Will Smith is LOVE

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Written by Matt Orfalea


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  1. The wackiest part of the whole thing was Smith's initial laughter at the remark.

    Him laughing tells you either:
    A. He is a broken man, who knew it was a nothingburger of a joke, and did that out of immasculinity. Or
    B. He is so mentally unstable that he probably shouldn't be allowed in polite society.

    What a bitch for feigning an open hand. You gotta sucker-slap someone? I mean, can you be more cucked?

  2. Don't yall know it was staged? He wanted to look like a complete incongruous lunatic by juxtaposing his actions (slap) and his speech (about loving people)… all to boost the show ratings – said every tin foil hat lunatic.

  3. I had forgotten that Will Smith slapped a Ukrainian reporter at the Moscow premiere of MIB III, and I didn’t know about the incident in 1989 where Will was arrested for severely beating his producer or publicist, or possibly he ordered his bodyguard to do it? This is horrible publicity for Will Smith, so I have to discount the suggestion that this was a staged event.

  4. As I keep saying, Will had something to prove to Jada so he picked the smallest guy he could find Chris Rock over the most innocuous joke, all because the man is feeling cucked and emasculated, but he is too soft to take it up with Jada's boyfriend. That was not about defending Jada's honour, it was about Will's bruised ego.

    Now, one of you, is going to jump in here and say I'm slut shaming and I AM NOT! I am a polygamist, I believe in polyamory, no one should demand exclusivity it's not your right, you're not entitled to it, all you're entitled to is honesty.

  5. What a crock that entire speech was after. Like geez dude 🤦‍♀️ you did it. Not love, god or the devil. just you way overreacting. 🤯💣💥👋👀

  6. I'm like the only person I know that was fine with it. Where I come from, you insult a man's wife right in front of him, there's some percentage chance you get slapped. Especially about her appearance, let alone some medical condition. Some jokes work and some don't. But I figure George Washington would have done the same thing.

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