Why Would They Post This?

This literally came out of the blue.

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  1. Make no mistake, the left give you hints as to what their plans are. In fact, they put their plans in plain sight, it’s up to you to see it. You have to look carefully. When they say “in the event of” that merely means “we’re planning to” and then they tell their plans. They did it with coronavirus, they’ll do it now as well. Fight back, or this will never stop.

  2. I’ll protest if they try to go to war.
    What war do they need a draft for that wouldn’t be using nukes??!

    Unless it’s proxy wars, i dont see the purpose of a draft

  3. The fascist, Marxist/socialist, Looney Libtard Left have NEVER been good at keeping secret what their evil plans are. They're just so excited about fighting pretend fascism with REAL, ACTUAL fascism… Hard not to laugh at the image of some SJW with Kool-Aid-colored hair standing on some senior citizen's neck who has an American flag in their yard while shrieking, "I AM OPPRESSED! I AM THE RESISTANCE!"

  4. I support mandatory service requirements for all U.S. citizens.

    Too fat? Too bad, you'll get in shape eventually.
    Doing drugs? You'll have plenty of time to clean up.
    Too stupid? That'll change once you're not fat, on drugs and in front of screen 20 hours a day.

  5. I fuckin told ya it was coming, you better hope there's enough veterans left to fight, they are coming for our daughters too

  6. The USA will never draft ever again. Not after that chit show in Vietnam. 20%+ of all US deaths were from US guns. The US says officially the number is 12%, no, double that.

    The way conscript soldiers fight is not the same as volunteers. Lets say you have a battle field, mmmm, the 6 month Khe Sanh battle. Pockets of soldiers from both sides scattered everywhere. You just randomly pump molten metal into the pockets around you and hope they are not friends. 80% chance your right. Sometimes your wrong. Just keep pumping until they squeal out, or die. They will be pumping molten metal into you if you dont. That is how a Conscription Army do.

  7. My theory is this is just one of those occasional ads to cause a bump in fire arm ownership by someone who has a stake in that happening.

    It's the only thing that makes sense why anyone would post this?

  8. It’s time to join up and overthrow these devils in power. I don’t mean peaceful protest, it doesn’t do anything. I mean, weapons in hand, millions of us storming DC and capturing these criminals and lynching them in the front yard of the White House.

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