Why The Cargo Ship Mess is Getting So Much Worse

We have been told that our supply chain issues when it comes to the cargo ships have been resolved. I’m going to prove to you that this is much worse than it’s ever been. There is no resolution in sight. Global supply chains have been affected by everything that’s going on in the world. They’re only going to get worse in the coming months. #CargoShips #SupplyChain #Inflation #IAllegedly #Trucking #Deliveries #Business #globalSupplyChain #GlobalShipping #FoodShortages

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Written by I Allegedly


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  1. Cargo ships are already a thing of the past. Massive pollution. Brainless to transport exported waste and China plastics. We need now to get wiser. In the future, we will have tunnel shuttle systems, both for human beings and cargo, vacuum, just like Hyper Loop. To pollute tremendously carrying thousands of tonnes of unnecessary cargo (cars etc) is completely brainless. Let's face the future – it's clean, green and healthy!

  2. Asking people to subscribe and like the video before it has even started, is like a restaurant asking their customers to recommend the restaurant to their friends and give a 5 star rating before even ordering.
    Stop it. It contributes to making people less and less genuine and honest. And for that matter, less and less smart.
    Good video though, haven't looked into this but i will now. Cheers.

  3. Screw California and their bull crap laws about the environment – All of these ships can unload in Texas, Florida and other ports, we do not need California ports, California is nothing but a crap hole, so cargo ships, just take your business to the states that are not run by a bunch of lunatics and we need to build a wall around California to keep these lunatics in so they cannot destroy any other states like they did to Houston Tx.

  4. Not buying from China anymore if you can not get it. Refund time. For sure will not make another order to china. Then.. What happens. China will not get US Dollars. And then…… China will go into depression. This is not good for anyone.

  5. This problem is dues being paid. It is always immoral and stupid to interfere with non-fraudulent voluntary exchange. Always. We let idiots interfere with trade for 2+ years on a phony promise.

  6. The back up started years ago to the point that Canadian West Coast ports are minting it taking in Asian goods destined for the US. The Port of Prince Rupert is 1000 miles north of Seattle and is making money off of the USAs' spending habits. Nearly all the goods coming in there are trucked to the US, and it is expanding and that adds to the price you pay.

  7. The Amish don't need neon gas, fertilizers or most anything we need. THey got it made, horse manure veg. garden , no gas, electric bills, Thats the answer.

  8. Guess the long haul truckers wasting diesel protesting vaccine mandates isn't a factor. Private corporations been violating peoples freedom for decades drug testing.

  9. As for the trucks going into the port, maybe the logistics company could get a half dozen electric yard truck type trucks to pull the containers into a marshalling yard, drop the trailer and go get another. Another truck picks up the load and hits the road. Couldn't fault the truck at the terminal for exhaust emissions.

  10. The world’s population has increased 200% in my less than 50-year lifespan alone, and 99% of people just want to live with a “gimme gimme gimme” mentality and no desire to do any USEFUL work (defined as something that will still be helping society 200+ years later). Just sayin’ that it could be a part of the problem too.

    I’m not saying that we couldn’t support this many people, but we are in no way close to keeping up with the infrastructure required to do so. Everyone is to busy thinking they need a new pocket supercomputer (read: iPhone) every 8 minutes, instead of building roads, bridges, communication lines, hospitals and farms.

  11. The Cruise Ship you say is not in port because there is no room is not correct. It's anchored there while receiving a refit of specific textiles and furnishings. My company out of Victoria BC Canada is one of the contractors doing the work.

  12. GM is 10 years or less from bankruptcy. Change CA and city/ county REG’s and much of the delay will disappear. Rail from Florida is cheaper than rail from California

  13. You can't drive your pre 2010 into the port because it is not emissions compliant. But the Big Ass ship that bought all the cargo across the Ocean can go into the port burning Thick crude oil that is hardly refined and has no DPF or emission equipment on it Can. But the tree huggers have to get their Chinese made flip flops so it's all ok.

  14. "Staggareen" is not a word.
    "Exhahst" is not a word.
    "Restraunt" is not a word.
    "Caught" is not pronounced "cot".
    You are not properly using the Marine Traffic app.
    Why were you calling tankers and break bulk vessels container ships???

  15. When you say "they are making them stay off the coast of Mexico", who is THEY? And how do you know those ships are from Asia and heading to America? They could be out of Rio heading for Ensenada. They can be from Asia destined for Panama. You're totally clueless and even more so, DANGEROUS. Why don't you go to a supermarket and show us the empty shelves? Uhhhh, cuz their full. When you mentions "black swan event" i laughed out loud. Now I knew where you're coming from.

  16. Didn't know this was still going in.. probably because.. the corrupt mainstream media isn't reporting it. I guess they don't want Buttgig the breast feeding transportation secretary looking .. worse..

  17. He may be aware of many problems and some causes, but the gentleman does not express himself understandably. All I have learned in ten minutes is that the problems are bad; they come from unreliable vehicles and parts shortages related to the sanctions against Russian; they are going to become much worse.

  18. Stupid green BS is a scam! Solar is trash and wind runs on petroleum. Every wind farm in my area has went totally bankrupt. The exhaust system regulations are even bigger BS. It was never about saving the planet. It was always about depop. People at the top want you gone, and they have plenty of power to make that happen.

  19. Just remember people that globalization reduces prices and is good for consumers and making things ourselves raises prices and is bad for consumers. It's settled economics!

  20. This is what happens when you vote for lifetime politicians. They are all corrupt idiots, and as seen the last few years, government politicians and beuracrats are absolutely great at completely mucking up everything they get involved with. Unfortunately voters just keep voting for the same people and getting the same results, absolutely insane. Government is the problem, and is actively working to make everything worse for everyone.

  21. A proud American – who is so proud that he will not let himself be confused by reality. Your maps graphs etc all show many many cargo ships lined up at American ports. They also show 10 times more cargo ships around Chinese ports. Why is there a problem in America but not in China? The answer is technology. China has 5G internet technology. America does not. 5G speeds up the internet and allows many more things to become technologically possible. China uses 5G which speeds up all kinds of things. China can load 500 containers in the time that America can unload 5. It is America's lack of technology that backs up American docks.
    That is just the start. America will solve all its problems by bringing manufacturing home? So the politicians say. America totally lacks infrastructure as well as technology. When America brings its manufacturing home, it will be overpriced and chaotic. Will America buy this junk when there is low priced quality products available from China?

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