Will Gas Be Rationed?

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How can a nation with so much natural gas face shortages?


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  1. I was speaking to a member from extinction rebellion and there are even against wind farms and solar panels. The opinion was the wind farms, solar panels and batteries will not fix the issue and it’s only done to make old people feel like they have done something before they die.

  2. Of course gas will be rationed in some way – the Andrew’s government has already stopped requiring mains gas connection for new houses.
    This will of course put higher strains on the electricity grid and more electricity demand, and moving cars from petrol to electricity also increases demand for electricity raising prices.
    And given solar panels are mostly made with coal electricity supply in China it’s not necessarily helping the climate – at least until China shifts to nuclear power

  3. We will face gas rationing and that is why our govs are allowing the refineries to shut down. This has been badly wanted by the greens. The natural gas will be rationed here so the japanese and the red dragons can keep warm in their winter.

  4. How about the affect on restaurants on lack of hot water. Will they be able to get the dishes clean and sanitized? Hot water is good for ensuring there are not microbes on the dishes.

    I can remember when a hospital in queensland turned down their water heaters to 50 degrees. Fifty degrees is not hot enough to kill legionella.

  5. Just recently We went past the wind farm up near Ravenshoe Nth Qld and can you believe, less than half were actually turning. So what power would they be generating?

  6. Nothing to see here everyone….The Age doesn't even have a story under Victorian reports!!!! Let's see what happens next week. NO gas???? People are gonna be absolutely PISSED!!!!!!

  7. hahahahaha… how much climate change is gonna get shoved down our throats in the years to come. All the changes to our livelihoods and quality of life will be "for the good of the planet and climate change". This is gonna be the biggest gaslighting project in the history of humanity!

  8. I'm a petroleum engineer temporarily living in Iraq where I work and I follow your videos. Having all this gas reserves and production but not enough for local consumption is insanely stupid. Imagine a politician in the middle East tells people that we have all this oil but we need to ration oil because we "stupid government" gave too much control of our limited resources to private and Chinese companies… Food for thought, we might need to stop electing greens who are happy to stop mining and export all the gas, but when we consume them we become evil polluters….

  9. I think petrol should be rationed so it can be used by those who need it most, plus make more bus routes.
    And to get off high levels of forriegn oil dependancy: more public transport & ToD (Transport Oriented (Housing) Development) without much car spaces, for those who don't need private cars so much (or would use relevant car-share apps when needing one all by themselves, like they do in the Netherlands).
    This also means that enthesiastic car users have less congested roads to drive on.
    Mass use of electric cars still means never ending congestion (bc of "Induced Demand" & large space 1000 people in car take up vs 1000 people on walking, bike, bus, train or Gondala), wasted time in traffic, and much, much higher demand on electricity grid.

  10. My wood machining/products business closed some years ago, got runover by foreign(?) imports and local costs.
    And where is our nuclear power stations to go with the abundant uranium resources that we have on this continent. Other countries have the brains and gusto like France, who are going to build 14 new nuke stations ! Will they buy our yellowcake?
    Probably not!

  11. My not that intelligent mate from USA actually questioned as to how we, as one of the largest gas producer in the world has to ration gas. I was genuinely embarrassed to explain the answer as to why.

  12. Look how much things have changed in 15 years.. seems laughable now; 'Yarra Glen is the first of eight other towns in the Yarra Valley to be connected to natural gas as part of the Labor State Government’s announcement of an extension to the natural gas pipeline in the area; by the end of 2008, the Yarra Ranges Natural Gas Project would make natural gas available to more than 6,000 homes and businesses in Yarra Glen, Wandin, Seville, Seville East, Woori Yallock, Launching Place, Yarra Junction, Wesburn and Millgrove.'

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