Why Won’t Fauci Talk About Vitamin D & COVID Prevention?

For more than two years Dr. Anthony Fauci has never tired of talking up vaccines, masks and social distancing as means of protecting ourselves against COVID, but for some reason he almost never talks about taking Vitamin D as a preventative measure. Yet for some time we’ve known (and a recent study out of Israel confirms) about the prophylactic properties of regular, ample doses of Vitamin D. Why do you think Fauci’s so silent on the subject? Is there not any money to be made in selling Vitamin D?

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the curious silence on this key preventative measure from the typically loquacious Dr. Fauci.

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  1. Echinacea goldenseal has protected me for the last 10 years or so I got covid that lasted for less than 24 hours after I took two pills waking up with a temperature slept until 4:30 in the afternoon fever had broken and covid was over.

  2. "nobody tells you that" really Jimmy, read father down, oh ya you dont read. From the same article you shared: Health officials in several countries have recommended vitamin D supplements during the pandemic, even while data was sparse, The Times of Israel reported. Recent studies have pointed to the links between vitamin D deficiency, severe COVID-19 and hospitalization, though researchers wondered whether the coronavirus caused the deficiency in the first place.

  3. Jimmy, do you think those doctors would say "don't get the vaccine" Vitamin D is enough? Also with vitamins there is a purity and quality factor and absorption which takes vitamin K, Magnesium, and Zinc. Also it's fat soluable so you want to take it with a meal including healthy fats like avocado, or nuts and seeds

  4. Dr Eric Berg on youtube has been talking about this for months. Last winter, I made sure I had lots of vitamin D foods in my house, never drank so much milk in my life and although I also wore a mask when indoors in public places, I haven't gotten sick since January 2020. Of course if we all started drinking milk, eating fish and taking vitamin D supplements, the pharmaceutical industry wouldn't make a lot of money except for all the supplements they would sell.

  5. Well, of course! Hospitalized people don't get enough sunshine to produce vitamin D! Because they Don't get enough sunshine! This would include people in long term hospital care or nursing homes.

  6. I take vitamin D everyday. Finally got covid last month. Just a really bad sore throat and light fever. Lasted 5 days.
    Also take zinc daily. My Dr. did prescribe Plaxlovid. Who knows what really helped. 🤔

  7. Just get out in the sunshine a lot more, and Vitamin D is fat soluble, so too much fat reduces its effects, so walk off that adipose. Having said that of course some people are a lot more sensitive to this virus than others, apparently something to do with the expression of certain Neanderthal genes, so as we have seen some really healthy people get it real bad.

  8. Haha i see the the vitamin D every afternoon when the sun rains. I catch some daily thats why fauci doesnt make money haha I take the 50,000 units twice a week. Thats the prescription i get. I do purchase the 5,000 units over the counter

  9. I am vitamin D deficient. Most of the year, I take prescription vitamin D3. In the summer, because I spend as much time outside as I can, my levels are stable. I also take Hydroxychloroquine for Lupus symptoms. Have not been sick with couff.

  10. As a Canadian, Jimmy Dore clearly lost his marbles. He almost as crazy as Alex Jones pushing nonsense conspiracy theories constantly. Shame on you Jimmy by spreading your radicalized lies.

  11. This was well known in the late summer of 2020.. But anyone who talked of it got cancelled by our big tech overlords with government backing. Vitamin D is free, all you have to do is get enough sunlight, which is how your body creates it. You only need supplements if you don't get enough sun.

  12. I love you guys on this channel I love how you’ve come around. And I love the audience here too for a lot of the same reasons.

    But I would just like to make a statement for posterity purposes. I believe Chris at peak prosperity should get credit for being early on vitamin d. Or dr Paul Cotrell. I was there as it happened and they were on it a little before camble. As typical.

    And upon my own research, inspired from the advice and suggestion of Chris at peak prosperity, I have been taking vitamin D and other supplements since January 20. And

    At the time this channel and a lot of people out there, we’re not only laughing at the good information and others put forth about vitamin D but also many other long lists of similar good information.

    Do some reading and you’ll find out that this has nothing to do with Covid. But it also has everything to do with Covid. Vitamin D is crucial to immune response in immuno regulation then there’s plenty of research out there to prove it pre-Covid. And thanks to all the researchers who have put in the mass body of work that has got us to the point where we are now post Covid. Didn’t feel good to be laughed at knowing that you were right this entire time.

    But it’s nice to see everyone come around the Vitamin D thing is as I just said a given if you understand things. And while our friend Dr. John Campbell, was certainly early on discussing the potential for vitamin D as a therapy, I believe Chris at peak prosperity was the first thing he deserves that nod if we’re going to give it to someone. I was there as it was happening and I really saw all the information filter through from start to finish. Look at Dr. Paul Cottrell he’s definitely someone that doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Keep prosperity Dr. Campbell Ice Age farmer. I could go on. But it was Chris who am I opinion lead the charge on vitamin D and a lot of other discussions as well.

    Jimmie I love your honesty and everyone in the show you guys do a great job. Thank you for everything you’ve done. Keep it up

  13. Dr Fauci does not talk about vitamins because the only measures to prevent the spread of Covid are masks and vaccines. Unfortunately there are those on Youtube of limited mental capacity who spread dangerous disinformation that is killing people

  14. I started supplementing with vitamin D3 (now 10,000IUs/day in winter) after reading Vitamin D in a New Light by Dr. Donald Miller in 2007 and have avoided colds, flu, and so far the virus since. Also see stuff by Dr. Michael Holick. Keep blood levels between 40 and 60 ng/ml for the most benefit.

  15. Fauci is the son of satan. At the onset found him at the helm of funding the Wahun lab and found him with several pending vaccine patents. He is all about making money. He needs to be in prison.

  16. In the beginning Fauci talked about vitamin D, but then he stopped. I was shocked he said it, but knew big pharma would shut him up fast. They did. Please try to find a clip of him saying it.

  17. 2:26 inversely proportional means increase in something is directly correlated to decrease in something and vice versa
    whereas directly proportional means increase in one thing will result in increase in some other thing and decrease in one thing will result in decrease in some other thing.

  18. For years, the FLCCC has been promoting Vitamin D supplements for Covid as part of their protocol.
    Their protocols have been way better than that given by public health officials, who seem mired in politics , compromise, and incompetance.

  19. Worth noting that Vitamins D3 supplements also need a magnesium supplement to promote absorption. Otherwise, you’re just pi$$ing money away (literally).

  20. To be fair, i checked and like 55% of American are overweight, so the fact that 73% of covid patients are is a correlation, but not as big of a one than the stats lets you believe.

  21. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. Well duh. Vitamin D supports the immune system and is very much a part a necessary hormone (once activated through the liver with sulphur – sulphur is stripped from the system by glyphosate rich food fyi). This is science we have alsways known this we also know that a significant number of the population have low vitamin D levels. All the health geeks went for high levels of vitamin D supplementation as soon as this endemic hit. Meanwhile research started to surface showing vitamin D inhibited the uptake of the spike protein into the cell… so guess what. Vitamin D would lower the level of infection!!! Next research to come out will be that auto immune conditions could be significantly improved by improving the function of the immune system instead of retarding it…. Oh hold on – that won’t make them any money 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Meanwhile “there must not be much money in vitamin D!?!” – no most of the year it is free from the sun. If you don’t wear toxic chemical based sunscreen for 20 mins a day 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ unless of course you are low in sulphur from all the glyphosate rich frankenveges you’ve been eating. Then you are gunna need MSM. Just as well it’s a dirt cheap supplement.

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