Why Tennys Sandgren Refused to Play in Australia – Plus: the Djokovic Situation and Vaccine Mandates

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The American tennis player Tennys Sandgren has earned much of his career success in Australia. But this year he chose to stay at home, in protest of its vaccine mandates. I spoke to him about why he made such a self-sacrificing decision in defense of this principle, the Novak Djokovic controversy, and vaccine mandates generally.

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. For all the people who bang on about Glenn being the last great journalist pls implore him to interview the young men in the detention hell hotel where Novak was kept. Even Amy Goodman did an interview with one of the guys.

  2. As a person living in Australia, I can tell you that the laws regarding Covid change from state to state, and as we sleep. One minute we're ordered to stay in lockdown, unless we need to buy food at the shopping centre. Next thing we know, there's 'Freedom Day' where the self imprisoned are allowed out to romp in the wilds of suburbia. Then there are masks. One day they're compulsory, the next day they aren't… It makes my head spin, and not from fever. I'm not saying anything about the bugs themselves, not being a qualified doctor. What I will say is, the whole thing has been politicised and oligarch messed with to profit them and not public health. People are made fearful and even hysterical by idiots in the bought MS media.

  3. In best Glenn Greenwood fashion, the manipulation of the narrative. The real controversy is the hypocrisy of the Australian government, where refugees have been locked up for 10 years in the same “hotel”, without healthcare even after their status as refugees has been upheld. But I guess his audience doesn’t get their dose of indoctrination by learning the real problems of human beings that are silenced,

  4. What is he saying? He will not obey fascistic dictates of Australian government but if he is going to bend to the fascistic pressure he would rather do it for his own government?

  5. 2022 great for skipping Australia , skip embarrassment, and that poor sick atmosphere, Novak should give it up too, and make it less important that way , since its less humane, yes, there is other careers to have, well said! f it stops being fun f..k it…Australia is checking their c.tests, that is sad , ridiculous and idiotic, since those test serve only we-know-who..just eksersizing nwo, brilliant Tennys, to the point

  6. I’m Australian and I simply don’t believe that the people feel that way I think they are false reports and we like the fact that Novac is exposing how ridiculous insane unfair brutal and draconian mandates these tyrants are forcing for all the wrong reasons.

  7. This dude is definitely a red pilled truther. Good on him. I hope his friends, family and peers take to heart what he is saying. And remember yalls, you cant comply your way out of tyranny.

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