Will Biden Admin COVERUP Uvalde Shooting Failure? | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar discuss the fallout from the Uvalde shooting for politicians on both sides and law enforcement officers who failed the children who were killed and has generated a Biden DOJ investigation

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  1. The Biden admin can't afford to have the border patrol seen as heroes when the border patrol opposes how the Biden admin is dealing with the southern border.

  2. They were busy macing and cuffing the parents. The governor was just given his standard canned speech. We need to go after law-enforcement that stood down.

  3. So if what they are saying is legitimate ; Then the Police can stand by allowing these children to be murdered and, IF, any parent wished (s) to stop their child from being killed (breach the school defend their child), then THEY could be arrested, (obstruction of justice – refusing to obey – infiltrating (contaminating) a crime scene – ?!?!?

  4. I think, like doctors, we place police on a pedestal. We really think an oath, a decent paycheck and piece of tin on the chest of enough for someone to run into gunfire… Especially after seeing the chaos of the last 2 years. Knowing you no longer have power, and every action will be scrutinized/exploited to calm the masses if/when you fuck up…. Forget about it. We did this to ourselves by refusing to acknowledge our own limitations as a species.

  5. This a lesson to everyone on the right that their heroes suck and in fact consider their idolizers suckers. Clearly blue lives are the only lives that matter to these boys in blue.

  6. Call me crazy but this shooting is fishy as hell. Police these days KNOW damn well they are on societal thin ice and a fuckup like this whould only make it harder for every unit in the country. I know this sounds Qanon af but its almost like they took orders from some higher authority to mess up this shooting, creating yet another unneeded riot-atmosphere, right before an election the Democrats are poised to lose.

  7. he dont know all he knows is they should have just fired 2 rounds out of a 2 round shotgun in the air and russia will leave Ukraine and this shooting thing would have never happened.
    it is not me and obidens sorry i meant Obama's fault.
    we do not have enough two shot guns to stop all this violence just two blast in the air will stop all this madness

  8. If we can give a scumbags family 50 million after fighting with cops we can surely do that for every single family who lost a child in Texas.

  9. The cop spokesmans first response is utterly disgusting and sickening to the point of criminal ! His outrageous, outright LIE was so f**king blatant it's mind boggling.
    That the parasitic pig recanted means absolutely nothing ! Know damn well he was likely forced into the partial truth only due to the pressure of the parents. Know damn well the officials are willing to purposely lie through their teeth ! The cops actions are cowardly enough then to insult ones intelligence with gross, malignant lies is beyond the extreme. Lying about the death of children, that's your officials for you !

  10. Of course Abbot attacks law enforcement. It distracts form his sociopathic BS – like from 2015 where he tweeted that Texans need to buy more guns so they can have more guns then they do in California. Then switch to attaching the FBI. The is one reason why Breaking Points attack the FBI. Because the keep track of the fascist right wing. Sagaar is a right wing fascist and Ball enables him.

  11. More like what was told to him to say …from the Top . He couldn't figure it out for himself …Where was the guard ? Why was he not at the door ? Quite different from the January 6th investigation at the white house…hmmm why is that?

  12. I think it would have been nice if you would have played the audio behind Joe and Jill.
    You would have heard the parents of Uvalde crying and screaming at JB "Do Something"…..

  13. Most important rule of crisis management: form committee and engage in vigorous self-critisism session, with emphasis on avoiding stigmatization and historically underrepresented potential murder victims. Transcriptions in triplicate to immediate supervisors, appropriate period for feedback and input from marginalised community members. Notarize action plan and engage in verbal affirmation of team members' unity. Then, and only then, should action be taken. Following a trigger warning, of course.

  14. This is a long gestating plan coming to a culmination. Don't for a second believe this lone shooter with simple mental issues excuse. That's the distraction, the complete disarmament of U.S citizens is coming and what follows it will be beyond most Americans' worst nightmares.

  15. This is a form of suicide. Some places in the world people jump off cliffs or bridges but in the US it's with ARs in hand. To fix this reoccurring nightmare these gunmen need to fail at drying more. Life deters death.

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