Wife Watches Husband Get Shot And Paralyzed As Democrats Have Turned NYC Into A ‘Shooting Gallery’

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  1. But the Elitist left like DeBlasio (thinks he is Elitist) want world population to go down to Georgia guide stones inscribed top allowed. Some one or group needs to pull this leftist monument down. These Elitist leftists like the violence & I think see it as part of a solution that I believe future vaccines will also play a Russian roulette (based on their current use in Africa) with our lives. Since they didn't get their covert war-monger candidate into office & Trump is bringing our troops home. These Elitist leftists need another way to eliminate what they consider over population based on their guide stones religion. They are saying most of those in Africa that Gates vaccinated are now unable to have children.

  2. Anybody who uses the word “gentrification” in their average conversation is a RACIST.

    So let’s see… According to the ANTI-WHITE RACISTS, it’s “problematic” when white people move away, when black people start moving into the area (white flight). That’s somehow a sign of white racism, according to these race obsessed racists. But, at the same time, when white people move into an area that’s predominantly black, that’s also a problem caused by whites (gentrification). Just think about these two scenarios. They’re essentially the EXACT SAME SCENARIO, just with the races reversed from one to the next. However, the “problem” in BOTH scenarios is white people— and obviously they’re labeled “racists” in BOTH scenarios, whereas black people are (shockingly) labeled “victims” in BOTH. The neverending racial hypocrisy and bullshit is pushing me into darker and darker places…

  3. Hmmmm….. Why is DeBlasio still alive… You'd think vigilante justice would have stepped in by now…. NY is literally crumbling because of these liberal fools.

  4. TIM, you're close but you haven't quite figured it out. These democrat "leaders" want the crime to increase, the shootings to increase so they can claim the only way to reduce the crime, the shootings is gun control. Of course gun control isn't about guns, it's about control and that's what these people want. Far too many regular people DON'T pay attention, DON'T follow politics and DON'T know anything about guns. These people DO believe what these crooked democrats tell them so they believe eliminating guns will solve the problem. They NEVER ask the most important question, "Does the law they are proposing target criminals?" NO, they NEVER target criminals, they ONLY target the law abiding because ONLY the law abiding follow the law. Did you know the Supreme Court has ruled that anyone who is prohibited from owning a gun cannot be forced to register (where registration is required, not all states require registration) their illegally possessed firearms because it would violate their 5th Amendment protections against self incrimination?! In other words, criminals are exempt from registration while law abiding citizens must comply. We all know history teaches us that registration ultimately leads to confiscation but only for the good guys. IT'S ABOUT CONTROL.

  5. And yet, the NYC cops do De Blasio's bidding with smiles on their faces. The Chicago police break their sworn oath to protect our Constitution to happily protect the Mayor, ILLEGALLY, and not allow anyone on a public street. I think that most of the good cops have already left, the ones left over are turning into brown shirts for they're thirty pieces of Silver.

  6. Tim I must be old. The first thought when you speak of a life changing moment is of course when the gun user decided to squeeze the trigger. NOT when the man decided to accompany his wife. For all we know it could have been the wife who got shot in the instance of the man not going. Or, going back even further, when the gun user decided to bring the gun that day, or further back when the gun user decided to buy the gun, or further back when the gun user decided that he needed a gun for retribution. I guarantee you that the man struck is not going to look back and think to himself that he should not have gone.

  7. You're right, the bullet wouldn't have hit his spine if he hadn't gone, it might have hit his wife instead. Would she have been paralyzed? Maybe, maybe not. Would she have lived? Maybe, maybe not. We can wonder about the possibilities, what we could have done different in situations like this all day, but it will get us nowhere.

  8. I don't feel bad at all that the gangster died. The story is primarily about the innocent bystander because the gangster's death is not a loss to our society.

  9. The headline in Wyoming would have been "Wife Shoots and Kills Attacker Who Attempted to Kill Her Husband – Wyoming Statues Prohibit Civil Lawsuits From Perp's Survivors"

  10. Are they gonna call for the BLM to stand up and call for this? Or only when cops do it, blm is such trash. If the country doesn't put a stop to this. We will reach 100 deaths by for Christmas. And its going to only get worse

  11. Yes if he had taken and extra second to reconsider the bullet may not have hit his spine but then it may have hit his wife. I feel sorry for the guy but I applaud his willingness to be with his wife instead of letting her go alone.

  12. Instead of abolishing prisons you guys should forbid PRIVATE prisons, make them statefunded institutions and the public will be motivated to only imprison those that need to be. As a large prison populations means large costs.

  13. They want to defund the police so they can commit crime with impunity. It’s that simple.

    When they shut down Camden City Police people celebrated, they were able to do as they pleased for a while, until the state police showed up and eventually Camden County Police was formed, specifically the metro unit.

  14. The most horrifying thing about this story is they probably wont charge the person that did it and they will go ahead with defunding the police… and these same people will probably vote these people in again

  15. I'm sorry but no. The what if and if only game is stupid. If the guy hadn't been there, had only said no, he might not be the who caught a stray bullet. His wife might have been the one who did. The supposition games are for fools. Address what is fact, ignore what is uncertain.