Why Sri Lanka is Collapsing: the Coming Global Food Crisis

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Written by PolyMatter


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  1. The lenders are not interested in the wellbeing of a borrowers population at all, just in accruing as much benefit as possible, even better if the borrower defaults on repayments

  2. The Dollar Dictatorship. USA lives at the expense of dependence on the dollar of other countries. That's why they can have the biggest debt in the world and nothing happens to them. Another country and had already gone bankrupt. DeGaulle had already warned about this, but no one wanted to know — youtube = /watch?v=eYgnGAr3-kM

  3. Please guys, grow your own food or buy direct from a farmer you know. This is why in world war 2 the British and the US governments encouraged “victory gardens”. The modern supply chains are fragile and have loads of weak points. And love anyway.

  4. You just ignore the fact that the interest rate of China loan is much higher than other countries. Making your judgement superficial and biased. The fact is the interest rate of loan from China is 470%-800% higher than what from Japan. And Sri Lanka, if responsible, should not borrow it from the very beginning as it is not affordable to their country from the very beginning.

  5. 6:37 I like how he just says that "terrorists" bombed some churches without telling you who the terrorists are or why they did it. And yet we all know very well that if the terrorists were anything but Muslim, he would have had no problem naming the religion responsible.

  6. I'm in the Philippines and I would not be surprised if this us where we're headed. The prices of oil and necessities are causing a crisis for the middle class and especially lower class, those in the poverty line (and below it)

    Praying for Sri Lanka and all the other countries headed for this. I am terrified for the future to be honest.

    Don't even get me started on the rotten, corrupt governance here. That's an entirely different story on its own.

  7. Stick to your guns Sri Lanka, it's also been shown that though it takes a few years for the soil to recover, organic yields will after a few years be greater than yields from using chemical fertilisers.

  8. WEF continues with the global 6uild 6ack 6etter. This is not an accidental occurrence. This is not a drill. IMF/BIS/WORLD BANK/G7/DAVOS/UN/NATO/WHO/BILDERBERG/CLUB OF ROME/CFR/FIVE EYES/etc/etc/ad nauseam. Know Your Enemy.

  9. so his family mostly moved to America, and left a few behind waiting to sell off property when the government changed up. Not sure how true it was, but crazy if it is.

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