Why The Regime Hates Joe Rogan

They’re going after podcasts.

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  1. Joe Rogan
    Must Be Making
    These People Angry

    Because Joe Rogan
    Is Not Who They
    Want Him To Be.

    When he is
    doing his show,
    Rogan, first name Joe,

    Is the sole Arbitor
    and is in Total Control
    of his radio show.

    The other Joe,
    To Whom liberal
    Have sacrificed their logic and common sense,

    Is not the same Joe
    That's on The
    Joe Rogan Show.

    Liberals are upset that
    Joe has no place
    On the Joe Rogan show.

    Am I speaking
    of Joe Rogan?

    No. There's only
    one Joe Whose
    Aim is Total Speech Control and it ain't Rogan.

    I'll give you a hint.
    He's the head fact-checker at Facebook
    And is currently the acting CEO over All of Big Tech.

    That's not Joe Rogan.
    But if you guessed

    And Liberals are upset Because Rogan stands by his position that Goebbels'has no place controlling what goes
    on on his set!

  2. 270 "doctors and scientists" is literaly nothing. Look at how many signed the great barrington declaration and noone cared. Plus what the fck do those clowns have to do with "societal issues"? You are f** doctors. Limited in your thinking, limited in your expertiese. If you want to tell others that they cant chime in on your field because they are not m.d.s, then f*** off when it comes down to fields you have no idea about. You have done nothing but caused the greatest societal crisis in the modern western history.

  3. This shows why doctors are just scummy. They've gotten used to being pampered and on the spotlight, and they are terrified of things returning to normal and them losing the attention they've been getting during this madness… Its all it is.

  4. Gotta love how they just use these labels and accusations with nothing to prove them as "absolute facts" and if you don't just blindly believe their propaganda, you're conspiracy theorist 😂😂😂

  5. If they're going after JRE for "spreading lies", why not go after BBC, CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and many other media outlets too.
    It's beacuse, these media outlets are the onw paying these "doctors" to go after JRE.
    JRE must be doing something right that these main stream media are doing this just to silence him.

  6. Biological fact… The Fukushima ELE has already slaughtered more life than anything else since the Asteroid Impact ELE of 66 million years ago.

    No matter how you rearrange the deck chairs, the Titanic is still sinking.

  7. If truth and lies are both laid out in the open truth easily wins. That's why truth does not fear investigation and why truth never needs censorship. Lies however desperately need it to survive.

  8. Malone quoted a lot of medical studies that I personally read. Studies from legitimate countries and organizations. The problem is the establishment. They are the liars. They are the ones spreading misinformation. They are the ones suppressing fact. I don't believe a word they have to say anymore. They've crossed the line too many times. Everything I read I fact check. If it's MSM or government everything needs to be 100% fact checked.

  9. Rogan is uncancellable if they get rid of him he just sets up a new platform and everyone jumps ship with him. It's sweet sweet poetry, I'm cackling watching the traditional media's crumble and fight for their scraps it's pathetic to see how low they will go

  10. Spotify has open Communists doing podcasts about "direct action" every day. And if you don't know, direct action is leftist code word for terrorism. No hyperbole there, it's exactly what it means. It means smash, burn, destroy and attack people. Or worse.

  11. REAL doctors of medicine, who, ya know, want to help people get better, wouldn't be trying to get that show cancelled. No. REAL doctors would much rather go on the show. They have nothing to hide. Those passive aggressive letter writing lowlifes however, will be happy to pump you full of unnecessary and potentially dangerous and addictive chemicals for a buck or two. Whatever keeps ya coming back, ya know?

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