Will Biden UNDO Trump’s Progress In The Middle East? Fmr Official Issues WARNING For White House

Former special envoy to the Middle East under President Trump, Jason Greenblatt, breaks down his new book, “In The Path Of Abraham,” and how the Biden administration may jeopardize what the Trump administration achieved in the Middle East. #Biden #Iran #Trump #abrahamaccords

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  1. Biden is the worse President ever!

    Also did we for get Obama helping the war in Syria and Yemen and getting the Nobel Peace Prize the day before he sent troops to Afghanistan.

  2. Jason Greenblatt is a Chazzer Zionist. It is great to unmask him and his imperialist colonialist views. His view of Palestinians is fiction, pure and simple. Zionism is a disease. Zionism dehumanizes, disposesses and murders Palestinians. When Jason Greenblatt says Palestinians are not willing to negotiate in good faith, he's really upset that Palestinians won't surrender. When Greenblatt makes the absurd statement that Saudia Arabia is not threatening any of its neighbors, he means he doesn't see Yemenis as people (like he doesn't see Palestinians as people). Greenblatt is the kind of Zionist who makes Zionists like Batya Ungar-Sargon look like a human rights activist. There is no such thing as an innocent Zionist, nor a truthful one.

  3. The hill comment section used to be trumpers and libertarians… now it's leftist/progressives. Lol. Like everything the middle east narritive is so divided. Progressives cry for Palestinians and convertives and trumpers follow Israel. Truth is somewhere in the middle and i tend to be closer to Israel side but def think it's closer to the middle. My issue with progressives is they want to think everyone is good and the system is bad when in reality there are some bad people but system can be improved. Too be fair I still need to do lot more reading from unbias sources before I form an strong opinon.

  4. Now that the hill is hosting pro Israeli propaganda will you also host a palestinian journalist in order to accurately portray both sides of the conflict?

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