Why this popular YouTuber is moving to Rumble || Viva Frei

#VivaFrei #Rumble #YouTube Viva Frei, a Canadian attorney who recently moved to Florida, has a very popular YouTube channel, on which he streams Sundays with Constitutional Attorney Robert Barnes. That show along with other exclusive content will be moving off YouTube to Rumble after Frei announced a deal with Rumble. He says he is concerned about the future of censorship on YouTube.

Written by Alison Morrow


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  1. I have Rumble but still have difficulty figuring out how to make it work smoothly. I fond Odyssey much easier to use. By the way the way Biden is only 16 years younger than the Queen

  2. Follow Salty Crackers model… Stream half on yt and rumble then invite the people on yt over to Rumble for the fire….. That seems to be the best "plan" forward.. Salty has 2/3s Audience on Rumble 1/3 yt until YT gets cut then spikes after the cut off..

  3. They removed your strike because it’s irrelevant now. They care about nothing but the globalist agenda. That is all.
    We are meant to be confused and demoralized. We are meant to feel nothing makes sense; because they make sure it doesn’t. We are meant to feel depressed, exhausted and alone.

  4. Alison, this is nothing less than an authoritarian takeover of the world. That’s the secret. That’s the big reveal, that’s the explanation.

    We continually expect others to act rationally, but they purposely do not act rationally, because there is no rational goal.
    They seek to fundamentally transform the world, and that means keeping people uninformed, confused, and unsure who to trust.

  5. If it's non-political content, it's better to stay on youtube, if you have even a tablespoon of political content, especially those that are anti-establishement, then Rumble is the place to be. It's growing and I hope it kicks YT's ass!

  6. The problem is…rumble stinks. Let's be serious here. The video player is aweful. No fast forward or rewind. There's a progress bar but it's 1/2 " long. That doesn't help. The whole interface isn't polished. They just got a bunch of money they need to get on that.

  7. Alison, your delivery will be fine. Lily was your first, but your body never goes all the way back to pre-prenancy, and it remembers what to do next time. My first baby was 7lb 6oz, I was in labor for 20hrs, and I was wiped out. My second was 9lb 9oz, labored for 7hrs, and I was up walking around within a few hours, and felt fine. Both were 2 wks past term, btw. Third was also 2 wks past term, 9lb 7oz, labor for 5hrs, and that's when I got a tubal ligation. 🙃

  8. Such a great discussion. I learned the term “stream cut”. Brilliant strategy. Use their platform against them. I just hope that Rumble doesn’t get the Parker treatment from app providers. At least they have their own infrastructure.

  9. As a product designer and YT premium member Rumble needs to do a few things to make it competitive to YT and bring viewers over: 1. Playlists – allow us to discover and save for later or for rewatching, 2. Speed of play change, 3. Ability to play in app while looking for another video because the back button is death for views, 4. Save/download for later, 5. History to replay videos, 6. And mini player while we use other apps so we can listen while we use the mobile device. I hope that you as creators can provide feedback and influence their product roadmap.

  10. Never watched your channel before but I saw Trudeau's initial interview and it would be impossible to find a less sincere comment. Glad to see some Canadians at least are aware what a d*ck he is. Arden was also narcisistic in her statement.

  11. How is rumble gaining support and their Android app still freaking doesn't work? Every damn time I give them a chance their services suck. Who cares if you're free to speak freely if you can't get access outside of a PC. I'm using a new smartphone. It's not like I'm using some cheap knockoff. 😒 I love ya viva, but rumble hasn't done anything it doesn't appear to update their application.

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