Will people reject boosters and where are we a year from now? (from Livestream Q&A #105)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #105 (originally streamed live on November 20, 2021):


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In this 105th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. I am in Australia and have been trying to keep my chin up hoping myself and my children can continue to duck while all these mandates and lockdowns go on but lately it is getting harder to remain hopeful. Just when you think you can see the light at the end of the tunnel it goes dark again.

  2. They are tightening the screw & will keep tightening it !
    The bottom line is if you want to fly, travel abroad, go to concerts, sporting events, large restaurants, parties etc, they will just keep pushing vaccination status & if you can’t prove ur jabbed they won’t let you in !
    Unless there is a world wide uprising against this tyranny, they will just keep it going .
    I fear that as you say people will just buckle & have the carrot dangling & comply !

  3. Boosters every year? I wish it was that infrequent. They want us to take a freaking booster after SIX MONTHS! In my province it's 24 weeks! There are very few people in my age group who have become hospitalized with covid while fully vaccinated in my province. So I see no reason to go rush out to get a booster when I hit the 24 week mark. The data the government has presented me has shown that the vaccine works well unless you are elderly or have severe comorbidities. I don't qualify under either category. So why should I get a booster? When the vulnerable people can go get theirs.

  4. I love that you two are able to add the odd touch of JOY to these great chats. (Not that it's needed in all chats, but I love it) Great work and discussions guys🕊 💕 👍

  5. I wonder what Heather and Bret make of my musings; I’d love to know.

    Virus mutations, are we looking at them through the wrong evolutionary lens? It is often spoken as if viruses are intelligent, “They are under pressure to mutate due to the vaccines to break out”, “They mutate to evade the immune system” and so on, with mutations seen as some sinister action by the virus. But viruses are not alive, they do nothing until they get inside a host, it is the host that ‘processes’ the virus payload and acts on it. So what if we flip it around, viruses don’t mutate themselves, they really want facsimile copies churned out, but it is the host that mutates the virus. If we accept that, then are mutations simply mistakes happening in the host that accidentally give rise to viable new mutations, or are they deliberate mutation attempts by the host and host immune system? To be deliberate there has to be evolutionary advantage to doing that, so what would that be? As we have seen from past pandemics, mutations often result in a more contagious but less deadly virus. A host that can change a deadly virus into one not so deadly via some mutation, with that being more contagious than the original version to gain ground quicker, is gaining an advantage for their ‘herd’. The mutated virus imparts an immunity to the more deadly one by virtue of being almost the same as the original pathogen, with other members of the herd reproducing more of this contagious variant that then goes on to infect and immunise others. Essentially could mutations be a natural response by animals to deal with a new virus, a natural vaccine?

    Are the hundreds of cold viruses, that make us miserable for a few days, simply the result of deliberate mutations of deadly viruses’ mankind encountered thousands of years, and they still remain circulating today to give the heads up to our immune system across time and generations?

  6. Most people in Ireland got vaccinated just to get the covid pass so they could go to the pub/restaurant. Now the reality of endless boosters in order to retain that pass is looking more and more likely.

    Hope they all regret it now but it's too late

  7. Please refrain from using vaccine to refer to the chemical injection. The injection is a profit center for pharma and produces neither protection from infection (except short term) nor immunity from the virus.
    We have been played.

  8. Omicron is spreading fast to replace delta as the dominant, but both unvaccinated and vaccinated seem to be experiencing mild symptoms, as said by one of the doctors with direct experience. It may be at an end with decreased severity. Becoming more endemic and seasonal.

  9. Like uk omg u got to get boosters now every 3 months and u need a booster now, they're paying dr's £15 shot and £20 at weekends to give the boosters no incentive there ppl save the nhs, but we just dont know they say if its any good, in the mean time lil old omicron has become hugely transmissible its making run for it like usain bolt all over the world, some experts are stating its become more transmissible and less likely to cause any more serve illness or even less illness cause it can do 1 or the other and cant do both, wat if omicron makes it like the common cold, are we still going to be running round like headless chickens in a panic to take their drugs oops i mean vaccines, damn the drug companies wont like that and governments wont want to give up this new leash of power cause their hand in glove with each other. :p 😉

  10. Very interesting. But people are so hypnothised, that it will be really hard for them to wake up. For example we have all heard about non-effective vaccines, how dangerous they can even be, and yet some people take their kids to get the vaccines.

  11. 🇬🇧The Winter Influenza prick given free only to over 65's, medicals and carers and up the noses of children is only 50% effective according to Oxford University and fills our hospitals all winter, no insistence on having the pricks, no lock downs and no masks required. Our world kept turning, our businesses kept going, our schools remained open, our fun times undiminished, our Xmas's still happened.

  12. What is happening now is that the globalist, dark and corrupt organizations such as WHO, UN, etc are gaining powers to dictate the governments of the world the rules, regulations, and enforcement of actions as they deem necessary. That is the future they see, when they rule the world and control/oppress everyone's behavior. Naturally, it is a mad people's dream and they will realize it only in hell where they all belong.

  13. Boosters every year.. Seems every 6 months. We are on the 3rd jab of These new drugs that they have sneakily changed the definition of VaSSeen for and mislabeled it as so.. and was first released to us at the beginning of this year! Good luck tinkering with your ticker people.

  14. Politicians will not stop because they are selfacusing thenselves constantly – theyr living in fear of being hanged or jailed because they realise their wrongdoing and so to avoid that they will become more and more determined to deny it and impose their agenda and decisions are right, against the obvious facts. To the moment of first murder and no turning back from the slope towards totalitarianism. It's just pure human nature, the function of tribalism, there is now way out other than going through that suffering to the end where everything is ruined, only then you can start from scratch. Just another wheel of history turning again.

  15. Exactly the reason why mandates are on the EU table. There is fear that a lot of vaxed will refuse the booster because of distrust in the experimental vaccines, so the EU can think of nothing more than to launch the mandate debate. It you need mandates, it proves that you ran out of convincing arguments. We can now all see, at least if we want to see, that the vaccines are not the way out. They never were obviously with a highly mutating virus, but the stupid belief in 'technology' kept the idea of freedom after the jabs alive. Until a reality check came along and the people in charge got really frustrated. Alle their theories were blown to pieces by the mere facts. They have become really angry and thus dangerous, like many other illustrious figures from the past, who rather had their entire society destroyed than to accept their loss…

  16. Kudos to both of you for always bringing us the truth!!! I love you both and thank you for getting me through this craziness from day one. I am unvaccinated and I remember seeing you guys on a Bill Maher show At the beginning talking about the viral vector vaccine and how you would possibly take that. I’know that you have both chosen not to be vaccinated I think we all made the right decision on that one. I was just wondering are you both still taking ivermectin as a prophylactic? I have it on hand just in case God for bid but I go back-and-forth with whether I should take it as a prevention. Do we know if it’s safe to take that way and for how long we can safely take it?

  17. The true meaning of peer reviewed
    that so called scientists can just repeat what
    others want them to say without having to
    do the work or think for themselves
    like in school accepting what peers say and
    repeating it for good grades

  18. We need to psychologically gather ourselves up on the inside. Stay mentally strong, focus on well-being: diet, sleep, exercise, weight management,.. keep focused. Where your focus goes … your attention grows! … Peace 🙂 Hi from Australia!

  19. I live in New Zealand and finally succumbed to getting vaccinated due to mandates and coercion.
    We have moved to a rigidly controlled traffic – light system.
    Everything is now controlled by vaccine passports,
    I feel so sad with the state of the world.
    I enjoy your discussions, thanks.

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