Why SCOTUS Should Declare Trump the Election Winner

His opponent wants to drastically alter SCOTUS and weaponize it politically. Need I say more?


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  1. Unless there is very clear evidence of fraud that seems likely to have changed the outcome of the election the courts will do nothing. Even if there is some evidence of this they will likely do nothing. The fraud would have to be so bad that even Biden and a lot of Democrats will have to admit to it for the courts to become a factor. That isn't likely to happen.

  2. Article 2, section 1, clause 2 of the Constitution. All the evidence of fraud you need is that the courts and bureaucrats in these crooked swing states lawlessly changed the voting laws. Only state legislatures can do that. No signatures necessary, new late deadlines, no stamp or post Marks necessary – its all invalid and these votes should be thrown out. Notice how Biden performed much better and during the new added on counting time frame as he did in the states that didn’t change the rules in the last few months because M‘whuflu.

  3. Isn't this why Trump picked Amy Barrett and the rest? He knew this election would go to the courts so he was filling the seats with constitutional judges. For all you people whining about Trump "not doing anything", well this is what he did to fight the fraud he knew was coming.

  4. Rekieta Law had a video recently talking about all the current lawsuit. There was a ruling on case back in 1944 in Montana that could affect all the votes counted after election day

  5. I love the fact that YouTube finds it necessary to provide dis-information under each video (and links). It is like the little kid who keeps insisting that he really didn't do it. His denial has the opposite effect.

  6. National Public Radio interview, Justice Ginsburg said that nine “seems to be a good number” and opposed court-packing because it would undermine “the safeguards for judicial independence [which] are as great or greater than anyplace else in the world.”

  7. Does Styxx ever watch White House pressers. Kayleigh and crew talking yesterday about the very real fraud. Not a conspiracy. I thought Styxx was well informed and an expert in these things. Perhaps not enough time in the day to find out these things.

  8. The majority of SCOTUS will cave because they know which side will riot and burn cities. This is one of the reasons why the Left has been rioting for months. They’ have been sending a message that SCOTUS will hear. And obey.

  9. If Biden adds judges to the Supreme Court, future presidents would certainly do the same. Eventually we would have more Supreme Court justices than members of congress. I find this possibility simultaneously terrifying and hilarious.

  10. Completely agree. As a German, I don't really care who becomes President in the US. What I'm worried about is a weak and fraudulent USA. You guys will never be able to point the finger at elections in Turkey or Russia or Venezuela if this election passes as valid. The people in my country don't know what's happening in the US, they will not think Biden is illegitimate. MSM took care of that. But the leaders will know. Biden's influence will be weak. And I believe a strong USA are a good thing for the world. In the short term, Biden might even be beneficial to my country, in the long run, this election will be a disaster for the world. In my opinion, if you are in a difficult situation, try telling the truth, no matter how much it costs, because lies will come back much later and bite you even harder.