Why Protest in Melbourne?

If you haven’t been financially smashed by bureaucratic decisions, Federal and State, please consider shouting me a coffee here:

November 1, 2021. Melbourne. Two Melburnians share personal stories about the consequences of government overreach.

Actor: Pia

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Written by True Arrow


  1. A lot of people have done it hard and all suicides are tragic. That's no reason to support the loony antivaxxers, conspiracy theorists and far Right thugs who demonstrated. They were breaking public health orders.

  2. Thanks for speaking up! This is the real pandemic – Social media taking over young people's lives to the point that very young women and men are comparing themselves to filtered photos all day everyday. Following body positive accounts who also follow a generally healthy diet with moderate exercise is the best thing you can do. Don't compare yourself with the ultra thin or the ultra buff. Connect with people who are real and honest on social media, not those who portray unrealistic perfection constantly.

  3. Ya just keep making these things up and finding a way to grift . I believe nothing this face says . 1000% this creature is a Larp and has 4 jabbaroonies in IT already . So an actor is telling us a story here , “ storytelling “….

  4. Now matter how much of this agenda hits em in the face, people still struggle to wake up, now they discovered Delta Plus variant, you know what that means, boosters for life

  5. The poison is killing and maiming ppl. The Fascism is backed by the same false government rhetoric that the n a z i e s used by the mainstream socialists that was backed by mainstream in North America and Europe! in 1938 that said we are to protect you against the j e w s. We are segregating them for your protection. Exactly what they did. They were not allowed to shop in the same shops as the German. Then 2 years later were rounded up into camps. The German citizens themselves would’ve been casualties themselves if it wasn’t for the destruction of the planned event of war that gave Hitler his power from the elite. The Rockefeller truly is evil.