Will foreign troops occupy Haiti – again?

Danny Shaw, professor of Latin American studies at CUNY, joins Max Blumenthal to discuss Western pressure at the United Nations for an international “peacekeeping” mission to Haiti, and the various questionable justifications for the intervention. Shaw has worked with Haitian social movements since 1998 and has interacted with major players in the country’s current power struggle.

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  1. Hurtful fakery is life teaching people to appreciate the importance of depth and truth; to not indulge in the convenience of going by face value.
    When real and fake appear totally identical is when the teaching of a more enlightened way is at its best.

  2. Please share this interview far and wide.
    The ignorance of our US Citizenry to the 100 year raping of Haiti by US Imperialism is deafening.
    Peace and love to all,

    NB The Empire Files did a good doc. on Haiti about a year ago.

  3. Canadian government Trudeau is just so bad, there no words to describe. As a Canadian only once I felt prideful when Freedom Convoy marched to Ottawa and I could join them. My pain is when we can’t get rid of the politicians that are not good for their own people. Why is that people voting in lousy politicians twice?!! Haiti stay strong sorry that my government is sending military instead of water and bread. So very sorry!

  4. So close home and no help, i would tell the true it's a island full of Africa decent,and it's not the same see a black person being dead, no one make no noise,but if it's a White persona good God it's a infani. ,Guns is a excuse Puerto Rico USA territory thousand of high tech weapons and is a wild West and what is the excuse, Puerto Rico is in USA hands. Billions are being burn in war.

  5. Plan A: invade with UN approval, Plan B: OAS coalition, Last resort GFA (Global Fragility Act) with a coalition of client regimes, bypassing UN or any other Organisation that does not adhere to the plan

    We should start following GFA evolution….a very dangerous piece of legislation

  6. Haiti is a cesspool of drugs , gangs , crime , poverty etc … as much as I’m against US intervention, I think that would actually be much better option than leave the country in the state of despair in which it is right now …

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