Why Rep. Thomas Massie stood against “stand with Ukraine” resolution

Max Blumenthal asks libertarian Rep. Thomas Massie why he joined only two other members of Congress in voting against a resolution declaring that “the United States stands fervently with the Ukrainian people,” and urging military support to Kiev in its fight against Russia. Massie also articulated his opposition to military escalation, new sanctions and the Biden administration’s ban on Russian oil imports.

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  1. Ukraine is a puppet state for the USA empire and NATO, all people want to be free but no one can deny outside influences, that’s how the grand chessboard game works. Every single nation and country is merely a piece on the global chessboard being moved around by more powerful psychopaths. Read John Perkins confession of an economic hitman watch Michael Parenti video: Terrorism, Globalism, and Conspiracy

  2. A super example of american Idiocracy.
    Meanwile you look into this "dpcumentary" americans are developing virus on their worldwide bio labs… So don't look up neither down… OBEY. 😘😘😘
    Biden was clear… " on elections what counts is who counts the votes" you all have been sleeping.

  3. There is no hope for us when only 3 Congressmen have any rational sense. I don't think democracy can work as a viable system. People are too deluded and easily manipulated.

  4. 3:15 "Subsidize the defense of socialist countries"? He lost me there. I don't know what he means. .. OK, I think I know what he means. But isn't it saddening when the lone three congressmembers voting against that bill are still featuring such cringe? – Doomed nation. And that's good. It never had a chance. Stillbirth kept alive and upgraded by Dr. Frankenstein.
    People can talk as reasonable as they want, but if their basic understanding has such nasty potholes, then it all rests on a rotten foundation.
    And yet, this is what you gotta work with, somehow. … Building small bridges.

  5. Max is trying so hard to smear Ukrainians and whitewash Putin's corrupt totalitarian regime, he is screaming about Ukraine's neo-nazi batalion from every roof, at every opportunity (even though such formations are rather marginalised in Ukraine now, their influence has declined since 2014 as Ukrainian professional military improved). In fact there are much more nasty Nazis and nationalists is Russia, who are being tolerated as long as they fall in line with Putin's regime. Migrant workers in Moscow from Caucasus and Central Asia suffer a lot at the hand of Russian neo-Nazis and other nasty racists….but you won't here Max Blumenthal reporting about that.

  6. America is a terrible country that started this war in 2014 by helping overthrow the democratically elected government. If Americans actually knew the entire story alot of people would be very upset that their energy bills are going to double because of this war.

  7. Turkey shot a bunch of Russian jets out of the air and they got an C400 out of it! Putin respects strength like any thug, put him in his place he will back down, give him an inch he have shown he will take miles literally!!!

  8. The only thing the U.S. want is the totally destruction of Ukraine and that's the reason the West is putting out propaganda to keep this war going. Hunter Biden and Zelensky has two things in common, both are cocaine addicts and both are finance by Kolomoisky. And then there are those biological weapons laboratories. The only way out of this embarrassment is the destruction of Ukraine.

  9. This was very enlightening. I am more of a libertarian on domestic policies, but it's good to see that both parties are full of it. There are more things that most Americans have in common than the media likes to portray. Keeping people divided is the easiest way to manipulate people into thinking supporting Ukraine financially is a good idea.

  10. Massey says, "If there's gonna be a war in Europe, let the Europeans subsidize it." That's ludicrous! As if the Europeans had any interest in a war in Ukraine! The Washington imperialists are the only ones who are interested in a war in Ukraine in order to prevent the Europeans from buying Russian natural resources and enjoying the benefits of peaceful relations with Russia.

  11. If there is a resolution on immediate bombardment of nuclear weapons on Russia or China, it will pass in both Congress and Senator. The politicians here have better chance to survive a nuclear retaliation than voting "no".

