Will Housing Crash, Boom or Flat-line in 2022?

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Will housing crash, boom or flat-line in 2022?


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  1. Economy was stagnant even with migration in '17 and '18. Covid would have killed us if the government didn't put us into debt in order to protect houses. Normal interest rates would cause a fire sale within a year no matter how much you wish it wouldn't. Your several k's you managed to save will run out surprisingly quickly.

  2. You will not earn any money on your deposits, they don't need anymore deposits.

    They are so flush with reserves they could go and start doing negative interest rates on deposits while federal rates go up and the bank increases the spread, they have no pressure on deposit/reserves. Look at the repo.

  3. Good luck findintg a three bedroom in sydney for less than 1.5 Mil. Flats in all the cities are in freefall. Central and South Coast of NSW within 100 km of Sydney will go through the roof as Sydney is rapidly becoming completely unlivable and the white collars are all moving to WFH. I'm in a four bedder on the Central Coast NSW, our valuation has increased by 600K over 2 years. Personally, I think this is obscene.

  4. My place back there has gone up a lot since comming here I did think of selling back then but didnt need extra cash so put it up for a tennent he is really good prices wont fall sales might slow down but not go down
    Even here house prices have gone up a lot and land has gone up a big ammount

  5. I know you like the idea of “keeping people in line”, like it’s sinister, and you’re right, I get it. Control, control, control. But remember: Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
    Having disaffected people with no stake running amok is not a good thing. That being said, having a society of obedient sheep isn’t a good thing either. Gotta keep a nice balance.

  6. Ahhhh houses were going to pump another 20% next year but RBA & APRA are trying to put the brakes on investors (So there is some cream for immigrants when they come through in the millions)!

    Strap in, going to be an incredible ride through to 2025!

  7. If anyone believes international students will return en masse they may well be disappointed. Equally, forecasters not forecasting a large house price decline must also be forgetting about forecasters success in making forecasts.

  8. The Chinese property market never thought it would be in a crisis.. Unfortunately, the inevitable Global reset of everything will correct even the Australian property market, which is approx. 50 – 60% overvalued currently. There is too much chatter in this space to ignore what is on its way.

  9. they need the crash, to destroy the banking system and bring in a digital currency for the great reset. Globalist, CCP style banking, surveillance and social credit score. The real reason for the covid plandemic.

  10. All depends on interest rates.

    Interest rates are not going up.

    So house prices won't come down.

    RBA as well central banks of majority of countries are TOO DAMN SCARED TO INCREASE INTEREST RATES

  11. The year is 2100…Humanity is near extinction due to lack of innovation & creativity because housing wealth made humanity stop producing and everyone became a household millionaire.. FOMO.. HODL.. We're going to the MoOOOoN 🌙

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