Why you should be supplementing with vitamin d (from Livestream #102)

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  1. You hit the nail on the head on why so many people are distrustful of our public health officials. Not only are they silent on vitamin D, but they refuse to acknowledge natural immunity and other supplements. They could have done studies on ivermectin and other drugs early on, but they didn't. One has to wonder why, but I think answer is clear $$$.

  2. YT won’t let me add this video to any of my ‘saved playlists’.
    I can go to any other video in the que and save them, if I want, but not this one.
    Mentioning of alternative situations I suppose.

  3. Do you have any research to provide on risks if Vitamin D is high? A family member had labs and D was high and was told to stop supplementing. Which makes me a little curious especially since she is 67yo. Thanks!

  4. After being diagnosed with chronic low D levels I began taking 24 drops (24,000 iu) per day of D3 (D Drops brand) I had my D levels re-tested after three months; results were in the normal range. But one drop per day is the recommended dosage for adults.

  5. If you are going to recommend hormone D, you ought to speak on co-factors such as K2, magnesium, calcium & boron. Without K2 you will calcify soft tissues rather than harden bones.

  6. It's the latitude + lifestyle + age! (Obesity only comes after D-deficiency!) No one in Finland could be their best health without supplementation. But darkest skinned traditional Maasai naturally maintain 45-55ng/ml outside in their year-round UVB! But their modernized relatives in nearby cities have low D and all of our diseases of civilization.
    Migration from the African Equator was the first problem, therefore adaptations of lighter skins for most northerly migrants!

    Not just correlations; causation also proved! In small (76) RCT Spanish hospital study, Covid outcomes and high D (fast-metabolizing Calcifediol) supplementation at 60,000IU/day in Calcifediol treatment group had only 2% advance to ICU while standard treatment had 50% advance and several die. There is a much larger follow up study starting soon to confirm. (Though PHARMA clearly is not interested in such results when no profit can be made, and the massive loss with all the chronic disease care that currently fills their pockets!)

  7. Again people refuse to accept non medical personnel telling them to start taking Vitamin D3 in increased amounts. Last year I became my Drs' only patient in her career, to be in the correct D3 limit and we live in the tropics. I had been taking 2,000iu with my Caltrate® being on Prolia injections every six months. Not going outside normally, being a 68 white female. In a country that promotes Slip, Slop, Slap. Meaning slip into a long sleeve top, slop on the sunblock and slap on a hat. Plus educated to not go out in the sun between 10am to 3pm.

    So I increased my intake to 5,000iu daily and after a period of time, when I had my blood tested, I was pleasantly informed of my correct D3 level. My next blood test is next week. So I am getting it tested annually now.

    So living above 34° with 39 Virus cases in my region and taking Vitamin D3, I am reasonably confident of living with the virus. Fortunately our Dr monitors our B12 levels so we have been educated in the use of vitamins and supplements.

    Totally agree Governments aren't interested in our health. Our Government has been downgrading our Public health for decades. We currently are paying over $400 a month to ensure we have Private access to Hospitals. If we don't look after our health, then the Government certainly aren't.

  8. Lying or walking in the sun doesn’t help Pfizer make big bucks. Therefore it’s clear where the “negligence” of health officials across the world to inform the public in their countries about the importance of vitamin D comes from.

  9. I used to get sick in the winter every year since I was 4, i am now 40. I changed my diet 5 years ago, cut out sugar and wheat. I used to be vitamin d deficient. After the diet change, my vitamin d levels went up AND I stopped getting sick annually. I was also a symptomatic with COVID.

  10. Known all this for ages. At the start of covid back in jan of 2020, I told my mom to start supplementing with vitamin D. In summer, I told her to do less supplementation and spend at least 15 mins in sun. How much she listened, I don’t know… but she never got covid and has chronic kidney disease.

  11. Just a few years ago my blood work came back with extremely low D levels (12). Shortly after that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Ten years ago my mother had low vitamin D and she had colon cancer, which took her life. For the past couple years I have been taking a very high level supplement of D. My levels are now around 40+. I still intend to continue taking it every day for the rest of my life. Please share and pick up a supplement for you and your family.

  12. I didn’t need to be a doctor to understand why black people in cold countries get covid harder! We are vitamins D deficiency when we do not have sun 🌞 therefore 2 years ago I take daily d3 – k2 .. I am unvax and I never get covid but I do be careful

  13. It’s not either/or oppression, it is possible that the biological factor(vitamin d deficiency) puts Blacks in contact with a discriminatory health system more frequently. Therefore, one exacerbates the other.

  14. This was the speculation why covid his the minority (black) community so hard. They are all (mostly) deficient in Vit D.

    If you are low it can take A LOT to get that back up to normal.
    Always good to test it, start packing it on and test again after a few months.

  15. Fasting during leaning times ( winter in U.S) seems like a built in mechanism for releasing fat solvable vitamins especially when we consider that cold exposure recruits more brown fat cells

  16. I like that you allude to foods being the best means by which to get necessary and proper nutrition. Nature is perfect in terms of providing the full spectrum of nutrients that act synergistically to offer humans optimal health benefits.

  17. So .. what did Fauci say when asked if HE takes vitaD? With some pause … Fauci admitted to taking 6000 IU a day (10X the paltry 600 IU suggested daily amount).

    So. This jackarse couldn't suggest a simple cheap solution to the pandemic that he himself was practicing.

    Fauci blames socioeconomic factors for the high death rates for people of color when a simple well known problem (vitaD deficiency) plagues people of color more than white people. Physiological correlation and not "socioeconomic" for the "darker skin worse outcome" phenomenon.

    6000 IU/day can't hurt …guarantee that it will help.

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