Why the US Women’s National Soccer Team Lost its Feminist Lawsuit – The Fiamengo File Episode 120

Why the US Women’s National Soccer Team Lost its Feminist Lawsuit – The Fiamengo File Episode 120

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Written by StudioBrule

Where Mainstream Media Fears To Tread


  1. The women are trying to create a diversion by making it about gender, when it has nothing to do with gender. People get paid for entertainment value, which is basically the ability to draw eyeballs, which in turn draws sponsors who will pony up big money to expose their product to that audience. At present, women's soccer isn't drawing enough eyeballs. Sorry.

  2. it is not that hard to understand the pay gap, they don't sell tickets and people don't watch as they do with the men's game, the woke are at the point where they are making simply things overly complicated

  3. Rapinoe is a brilliant politician, she can make a KILLING here: the men get 50,000 paying audience per game and a worldwide audience, she gets 5,000 (at best) and a very local one. However, through politics she can put BOTH her hands on the men's pockets & run off with the money, smiling, without having to do anything for it… #genius 🙂

  4. I'm not sure how these anti-American, communist sows think they in any way represent the USA. They dont represent me. I dont think they play against anybody who is more anti-American than them. Happy that they got hosed on the court. I'll be cheering for anybody playing against them.

  5. There’s a 10 min video somewhere showing why the women got less prize money in the WWC than the MWC, but the women get a higher % of money made from the tournament as prize money, even if they earn less. The WWC pretty much loses money due to its scale and lack of income, and takes money from the MWC to keep it running. Until the women’s games actually reach the popularity and quality across the board (teams like Thailand in WWC losing 11-0) as the men’s game they will not see their earning increase.

  6. The reason people look at you, Ugly Megman Rapinoe is because they can't believe that someone who looks deader than anarchist John Lewis is still walking around stinking up the planet.

  7. nobody cares about women soccer except once every 4 years. women's world cup top viewership for final 13 million viewers, men's world cup final 1. 3 billion, that says it all

  8. The funny thing is the men didn't even do that we'll and the women did the best. Can you imagine if the men made the world cup they would have made even more.

  9. I think you need say clearly that your bosses the one they are playing for they dont want to pay them because it’s lots of money that they will lose. They can make money of those ladies games but cannot pay them back because it’s freaking money and no matter how the judge throw his judgement at them ( female soccer players). It’s still matter of money. Players already asked for new contract but they were threaten by the soccer federation that if they go public they will not get new contract. Judge could have ruled that change the contract for the players make a fair pay for them if not equal to men but at least 50 percent of it. Could been lot better. All you guys can come up with technical tactics because don’t want to pay them.

  10. Relentless privileges for privileged princesses who refuse to do the work while taking risks is a typical statement describing American women. Complete selfish a…holes..

  11. They already win more bonus in percentage then the men. National teams gain a percentage of the revenue, and the percentage women win is waaaaay bigger, men get a prize pool of 6.7% of the revenue while the women have a prize pool of 24% of the revenue.

    in terms of percentages the winners of the womens cup makes 5 times more then the men's…

    the difference is, men's championship makes around (it varies of course) 6 billion dollars in revenue (2018 tournament) while women's makes around 125 million in revenue (2019 tournament), so despite women getting 5 times more the revenue, their champions only make around 4 million while the men's champions make 38 million.

    in short: in order for the women to get paid the same 38 million as the men are, Fifa would have to pay 275 MILLION DOLLARS MORE THAN THE TOURNAMENT GENERATES. (don't forget the prize pool is divided by ALL teams not just the champions)

    they'd lose money… ALOT of it, and if so… then you'd have to ask yourself why hold a tournament where they lose money?

  12. Womens soccer, and other sports 2 points …
    1 you are entertainers – the amount of advertising or door sales you make dictates your worth. 2 you want REAL equality … abandon 'womans' trials and turn up for 'National Team trials … let's see how good you really are.

  13. Everything was fine until Megan Rapinoe started shoving her gayness in everybody’s face and then came the “we want equal pay“ bullshit which is absolutely absurd. I don’t think a lot of people have patience for this kind of crap anymore and by the sound of these comments, I’m correct.

  14. Bunch of crybaby's. Nobody's watching this stuff. If sports do stay out of politics, social crap, and a few other things people are going to quit watching altogether. Just play the damn game.