks over him. Covid Jesus usually just sits there and nods while Dave talks.

  10. I have a job and still qualify for food stamps. I can see the libertarian argument for not wanting to be forced to pay for someone who refuses to work, or whatever, but I look at it this way…
    If the government has been straling from me since I started working 25 years ago, then why shouldn't I feel justified in reclaiming some of that?
    It can't be a violation of the NAP, because it's essentially self defense.

  11. I work at a bank. I have customers come in and brag about about how they have gotten on welfare. Some you could say really need it. But a lot are high tempered and just expect that the world owes them something and complain about it the most. There are a lot of individuals who come in and just try to find ways to suck more money out of the government , or rather, our money we were forced to give to them, while they sit on their ass at home talking about how they don't get enough. Really lose sympathy for certain people really fast.

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