Why The Hunter Biden SCANDAL Will DESTROY Joe and SINK His Presidency!!!

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Written by Dr. Steve Turley

Are we seeing the revitalization of Christian civilization?For decades, the world has been dominated by a process known as globalization, a secularizing economic and political system that hollows out and erodes a culture’s traditions, customs, and religions, all the while conditioning populations to rely on the expertise of a tiny class of technocrats for every aspect of their social and economic lives.Until now.All over the world, there’s been a massive blowback against the anti-cultural processes of globalization and its secular aristocracy. And it’s just the beginning.I believe that the secular world is at its brink, and a new conservative age is rising.Join me each week as we examine these worldwide trends, discover answers to today’s toughest challenges, and together learn to live in the present in light of even better things to come.This is Turley Talks.


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  1. Good going. Only thing I mean you have gotten wrong is that there is any "Real or Fixing"-point to just having Republicans take over. For I ser the whole political system as broken and not working. We have to dare think new.. to imagine and to perceive / receive insight. Only then can we the people of the light, ment to be free together take the trone of all perceived that's good and decent to have for their/our own as well as that of to with nature loan and trive in within our own / each and everyone's zone(s). This is part of the reality. We need be able see. For only with a broad(ened) field of frequency we shall as well as we really can, see for real, all the view of viewed within reality's own scene(ry). This is a pot.start of beaty. A new scenery. With meaning full of reality to pull.

  2. I was also pleased with the parade that Al Sisi put on when he moved the mummies, and also the procession when they dug up the Luxor Road. However, Islamization is still at play in Egypt. Every year 1000+ Coptic Christian women are kidnapped by Muslims and either forced to convert or killed. Very seldom are these women saved, because the law enforcement in Egypt is sympathetic to the kidnappers.

  3. No one I know voted for slow Joe no one Biden couldn't get 5 people at his boring pathetic rallies I think the CNN joker is missing her calling in life what a drama queen gag me. Everyone knows Joe Biden lost the 2020 Election President Trump won. lock up the clown Slow Joe Now.

  4. I distinctly remember a video where Biden said he would work with and consult with his Vice President, just as Obama had done with him- and when a moral? ethical? I don't remember the exact language, but an issue like that came up he would step down, and Kamala would become our President.

  5. They may escape now but THE NEXT GOVERNMENT???? many treasonous charges are coming. God is not asleep.Some people only look to the natural but the jusgement of God is sure to come …stay tuned….Hell is a real place and the deep state is on a train to there……😂😂

  6. We’ll get a chance to see if Brandon really is working for China or not, bc if China really is Brandon’s boss, and his boss says, “Don’t let madam speak easy go to Taiwan.” .. She won’t go …..

  7. The so called "HUNTER SCANDAL" is really the
    "JOE BIDEN BRIBERY SCANDAL" There is power in language and nobody is mentioning the Bribery word so the entire scandal is slipping by unnoticed by most Americans.

  8. Biden thinks Americans are stupid. He knows that, because ofHunter, Americans view him as being in China’s pocket. So what does he do? He and Xi cook up this faux confrontation over Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan. What will happen is: (1) Pelosi will go to Taiwan, (2) China will complain, but do nothing, and (3) Biden will brag about being tough on China, and will claim that THIS shows he’s not in China’s pocket. More Kabuki Theatre. The democrats are masters at it.

  9. Who is going to arrest Bieden and his gang when the system is part of problem…Hope we will not be talking about same thing next year..MSM still going strong, why do they are aloud to destroy America🤔🤔🤔

  10. @DrSteveTurley, your speaking style continues to go from overly loud to whisper soft. It's as if you cannot really hear yourself. Have you considered having your hearing checked?

  11. Well, the headline says this will ruin Biden's presidency. Ok, when? It's hard to believe the corrupt FBI will do its job. Honestly, it's discouraging to see the FBI, Justice department and liberal media doing their best to cover for this loser.

  12. Come on, Steve, love you, but NOTHING will happen to either of them. Have they peddled influence, yes have they probably broken many trade laws yes have they sold us out to our biggest adversaries yes but nothing will happen they are far far to protected

  13. I knew the Hunter Biden Laptop was true and that the Top FBI corrupt Elites buried the story as Joe Biden would not have been allowed into the WH. Joe Biden is a bully, a pedophile and a totally Anti American. He hates America except for the fortune he has and continues to loot America. He and his criminal syndicate are going down.

  14. His son "dip shit bobo" Biden. That's of course who he's gonna fall back onto. How fricken dark does a soul have to be to place your immoral, unethical political sins or your dead Son.

  15. Hunter items will sink Joe and destroy his presidency? You must be delusional or on drugs. The national socialist republican elites will never allow that to happen….EVER!

  16. Joe Biden going to be impeached in 2023? You watch! The Repubicans take over the House? Joe is toast. The Republicans got more then enough to impeach Biden on several issues?

  17. Wasn't there 2, 3 billion or more dollars that vanished when Biden was vice pres under the ObamaNation Admin?.. The Ukrainian leaders were all over tv saying they never received the billions… for weeks…
    Biden Family & others surely profited off that a decade ago… DC The Mob & minions
    must be eradicated. Immediately!

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