Why The Left Can’t Handle Donald Trump | Russell Brand

Why The Left can’t handle Donald Trump – are the media underestimating him? What do you think?

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Produced by Jenny May Finn (Instagram: @jennymayfinn)

Written by Russell Brand


  1. The left is made up of actual progressives who can't stand Trump AND Biden. You're thinking of Centrist/Moderate/Neoliberal/Corporate Establishment Democrats, they're the ones screaming that Trump is worse than Hitler. They're the ones who have CNN, MSNBC, Daily Show, Hollywood, etc. on their side.

  2. Kids and n cages was an obuma government use that rolled over into President Trump's term…which he got rid of…but the press won't tell you that…oh and you obviously don't know what is actually happening behind the scenes to empower the people

  3. You talk like someone who doesn't associate with any blue collar middle America people. Trump speaks their language, he sounds like the boss that gets things done but you don't invite to dinner.

  4. How can you say Trump is a proponent of transnational corporations? He is most definitely a man of the American people. That is so very obvious. The reason his opponents attack him so viciously is they realise he is draining the swamp and they realise he will never be an ally.

  5. Ordinary people in America do have the power to change and improve their own destinies. The reason the Marxists don't get much traction is that ordinary Americans do have a good standard of living. There are downtrodden people in America but many of them are there because of their own decisions. And the American dream acknowledges that there will be losers but in the most part it assigns blame to them.

  6. "meaningfully back the black lives matters campaign"? Well this video has worn well has it? Very few people support BLM because they know it is a Marxist organisation that has some very very bad ideas, like defunding the police! It is not an organisation intent on healing division but one intent on smashing down everything that is white and driving as apart. You won't be surprised to hear that such an objective is not very popular in a majority white country.

  7. Please explain how freedom of choice, stopping the death tax on small business and family farms. I could go on and on, you fail to mention one of his policies that favoured the big corporate and destroy family.

  8. You cant blame people for taking cheapshots at a man for who cheap shots are a staple. Also, he's the president. How are people gonna meet him on a level.

  9. The media and news at one time tried to find political balance back in the 60’s and 70’s but now the networks follow the narratives of those people that own them, a much smaller group of people than in the 60’s.

  10. Lol everyone arguing about the cages from 2014 as if to imply trump freed any of those children is his term or displayed any goodwill whatsoever to migrant children. I know everyone is here to shit on their any menial nods they detect to marxism or socialism but maybe look at the capitalist system that hands over debts of children in cages and give your head a shake. Other people doing bad doesnt mean trump is doing good, dum dums.

  11. Im laughing at this comment section. We dont even like Biden that much, or Obama. Everyone sucks. We just dont want people to die because of something that they cant control, we want everyone to have equal rights? And you guys are mad at us for it?

  12. Love ya, Russell!! Actually, across the pond here, a lot of us lifetime lefties are WALKING AWAY from the dems because of the destruction & censorship of "woke" culture. I invite you to reconsider your statements about Trump's policies as well. As my fellow cancel culture, pc Americans bemoan racism, under Trump, black unemployment is at an all time low, we've seen positive reform in the criminal justice system here & black communities are supporting him in unprecedented numbers. He's actually quite centrist. I like him, but I was told to hate him by zealous, marxist, "woke", obnoxious & spoiled white leftists. As a former Democrat & a proud American, I fear the integrity of our Constitution is in peril. I'm voting for Trump.

  13. Trump has doubled the earned income credit for head of household, so people with children pay less taxes. I am single & low-middle income and Trump doubled the standard deduction on income tax so I received $1,400 more tax refund than usual last year. Trump has improved the farmer's economic status so a WI dairy farmer made a speech at the Republican Natl Convention to tell the nation how great he is & how much her farm income has improved. We love Donald Trump because he supports small business, not just bigger business. He donates his President salary to a different charity every quarter. He has given US soldiers a much and long deserved pay raise. He has executed Right to Try Law so a terminal patient can try a new not yet FDA Approved drug that may save their life. I can go on & on… accountability for VA hospitals, improved choice of healthcare for Veterans, Trump just got a peace agreement between UAE and Israel, Trump just got a peace agreement between Serbia & Corsaco. Trump loves the regular people. Trump loves meatloaf and diet coke. He is a regular guy. Russell Brand is so right. The Democrats need to up their game, and get a candidate that is worthy of being elected. I'm an Independent and not a Bush fan. But I'm on the Trump Train.???

  14. I love you Russ, but until you give us basis on your claims about Trumps misguided policies, this view of yours will be on one of the things i dont like about you.