Why the US Govt is Desperate to Keep Assange in a Cage: a Real Journalist

A clip from the one-hour live report I did last night on Rumble regarding the Assange case:

Our news report on the UK decision approving his extradition:

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. ""REAL""" journalism isn't allowed especially when it's counter to the oligarch's goals and agendas. If reporting what ""REALLY'' happened/happens, Assange would be free today. That leaves us American People with about 90% BS and the rest lies and political propaganda.

  2. Assange the hero journalist must be tortured and eventually killed in an American dungeon. Meanwhile, fake propaganda "journalists" are rewarded by the Nobel commission.
    And as far as Ecuador goes, the country has always been and will ever be an easily purchased US puppet, changing it's views and stances depending on how many dollar suitcases show up at the presidential palace.
    England, for all their pretentious sofistication has just shown the whole world they're no better than Ecuador. So much so, that they might as well move their government to Washington…
    Were I English, I'd be ashamed of myself.
    Mr Greenwald, as always, Obrigado.

  3. Takes one to know one! Glen Greenwald is a real journalist who has taken real risks and made real sacrifices in order to practice real journalism. One of the last of a dying breed, just like Assange.

  4. I wish he would get a fair and open trial and put an end to his torture. I wish he would get a safe passage and any time in custody he be protected. I wish the world would see him as innocent and that the US government be exposed. What has been done is criminal. I hope he doesn’t end up like Khashoggi.

  5. The murderous United States of Dystopia and their mob allies will destroy life on this planet if allowed to carry on as now. Deep psychosis is in charge…what could possibly go wrong?

    Non-compliance… Nancy’s advice has finally found its time and place… Just Say NO.

  6. As an Indonesian, Australia has never been a respectable country through our eyes despite their geographic proximity.
    They always lecture us Indonesians and the rest of Asia for that matter about Human Rights, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Information, Environmental Protection, Indigenous Rights, Democracy and the Truth.
    Australia's abandonment of Assange, AUCKUS, Olympic boycott, Inhumane Aboriginal Racism, COVID Dictatorship and Environmental Destruction are some of the pathetic moral degradation of the Australian state that amazingly IGNORED BY THE MAJORITY OF AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC 🙄😒😲.

    I hope Australia would experience a Karma of biblical proportions in the near future because the country's current path is extremely dangerous & truly unsustainable 🙏🙏🙏.

  7. I can barely listen to the Assange story. That the ass kisser and boot lickers that masquerade as journalists celebrate the brutality visited on this man because were he to be free he represents everything they are not. Better for them that he disappears.

  8. Many who view world politics and trends through the lens of a leftist world view, particularly the Marxist-Leninists, have often insisted that the freedoms and rights, won over the paat 100 years, like workers" labour rights, civil rights, victory over apartheid etc, that many Westerners boast of, were/are mere concessions granted by the ruling financial capitalist elite/oligarchy, in order to stem the rise and spread of Communism. The presence of a powerful and ideological USSR kept them in check and on their best behaviour. Now that "the Spectre of Communism" has receded since the collapse of the USSR, the capitalilst corporate oligarchs are slowly lowering their masks. They began by targeting weak nations through imperialist wars in the Gulf, the Balkans, Libya, Syria, Ukraine etc. Now they are turning on their own citizens, something they would have never dared to do, for propaganda reasons obviously, when the USSR still existed. The Assange saga is one case in point

  9. Both U.S. Presidents ‘45 and ‘46 have said the Press is their #1 enemy (‘46 came out just recently) There is no substantive difference between the two, only procedural. Thus, elections are nothing more than a charade to legitimate their will to power.

  10. All their woke virtue we have to listen to 24/7/365 in every single thing we hear telling us about how morally superior they are… then they do injustices like this. Our governments hold no legitimacy anymore. I was the first unit sitting off the coast of Pakistan on 12 September 2001. I was a patriot then. I still am now. I recognize no legitimacy from the US federal government. I swore an oath to defend the constitution, not the government.

  11. I feel sick to hear this news because Britain has show the true colours of its ugly head, that once the British Empire they was the bullies but now they lick America arse to be able to continue bully !
    I'm glad China and Russia are different because it allows me to see Democracy is a lie and a illusion to think we have it.

  12. 👏 BRAV-OOOOO, ☆☆ Julian Assange ☆☆ our Contemporary ♤ Socrates ♤ 👏

    👏 Brilliant ☆☆ Sir Glenn ☆☆ ✌ Our Contemporary 📜 John Adams [ "FACTS are stubborn things" 😉 📜 👏

  13. It was "International Human Rights Day" that the government happened to destroy human rights as far as freedom of speech,freedom of the press and the freedom to have a little dignity is concerned!Yet American President Joseph Biden came out to scold the rest of the planet about defending human rights?Was this some kind of cruel and sadistic joke?I just feel nauseous…

  14. The real problem, is the American Deep State. Does anyone really believe Biden is in charge of America. You would have to be in the same state of mind as Biden to believe that.

  15. My parents were both journalists. My father wrote a textbook for journalism majors intitled "Agents of Power" where he defended the idea that there is a strong tendency for journalists to abandon their role of keeping a check on power and simply become agents of power. Turns out he was terribly right ; but they don't even, in their vast majority today, stand up for the few who like Assange did try to keep power in check through information. At this point Glen Greenwald is one of the rare heroes of journalism standing up for both a man's ordinary judicial rights and for journalism as a counter to power. The brave are few , power thrives on cowardice, pusillanimity and the help of sycophants.

  16. I don't see many people asking the question, "Who's next after Julian?"

    I think it's a pretty important question, because I'm sure we can all admit they won't stop with locking Assange away for the rest of his life. The laws, norms, standards, and ethics that have been lit on fire and thrown out the window in this persecution case has deep and long-lasting effects. Even if no one steps up to be the new Assange, the beast will grow hungry and demand fresh blood and bones to fill its gullet. It will consume as many as it can, and will never have its fill.

    So, again: who's next after Julian?

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