Why the Trump Tax Return “Bombshell” Will be Meaningless

Voters will generally ignore it since the economy is doing well again:


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  1. you keep saying he understands taxes, he set his hounds of tax lawyers on his returns and they did his taxes. Trump wasn't sitting at the kitchen table with a calculator figuring out his deductions.

  2. MSM: We finally have it proof that Donald Trump is the son of satan and feeds on the blood of the innocent! We’ve been saying it for years now finally have proof!

    Anyone with a brain: what is it?

    MSM: he only payed 750$ in income taxes.

    Anyone with a brain: lucky bastard

  3. Not only that, I have to believe that someone at trump's financial tier is going to be audited EVERY YEAR! Does anyone think that the IRS isn't going to flag criminal tax fraud? Trump's taxes are confirmed every year. How could this tax fraud claim be possibly taken seriously?

  4. The NYT has nothing, because if they did, they would be an accessory to a felony. Tax returns are private and can not be released other than by court order. Even there, they can not be released to the public. It's the old "source" BS game. Of course, all teh idiots these days will see that as proof, just like the Steel report.

  5. If Mr. Trump cheated on his taxes for 10 years wouldn't the IRS have gone after him by now? People are starting to wake up that the msm have an agenda that is anti-American.

  6. Trump paid 10's of millions in taxes in prior years before running for president. He also overpaid his estimated taxes when he filed for extensions. That excess was applied to the years in question. Average Americans can understand that. But will they understand the dummy S Corps that the Bidens set up to hide ordinary income like speaking fees – which is illegal??
    Can't wait for tonight's 1st debate. D's refused to allow 3rd party inspection for ear pieces, wires, etc. as requested by the Trump campaign. And Joe was denied 2 rest periods for a debate of only 90 minutes.

  7. They could literally show a video of Trump beating someone to death with a baseball bat and I'd still support him. Mostly because it would be likely that the dead guy turns out to be a wife abusing pedophile rapist as is the norm when dead leftists turn up in the news.

  8. Biden hasn't generated a penny in tax in 47 years as he's been funded by
    the tax payer so has been a net cost to the country. Trump has
    generated millions in tax through corporation tax and the taxes of all
    the people he has employed.

  9. Styxx, the ultimate propaganda speech item…"Trump found in tax avoidance" intimating that the terms used by marxist NYT was tax fraud and a crime. What it IS, is that for decades he avoided paying large tax bills by using tax laws(written and voted for by Dems). AND so do all the dems use the same tax code including millionaires like Pelosi, Bloomberg etc. To sum it up Warren buffet(darling of the Dems) said:"…I have a whole floor of tax lawyers to make sure my company pays no tax on the business".

  10. What is incredible is how many people will read the title of the article, like MSM such as the television stations that already have, and not read or for that matter understand it. Everyone who owns a business SHOULD understand the article ….except liberals.

  11. Well actually all businesses have write-offs anyone who's ever been in business knows this!

    See that's why you can't necessarily fool me with the whining and crying of oh so poor business!

    I'm very very sympathetic to business and I sure as hell am not on the left so no I I do not see business as a cash cow one iota however I can also tell you that they're very stingy!!

    I've managed to set on either side of the desk and I can assure you that when you're behind the desk it looks better to not pay your personnel very much money the problem is is when you're the personnel sitting on the other side of the desk low pay basically sucks!!

    so they get all these write-offs one of which is the work opportunity tax credit basically they're getting paid by the government to pretend to hire people for at least 120 hours!


    He is RICH and USED the Tax loop hole that are THERE!!!!

    Fuck if I was rich I would do the same thing to STAY RICH!!!!! That is what rich people do!!!!

    This is the Democrats flailing away like crazy drowning people because they have nothing
    to offer the American people

  13. Well when it comes to free college every taxpayer and every state is already paying those fucking colleges!

    It's like here in Ohio a portion of our tax dollars whether you go to that school or not goes to Ohio State college!!

    so yeah cut out the paying coaches four to six fucking million dollars a year stop all the sports nonsense quit forcing people to live in the fucking crappy dorms for $2,000 a month I mean it's a money racket fuck it but we're already basically paying for it so yeah they really have no right to be charging tuition specifically as much as they're charging!!

  14. I could honestly care less how much he did or didn’t pay or that he uses the system to manipulate his own taxes. If anyone actually thinks he loses money you haven’t ever studied business or tax law.

  15. Maybe you should have added that in the same article it says that Trump did pay around 5.2 million in taxes for 2016-2017. Of course most people just going to see the $750. You need to be able to read the whole article past the headline and understand what you are reading. Did he take advantage of "Legal" tax loopholes, absolutely….he is a smart business man.

  16. The NY Times has yet to produce a single legitimate doc to back up their claim. If their claim was actually legit, those docs would be all over the media by now. Especially this close to the election, and how much time Dems and media have obsessed over his taxes. The bottom line, I don't think the NY Times has sh*t.

  17. The IRS is a private corporation that is unconstitutional just like the federal reserve. And paying taxes is voluntary. And as a private corporation the IRS needs to be licensed to do "business" in every state of the union. Which I believe they are not. Completely illegal…