Why Won’t Biden Hold A Press Conference?

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  1. You voted for him, deal with it. You can’t talk about how there was election fraud, you know because that’s a conspiracy … oh wait Time Magazine actually proved that there was election fraud and tampering.

  2. I’ve got boomer parents his age, you can’t ask them anything and expect them to accurately follow the entirety of what you’re saying. Obstinate, rude, self centered. Question anything they’ve done and they rage. He can’t take questions without snapping at who asks them ?‍♂️

  3. It’s taking Biden a long time to memorize and rehearse the answers for the prepared questions the democrats distributed to the media.

  4. The day he announced Kamala as his running mate was the day those of us paying attention recognized the use and elder aboluse of Biden as a coup to install Kamala Harris since they found ut was impossible to make her popular with her record, her personality and the horrid voice. The only worse running mate he could have chosen was Mike Bloomberg. Amy Klobuchur and Pete Bootyjudge were also litmus tested to see if Americans would accept them as puppets to no avail, like Kamala. So in the end, they used Biden's corpse to elct the 2nd most psychotic one in a coup because she is also brown and female. The coup included defrauding Bernie again (he doesn't mind) and Tulsi Gabbard to ensure the popular ones were dealt with.

  5. Biden has not held a press conference yet because. He is waiting untill those $1400 checks, He heroically fought for go out. Plus Trump is still around to blame everything on.

  6. Dial up internet is still a thing for some people. Look at it like this – no banner ads. I’ve got to get the possums out of my chicken yard now.

  7. People deserve all they get anyone could see he was hiding during the elections and could clearly see he had cognitive problems and then they complain when he’s being managed more than a hostage give press conferences

  8. biden is trying to enlighten you about THE thing!! not so weird he gets tired when you live like a fucking guru president??? fucking honorable dude and i liked his inauguration speech, honestly! 🙂 Stay with peace!

  9. It's funny that Jimmy thinks he's red pilled, he's never once called out BLM for being the race grifting arm of the democratic party, BLM and their 10.6billion that they funneled to the Dems in 2020 is a large reason why we have a Biden right now

  10. everyone laughed at the house of windsor with its cheating charlie as their next king and its waiting to be queen Kate (glaring and hateful in the wings) owning de bears diamonds and bp (etc.) which they use to plunder the third world resources and with their greedy lords on every international corporate board from earth first to wall street covering every thing possible and now our USA has handsy corporate joey b as potus with waiting to be potus kamali (who kept innocent people in jail to earn cash and save face). the world laughs as they count the trillions of cash that is pouring into their wallets. Sure england freed its slaves, for as slaves they (ptb) could not earn from their debt.

  11. Joe the moron has some stiff competition but he wins hands down. George Bush (the younger and dumber one) was once asked what is his greatest regret as a politician … his answer was the same as Curley of the 3 stooges … “I try to think but nothing happens” paraphrased. Remember when Dan Quayle as veep miscorrected the kid’s spelling of Potato, adding an “E” to the end with pompous theatric flair. His best was when he was flown to Central America and in a public speech said “I wish I could speak to you in your own language here in Latin America but I don’t speak Latin”.