Wikipedia smears and spreads lies about COVID dissidents (Norman Fenton & Bret Weinstein)

Wikipedia libel of COVID dissidents.

Bret speaks with Norman Fenton on the failure of academia and our medical system that COVID has revealed. They discuss how Wikipedia, the greatest encyclopedia to date, has become a political weapon, and how big an issue this actually is.

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  1. Anyone with an ability for discernment can see what is happening to our world. The larger and more hidden question is, why? Why are so many influential entries going through so much effort to destroy a successful legacy paradigm of freedom, liberty, property rights, personal and national sovereignty, and common sense? It’s a big movement. We need to look under the hood. The engine must be exposed.

  2. I thought that we lived in a pretty boring world, but now I'm sure we are living in a very dangerous world. People must be free to believe in anything they want to believe no matter what since it is inside one's head.

  3. I haven't looked at Wikipedia for any information in years. Totally hijacked by the ruling oligarchy who pay people to spread their propaganda. They actually have the audacity to ask for donations. 😂😂

  4. I don't think anybody really cares about what Wikipedia has to say anymore and that's nothing new really it's been for a long time so I wouldn't give much weight to Wikipedia what they have to say. I don't think most people do give Wikipedia much weight

  5. Do you know about the scientists, doctors and specialists from over 34 countries that came together to speak off making a declaration on the COVlD vaccine. It’s to stop the vaccinations because of it’s not safe. Blessings to everyone 🕊🍀❣️

  6. Are you guys going to sue Wikipedia? Come on that's the only thing they understand. I think there needs to be a lot of lawsuits brought against Wikipedia for defamation of character and libel

  7. It's astounding that people still don't see the effort to stop any information that is contrary to the covid narrative. This is absolutely frightening and a direct move towards tyranny!!!

  8. It now seems that if you allege misinformation – then you have won the argument without further discussion. I was watching some news on BBC (very rare as their news coverage is generally so biased). There was an item on the Ukraine War – no longer is the reporter called a War Correspondent – she was also a "disinformation expert". Right – so how is she qualified to have that title? What course did she take? How is she accredited? One assumed in the past, that if you were a correspondent for the BBC, then you were inevitably a Disinformation expert!!!

    All that title tells me, is that the BBC is beyond rescue.

    I intend to get a t shirt wirh "disinformation expert" on it. I mean, I know I am always right, but this seems like a good way to make sure that no one else has the temerity to proffer a differing opinion again!!! Obviously stifling academic debate, stifles learning, growth in wisdom – but when you see how science and education is being handled now – well it surprises me that we don;t still believe the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth

    When i studied history at school, we looked at a period called the Age of Enlightenment, Is this the age of Scientific Autocracy? I don't like it.

    My father was a GP and a pharmacist, and so I have read his journals and books for interest, from an early age. I heard his thoughts and misgivings on accepted practice – so i do not look on medicine as the great science to save us all. It is a thoroughly flawed system of healing. It has some uses – especially emergency work. But if in its arrogance, it still does not question accepted practice, then we will continue to have people living poor quality lives, suffering side effects and limping on – supposedly grateful for having their lives saved in a most barbaric way.

    Thank you for your work on Dark Horse – a place for intelligent discussion – for those brave enough to think for themselves.

  9. This is their modus operandi.
    This has been going on for far longer than any of you can imagine. What you can all do is see who they lied about and look into the accurate data and at least restore those reputations, particularly for the ones who meant well, opposed them and fought them.
    There is a deliberate smear campaign against Nefertiti (her real name was Atena) – all of you must ask yourselves WHY, since this is 3.4k year old history. This is, by far, the most important history and the implications are so profound – and they managed to bury all that.

  10. Wikipedia is an important global superspreader of the Big Lie, socialism, whose CV19 scam is one of the most insidious anti-West 'social justice issues'. So, no surprise..

  11. Once the U.S. Government sets a policy course, all resources are put into fulfilling that policy. The direction is already set, that was cemented in, then it becomes a matter of doing EVERYTHING to ensure that policy course is fulfilled. This is what happened these past 28 months. Same thing we saw in Vietnam, and the War on Terror. That the premise was wrong (ie. Robert McNamara's 'Domino Theory" to justify Vietnam, or Iraq having "weapons of mass descrutiion" , both false premises) does not matter. No more discussion, and full speed ahead. It is hard and nearly impossible to stop at that point. Government uses all resources, media, internet, social media, commercials, public schools, etc. to fulfill the mission. This is how we got here. We believed China, we set our policy accordingly, and here we are. We made a massive mistake, but the Machine of Government does not care nor is it capable of caring. It did the job it was tasked with doing. This is exactly how wars begin, on a false premise, and we descend into objective madness to fulfill the mission.

  12. Wikipedia is absolutely horrific. Their policies are agnostic to the truth and used to literally baldly state that as the case very prominently in their guidelines. Now they still say it but not as boldly. Plus there are hordes of bad faith anonymous editors who run like locusts all over any edit that runs counter to the corporate narratives. It’s so so bad and less than worthless as an “encyclopedia.”

  13. One of their guidelines is you can’t mention something in a biography of a living person if it appeared in a court document including testimony sworn under penalty of perjury, UNLESS a “reliable” source ALSO said it. “Reliable” in Wikipedia-speak meaning mainstream media. The Wikipedia guidelines are designed to perpetuate the corporate narratives on everything irrespective of the facts. Wikipedia essentially bears only a coincidental relationship to facts- and they even used to emphasize this very prominently internally (ie in the “guidelines”)- they’re not ashamed of it- it’s literally a policy to be agnostic to the truth (ie literally not to care about facts). I’m not being flip or exaggerating- their policy literally is facts do not matter.

  14. I remember when Wikipedia's greatest strength was that anyone could edit it, thus giving it broad democratic oversight. Now Wikipedia seems to be little more than a top down insider Deep State establishment propaganda outlet responsible only to its shadowy rulers with their nefarious agendas.

  15. Large Covid outbreak in DC right now. Change of weather, new bacteria, prior vaccine–voila–new variant. People dying for next vaccine in DC, literally, which will be distributed in a month. "One vax behind for just 30 days unprotected-=thus new variant"–that's what dummies THINK. Next vax even more will get side effects and next vax WILL CAUSE FOLLOWING VARIANT BECAUSE THEY IMAGINE THEY'RE ONE VAX BEHIND–UNPROTECTED FOR LAST 30 days! The genocide continues in DC. God's punishment for sinners? A lot of sinners in DC.

  16. Wikipedia has been an intellectual joke since its inception. I don't understand why a larger publisher hasn't had a website for a long time that is edited and where anyone can write an article with their real name. In this way, the value of the information can be better assessed by each reader. And that means that every author who defames another person can be sued.

    I don't understand how academics (or people who want to be) get information from a site whose articles are written by anonymous morons.

    That speaks volumes about the state of academia.

    Until there is finally such an offer, I recommend to everyone: Feed your mind, read a book!

  17. I once sent one of their vídeos to one my relatives, that happens to be a doctor MD (you know….cause…) during the pandemic and he quickly told me he found several places online making Bret look bad and so his claims had no validity right on the get go.

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