Wikipedia ERASED Hunter Biden’s Business Wiki-Page

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  1. That is why they made Jullian Assange into a bad guy just like they will try to do to Elon Musk. Control of the words is power and they must be in full control to heard the sheep.

  2. Yet, Wikipedia still says "however, some aspects of the dossier have been corroborated" concerning the Steele Dossier. No, the Steele Dossier was completely fabricated garbage. Wikipedia should have to reclassified itself as a 527 Political Action Committee.

  3. Joe's denial of his knowledge of sons overseas dealings is debunked by himself.
    All the things they accused Trump of doing, they did.
    Including Joe with holding 100s of millions in aid to Ukraine until they canned the special prosecutor who started actions against the heads of the corrupt Barisma. Aka Hunter's employer.
    Joe boasted about his efforts, claiming he was helping remove corruption from Ukrainian government.
    When in fact he was protecting it and their assets. By getting a special prosecutor with a clean record fired from going after blatant criminals that Hunter worked for.
    That's just Ukraine and doesn't even touch on China dealings.
    Again the two show up on Air Force 2. Again Hunter is dealing with another foreign energy company run by CCP. A company cited for trying to illegally obtain weapons grade nuclear information.
    In both Ukraine and China, Hunter's qualifications for jobs are non apparent. Except for the fact that his father was VP of the U.S..
    We know his company profited millions and we know Joe benefited from those profits.
    I don't care if it was a remodel on the mansion or some hidden account. He profited. They had account(s) they both had access to.
    This doesn't even include other countries they've done business in.
    The other elephant in the room is,
    What did Obama know?
    It's hard to imagine that all this occurred under his nose without him being aware at a minimum.
    Wikipedia's bias to the left is obvious and should come with a disclaimer stating so as well as other media outlets and platforms.
    You can only hide the truth so long, especially when you are not so good at lying.

  4. Tip of the iceburg. remember Adam Shiffs ties to the billionaire criminal arms dealer a few years back ,Uranium one etc. etc.? Or 86% of Congress having dual citezenship and signing a loyalty oath to izzbaal to sidestep our laws and have a place to run where White Slavery is pretty much legal ?

  5. the internet has been scrubbed many times by the same cartels. ya know, the anti fascists, of course.
    i have asked in the past, do you ever feel like you have become the beast that you thought you were fighting? or do you serve the master that you claim to be against?

  6. I doubt that there is anything these two wouldn't do for the right amount of money, if they thought they could get away with it. Anyone wanna buy a painting?

  7. Just an FYI. It appears there is a new encyclopedia called Conservapedia. It looks and feels almost identical to Wikipedia in its ease of use, but you can read all about Rosemont Seneca in full and gory detail there. Yes, I do realize this is an expose on how left Wikipedia has gone in its revisionist histories and deletions of historical references and facts that allude to democrat illegalities and corruption at the apex of American power in an effort to get the American people to buy their poison pillS. This is just an observation that I recently became aware of and wanted to impart the news to those who may be as ignorant as I was in the hopes that it will help anyone in their quest for truth while trying to navigate a world steeped in lies and hatred.

  8. Washington Post

    "Democracy Dies in Darkness"

    Jeff Bezos, (yelling over his shoulder while reading the contents of Hunter's laptop):

    "Hey! Will one of you guys turn off that God damned light, or do I have to get up and do it myself?"

  9. Wikipedia is a joke I got banned from editing on their 3 years ago for trying to remove inferences of homosexuality on President George Washington, John Adams and James Harrison…et al.

  10. MSM Covering Joe Biden: "While there have been investigations and allegations about is son's foreign business dealings, there is no evidence whatsoever that Joe Biden himself was in any way involved."
    MSM Covering Donald Trump: "It has been alleged by multiple, credible sources that Eric Trump ran a lemonade stand when he was eight years old, and kicked back a portion of the unreported profits to his father Donald Trump. A DOJ investigation is currently underway."

  11. Snopes has gone the way of Wikipedia in that they have a left leaning bias. It seems that most of the internet sites that handle information are owned and operated by democrats that have a fear of truth.

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