“Why Should Americans Believe Anything The Government Says?” – Jordan Goes Nuclear On Biden’s Lies

He’s putting them on the spot.

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He is the author of many bestselling books, including “Illiberal Education,” “What’s So Great About Christianity,” “America: Imagine a World Without Her,” “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” “Death of a Nation,” and “United States of Socialism.”

His documentary films “2016: Obama’s America,” “America,” “Hillary’s America,” “Death of a Nation,” and “Trump Card” are among the highest-grossing political documentaries of all time. He and his wife Debbie are also executive producers of the acclaimed feature film “Infidel.”

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Written by Dinesh D'Souza


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  1. We need the Republican Party to focus their message now. The midterms are the chance to stop the chaos of the Democratic Party. Here are 6 things for Conservatives to stand for. 1. America 1st, "whatever it is", if it doesn't help America as a whole, we don't do it. 2. We follow the U.S. Constitution, if a politician breaks their oath to the constitution, they are removed from office. 3. Secure our border. 4. Open all oil permitting, exploration, and pipeline and refinery construction now, "America produces all of it's oil needs". 5. Reform our immigration laws to be fast, efficient, fair, and common sense. No more citizenship by cheating. 6. Fix student loans by reducing interest to the minimum for accounting no profit from it. Please refine / add to these, flood our profiles, and contact Conservatives with this message for all to see. We will win in November.

  2. I knew Birx, and Fauchi are absolutely corrupt liars, Fauchi planned the pandemic he paid for it with our tax dollars and he told President Trump he would have a pandemic to deal with!

  3. We wasn't running those kinds of test, but yet you can't transfer covid, and you can't get covid again. LIES THAT ARE CAUSING PEOPLE TOO DIE. But we can't lock them up for it yet because they will simply pardon themselves and they walk free.

  4. No matter how much you try and back pedal, anybody with a brain can see that you're all full of garbage. Stop purveying lies and deception to control the populace of the world. Thanks so much

  5. The government are professional liars. They decide what lies will be told ahead of time. It's just disappointing that no one gets punished for lying. Isn't that what we were taught as children? You get punished for lying unless you are with the government.

  6. I have NEVER BEEN FOOLED when I judged a politician on the RESULTS of their actions. But I'm almost always been MADE A FOOL OF when I trusted a politician on what they promised they would do. . . . . . . .

  7. Like all other lists who have benefited from this plannedemic …. She is devoid of ability to tell the truth…. However her book to which she refers to, she alludes to the fact she willingly inflated and lied to trump pandemic task force … purposefully!!!! She committed treason!!

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