Why South Africans are refusing the vaccine

Freddie Sayers sits down with Brian Pottinger.

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As new data about the Omicron variant is interpreted (and perhaps predictably, misinterpreted) by experts worldwide, South Africa has become a coronavirus case-study under global surveillance. Last week, UnHerd spoke to Pieter Streicher about the data coming out of Gauteng, but there’s always more to a situation than the numbers.

To get a snapshot into the cultural and political reality on the ground, Freddie Sayers sat down with Brian Pottinger, former Editor of the South African Sunday Times. He joined UnHerd from his home on the KwaZulu North Coast.

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00:00 – 00:54 – Introduction
00:54 – 4:40 – The state of Covid-19 vaccination in South Africa
4:40 – 7:23 – Why do so many in South Africa refuse to get vaccinated?
7:23 – 13:17 – How was lockdown managed in South Africa?
13:17 – 16:16 – The political unrest in July 2020 and the ANC
16:16 – 18:27 – “Long before COVID-19, the state was fraying”
18:27 – 21:00 – How did South Africa become like this?
21:00 – 23:21 – A silver lining of Covid-19 for the country
23:21 – 26:08 – Warrior scientists are ruining South Africa
26:08 – 26:37 – Concluding thoughts

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  1. Van passport s in Nz People and businesses suffer .People should have a choice and there is too much hidden .Let the ones that think it protects them get it why worry about those that don’t have it .It should never being enforced

  2. Of course..witchcraft is the most comprehensively appropriate word to describe what is taking place…please do not say that "people do not like being pushed around because that do not understand what's going"..the people ALWAYS KNOW what's going on!

  3. Allow me to set the record straight … Many vax free individuals are highly learned professionals and most, if not all vax free persons, are free and critical thinkers. But really, not even a high school education is required to see the Bshite for what it is.

  4. I am sorry to say the plus minus two million South Africans that live outside that failed state disagree with this optimistic view on the country.
    He doesn't believe in revolution yet there is so many examples of positive outcomes of revolution throughout history.
    If he think the ANC. will ever be defeated at the ballot box he is not paying attention to politics I Africa.

  5. Entire populations have been experimentalized, propagandized, incentivized, high-pressured, criticized, ostracized, criminalized, tyrannized, anathematized, blamed, shamed, manipulated, isolated and quarantined, all over a coronavirus.

  6. Very important thing he says there… Those so called "uneducated" ppl aren't that 'uneducated' if they listen to their INTUITION. That means they are the ORGANIC ones. Smart in fact. Because that's what it's all about. They want you "separated" from yr own self = unconsciously following the herd. They don't want you to be led by yr own SACRED voice from within = Inner Calling. Something that's ancient, undeniable and ALWAYS right. In Europe we have law that protects the Integrity Of The Body. Noone can tell you what to do with it and what to take… yet they are pushing this thing on us. Noone can question it, noone is allowed to think critically. So you tell me, how good can this be if you have to be blackmailed to get it.. Think! Great interview.. xx..

  7. Maybe this is why europe has put SA and surrounding countries on the "red list" because they won't "follow" the plandemic rules or take the experimental jabs! Nothing to do with omiCON

  8. To the people who are for the vaccine mandates: Do you want this kind of life for your children ? "Big Pharma" would decide what medical treatment they will get ? Healthy or not, everybody will be obliged to get injected all the time ? Nobody would care if some people get injured or die from the treatments ? What a scary life !

  9. I would recommend to read the FDA-papers from Pfizer. Everybody (with some intelligence) can see the real worth of this vaccination very clearly. People in South Africa seem to be quite smart.

  10. Because they don't have access to clean water!!! Hello??? How are these people trying to vaccinate everyone but don't care about the fact that majority there don't have access to clean drinking water? Does that make sense?

  11. "You cannot just rely on the evidence of the warrior scientist"
    A-bloody-men to that.
    I was given my childhood vaxxes, my children were given theirs. But somewhere in the last 10-20 years, we've gone jabby crazy. We need to row back. We need to question more. We need to KNOW beyond reasonable doubt what we're jabbing with is better than, and the possibles side effects of, are justified against the illness they're there to protect us from.

  12. Love all the positivity from fellow South Africans in these comments! We are resilient! The truth about lockdowns is that people outside of suburbs and modern areas did not lock down. It's estimated that 70% of South Africans have had covid(untested). We are not testing unnecessarily. And with so much unemployment (conservatively 45%) the jab4job threat just doesnt work. We just need to focus on getting this government out so we can get to work.

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