  12. Actual Common Sense Could tell us was little nervous BUT he told it as he sees it NOT what his Party Donor Class want paid for Souless pieces of crap like Lindsay Graham .A career "criminal" Politician that's achieved what exactly . How Dare he call for Murder of another Human Being . We should have full independent 100% all access transparent investigation into these War Mongers Political Career inc every Donor Dollar & were every Dollar Went Politicians push War MUST BE MADE TO GOTO FRONTLINE EXPERIENCE EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT EVEN VOLUNTEER TO FIGHT . Soon see Washington full of Anti War Politicians like true Patriot who has saw Combat Zone Twice actually served Tulsi Gabbard .

  13. This is what these legislators do when they craft a bill. They would put things in a bill that goes against what most people stand for. But it is typical with anyone to go with anything that sounds good and just go ahead and vote with the majority without reading the fine print.

    They did the same thing when they pass the the economic revival package which gave us another stimulus check. But what they add was a $600 reporting limit. They said the limit is to keep rich people from skipping out of pay from taxes. But who it really hurts and what it was intended for was the average person just scrapping by. As long as it was under $2500 dollars

  14. The UA govt shut down opposition TV networks, jailed opposition candidates, shelled their own citizens and recently executed one of their own negotiators. Worth dying for?

  15. Truth is ..The Higher Gas Prices and Higher Food Prices Will Push Crime Rate to the Highest that anyone has Ever Seen in America ..To the Point Of Higher Car Jackings,,Robberies And Home invasions ..My Suggestion is Never leave home Alone ..Never leave Unarmed And Never Leave Your Home Alone and Unprotected ..Always Have a Gun to End those Peoples Lives who Tresspass Against you and your Loved ones Rights

  16. Who placed that order 9 days ago from that north AmeriKan biochemical protective equipment company?
    Is someone in North America planning a biochemical attack so they can blame Russia?
    Was that company MIRA in Canada??????? So sorry to spill the secret beans.

  17. a good effort but not enough – he isn't informed enough about warring factions within Ukraine, then get informed. That's his job. He has a full staff of "experts" to help and advise him on that. Even Max had to call him out on the ignorant use of the term "socialist"… too many blunders and a retrograde mindset – what was that about Netflix being a window for Russians into capitalism? does he actually believe Russia is not capitalist, or what on earth…..

  18. His stance is slightly better but still bullshit. Ukraine is not an independent nation & not a republic or democracy so claiming those are things that are currently at risk is bullshit. This is the problem in Washington, the so called "Fringes" are really fraud cringes not focusing on the real problems in Ukraine the Corruption that being completely ignored by all American Politician's. The reason its being ignored is Ukraine is a big "Cookie Jar" that even the EU has been picking from & the amount of politician's that's been dipping we will never know. What we have here is something American leaders created & that's why they are acting like its the "Hill To Die On" as if its actually America that's being invaded. Thomas Missies stance is exactly what you get from Independent's.

  19. Even though he's sane, he's also a McCarthyite, calling Eastern European countries "socialist"! He, like nearly all Americans, has no concept of what socialism actually is. Stunning.
    The US of Amnesia is one scary country.

  20. Bravo, Mr. Massie!
    Thank you, Max!
    It`s brutal, how common sense is being punished in our times.
    As soon as people express a logical thought, they are massively attacked and forced to shut up, or even worse.

  21. Can anybody explain to me why USA is a "free" country? Whatfore the truckers convoy for instance? And sending weapons and financial support is like putting petrol on a fire. Historically, America has proved they're master in this. I read there are thousands of volunteers ready to fight in Ukraine….. It shows me their lives means nothing to them but weapons and killing does….putting a game in reality….

  22. Netflix opens a window to how (American) capitalism works?! Oh. they know. Ask any Russian if they want to go back to the 90's, Yeltsin and our version of democracy. They will laugh in your face.

  23. We should do everything we can to keep it localised?
    Wtf are you smoking? People and kids are dying and getting killed bcuz of some greedy KGB motherfucker who is todays Hitler doesn't like to see Ukraine becoming a democracy.
    Of course NATO needs to go to war.

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